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Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) Reading & Use of English Part 6: free practice test (Cross-text multiple matching) Artice A It has been alleged that the mother charged with attempted murder after dumping her newborn baby into a drain has admitted to abandoning the baby boy.

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) Reading & Use of English Part 6: free practice test (Cross-text multiple matching)

The woman remains in custody after bail was formally refused at Blacktown Local Court . The newborn baby was discovered by passing cyclists on a day when temperatures surpassed 40 degrees Celsius. Mr Otte, who discovered the baby and only cycles the route once a month, said, ‘That baby had no chance if we and the other people hadn't been there. Something made us find that baby today'.

The child was already undernourished, and dehydration would have taken effect and the baby would not have survived the day. Article B A woman has been charged with the attempted murder of her newborn son, who was left in a drain on Tuesday before being discovered the following Sunday. Article C A mother has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly abandoned her newborn son in a roadside drain, police confirmed today.

Which article: 89 FREE Crime and Punishment Worksheets. Man held in Dublin over ‘chess killing’ CRIMINALS ARE MADE, NOT BORN by Jess W on Prezi. Crime and punishment. Crime. Are murderers born or made? Murders are tragic but rare.

Are murderers born or made?

But what drives some people to kill? Michael Mosley has been looking into research exploring the minds of murderers. In the 1870s Dr Cesare Lombroso, sometimes called the father of scientific criminology, was studying criminals imprisoned in Turin. He became convinced that criminals are a step back down the evolutionary ladder, a reversion to a primitive or subhuman type of man. He decided, after years of study, that you could tell a criminal by the shape of their face and the excessive length of their ape-like arms.

"A criminal's ears," he wrote, "are often of a large size. Sadly, spotting potential murderers turned out to be nothing like as simple as Dr Lombroso claimed and his "scientific" findings were soon discredited. The invention of functional brain scanning in the 1980s revolutionised the understanding of what goes on inside our heads. Image copyright ALAMY But why does this happen? Image copyright Science Photo Library Image copyright Other. Criminology assignments: Are criminals born or made? Does an “evil gene” exist, a hereditary disorder that causes crime?

Criminology assignments: Are criminals born or made?

There are numerous debates about what causes crime. Some people assume that criminal behavior is due to a person’s upbringing and life experiences (“nurture”). Others suggest that criminal behavior is more complex and involves a person’s genetic makeup (“nature”). Are people just born that way? Is criminal behavior pre-determined at some point in people’s lives? Social scientists have argued the nature-nurture debate for many years, both in the popular press and professional literature. Cesare Lombroso, a 19th century Italian physician, reminded students that nurture, not nature, is responsible for criminal behavior. Nevertheless, many researchers show that criminal behaviors can be hereditary. According to Sigmund Freud, all humans have criminal tendencies. Another theory Freud developed included the Id, Ego, and Superego (Freud, S. 1923). Because defensive mechanisms are unconscious, they are difficult to control. FREE Are Criminals made or born? Essay.

I think criminals are not born but made because of certain conditions in theier lives.

FREE Are Criminals made or born? Essay

Committing crime is definitely not something one is born with, but gradually over time it takes place because of certain situations or circumstances that life throws at a person. Things like child abuse, unemployment, and the environment in which one grows up, makes a criminal. Children who have been abused are more likely to grow up to be criminals because they grow up with a large amount of hate that they do not know how to deal with.

One way to cope with the way they feel is to be violent towards everybody else. The environment that children grow up in plays a key role as well. According to the article, criminals start their life as unattached children with a genetic predisposition. This Essay is Approved by Our Editor Essays Related to Are Criminals made or born? 1.