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Sexual consent is simple. We should all be clear what constitutes rape. Consent Is … beautiful, it is enthusiasm, it is free choice, it is mutual.

Sexual consent is simple. We should all be clear what constitutes rape

It is NOT assumed, NOT a right of marriage, NOT in the clothes you wear. These views, shared on Twitter this week in response to a new awareness campaign by the Crown Prosecution Service, which I head, show that the vast majority of people fully understand consent. And yet a myth persists that establishing whether someone is a willing sexual partner is somehow complicated, even unreasonable. Some victims are still blamed in a way that simply does not happen for other crimes. If someone is burgled, the automatic response is not to ask: “What did you do to deserve that?” The issue is that for too long as a society we too have blamed victims – usually women – for letting themselves be raped; and we have forgiven perpetrators – usually men – for acting on some kind of instinct from which they seemingly must be protected. First, it is my job to apply the law and bring prosecutions. Good Links. (Updated Aug. 5, 2012) Good Internet Links for Reading About Topics The links on this page will show you some links to websites that have useful articles on some common IELTS Speaking test questions.

Good Links

Reading about typical IELTS Speaking test topics is a key way to increase your vocabulary, your general knowledge and your understanding of what good English writing looks like. Similarly, listening to suitable materials also helps your ability in all four IELTS tests, not just the Listening test. However, as students of English, not all reading and listening materials on the internet are suitable for you because the level of English is sometimes too high.

Other Pages with Internet Links on this website. Note: Discussion Topics. Sensing the public's reaction to crime news using the ‘Links Correspondence Method’ Open Access Highlights Exploration of Twitter as distribution platform of crime news.

Sensing the public's reaction to crime news using the ‘Links Correspondence Method’

Activity spaces of users and the actual locations of the crimes are related. The victim's gender and the type of crime influence news dissemination in Twitter. Abstract Public media such as TV or newspapers, paired with crime statistics from the authority, raise awareness of crimes within society. Keywords Crime; GIS; NLP; Social media Introduction Media and the public's concern about crime Media, and in particular TV and newspapers, affect people's feelings, impressions, judgments and viewpoints about crime.

Current research still acknowledges the positive association, but shifted its interest to the effects on crime perception in general. Furthermore, it seems that crime type also plays important role in people's fear of crime and according to Jaehnig et al. (1981) this is more closely associated when newspapers emphasise on violent crimes. Geographic information of crimes Methodology. Drama Movies Vocabulary. History of Hip Hop Music. Topic Vocabulary. Speaking. Vocabulary Quizzes. Traffic and Accidents Vocab. Asking for Identification and Information. May I see some photo ID?

Asking for Identification and Information

Can I see your passport? Driver's license, please.Do you have your birth certificate? How long have you been in the country? Are you here for a holiday? Do you have another piece of ID? ID is different in every country It is important to keep in mind that every country requires different documentation that proves someone's identification (ID). Types of ID PassportGovernment-issued Photo ID cardDriving licence/Driver's licenseBirth certificatePermanent residence cardSocial security cardMedical/Health cardVoter registration card Information/security items that may appear on documentation Reading Exercise: Identity Fraud Read the vocabulary and then try to fill in the blanks. English for Questioning a Witness. This page from our English for Police section covers language police need when talking to witnesses in an English-speaking context. witness (verb): to see something happen (noun): a person who sees something happen Witnesses are valuable to the police.

English for Questioning a Witness

A witness is somebody who is actually present when something happens and who sees what happens. Example Sentences Questions police ask witnesses Did you see what she was wearing? Description of a suspect He was wearing sunglasses.He had a mustache.He had a beard.She was dressed in black.She had a baseball cap on.She was wearing gloves.Hair: short, long, shoulder length, curly, straight, spiky, brown, blond, black, red, in a ponytailBody: skinny, fat, chubby, medium build, muscular, tall, short, average height. Police Helping Tourists. Police Vocabulary Quiz. Crime and Punishment - English Quiz. Vocabulary - Crime and Punishment. A crime is a serious offence such as murder or robbery.

Vocabulary - Crime and Punishment

A punishment is a penalty imposed on somebody who is convicted of a crime. A punishment could be, for example, time in prison or a fine. There is an important difference between criminal law and civil law. Criminal law deals with matters such as murder. Civil law deals with matters such as contracts or divorce. Questions from law breakers or suspected criminals Why did you pull me over? Questions police may ask a suspected criminal Are you carrying any illegal drugs?

Informing someone of laws and police procedures. Vocabulary for Police. English for Police. These pages from our English for Work series cover language needed by police officers in an English-speaking context.

English for Police

As a police officer you have one of the most important jobs in the world: to serve and protect the people. While you are fighting crime and handling emergencies you probably come across many English speakers. Some may commit crimes, while others may be victims of crime. In both cases, you need to ask and answer questions in English. Your job may also require you to speak to English witnesses.