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The Most Important Question of Your Life

Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree, happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships, to look perfect and make money, and be popular and well-respected and admired and a total baller to the point that people part like the Red Sea when you walk into the room. Everyone would like that—it’s easy to like that. If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?” and you say something like, “I want to be happy and have a great family and a job I like,” it’s so ubiquitous it doesn’t even mean anything. A more interesting question—a question that perhaps you’ve never considered before—is what pain do you want in your life? Everybody wants to have an amazing job and financial independence—but not everyone wants to suffer through 60-hour work weeks, long commutes, and obnoxious paperwork, to navigate arbitrary corporate hierarchies and the blasé confines of an infinite cubicle hell. Happiness requires struggle. People want an amazing physique.

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The Complete Guide to Decluttering Your Life - CashNetUSA Blog With winter drawing to a close, you may have the itch to return to the old tradition of spring cleaning. Home may be where the heart is, but the clutter of your life extends far beyond the threshold of your abode. It’s time you think outside the four walls of your home and consider decluttering other areas of your day-to-day life.

You Don’t Find Your Purpose — You Build It Executive Summary We’re all looking for purpose. Most of us feel that we’ve never found it, we’ve lost it, or in some way we’re falling short. Relaxation techniques: Breath control helps quell errant stress response The term "fight or flight" is also known as the stress response. It's what the body does as it prepares to confront or avoid danger. When appropriately invoked, the stress response helps us rise to many challenges. Professionalism101 - Nicholas Bate A professional has a pen;doesn't complain about jet lag; it came with the job they accepted;gets places on time. Whatever.Is friendly at the check-in desk. Not just to get a free up-grade.Knows what's important.Doesn't ever, ever say: I don't have time. That's a given: they have an exciting job, cool friends and a loving family.

10 Schools of Philosophy and Why You Should Know Them For your reading pleasure, here are ten schools of philosophy you should know about. Some of them are commonly misunderstood, and we correct that problem here. Nihilism About the Authors: The Robb Review Blog I am a middle school principal in Clarke County, Virginia. I am a committed educator, progressive thinker, author, speaker, and fitness enthusiast. All learning begins with a question. The Robb Review Blog will contain my thoughts and thoughts of my guests about preparing our students for their future. This blog is focused on looking ahead, not looking back. How to Stop Being Lazy Steps Part 1 Body, Mind and Spirit If you're feeling lazy, it may have to do with how you're taking (or not taking) care of yourself. Look at these tips to naturally give yourself more energy.

I'm a millennial who spent a year devising a data-driven approach to behaving ethically. Here it is. Britain’s health care system has been broken for quite some time, but it’s not beyond repair. While US president Donald Trump was incorrect about why people were marching about the National Health Service (they were protesting the level of government spending), there was some truth in what he said about “health care going broke and not working.” But judging by many Brits’ responses to Trump’s comments, which were not taken well, you might think the UK’s free health care system is perfect. It really isn’t. Like many other nations, Britons see America’s health care system as the antithesis of good care.

2020 Year-in-Review: Five Big Ideas in Professional Learning The year 2020 was a slingshot moment in education that will have a profound impact for years to come. The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice coalesced to create an inflection point for schools to reevaluate their priorities and clarify their purpose. Although much remains uncertain, it’s clear that school will never look quite the same again. This disruption in education extends not only to students, but also to teachers and school leaders. Many of the trends that were emerging in professional learning in 2019, such as sustainable, job-embedded personalized pathways and ongoing coaching and networked connection, are now accepted premises. 14 Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes The mind is a wonderful thing. It’s also a complete liar that constantly tries to convince us not to take actions we know are good for us, and stops many great changes in our lives. Scumbag mind. I’ve had to learn to watch these rationalizations and excuses very carefully, in order to make the changes I’ve made in my life: a healthier diet, regular exercise, meditation, minimalism, writing daily, getting out of debt, quitting smoking, and so on.

6 common myths about meditation you need to stop believing Meditation has been hailed as a way to boost mental health, help chronic pain, reduce stress and build a new appreciation for the world around us. But even with all this interest, misconceptions about what this ancient practice can do for human health and well-being are still circulating. 1. There is only one type of meditation Only some meditations involve sitting quietly with legs crossed.