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Datasheet Search Engine - Datasheets, Pinouts, Circuits and more. Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. Hack a Day. How to make custom LED lights for your computer. DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More @ - Tweak Technology to Your Will. Electronics Lab - Home. Arduino - HomePage. Intro / Home Page. Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino! Arduino Tutorials. This is the start page for our series of over fifty Arduino tutorials.

Arduino Tutorials

Each tutorial from chapter zero to thirteen will cover a variety of topics and lessons, then from chapter fourteen each chapter will cover a particular topic. If you are looking to learn about the world of Arduino – this is a great place for beginners to start, or for more experienced users to brush up on their knowledge. Scroll down to read the contents of each chapter.

New tutorials, lessons and other articles of interest are announced via twitter, Google+, RSS feed and by email – to keep up, subscribe using the form in the column to the right. Arduino. 4 Operating Systems for the Arduino. I was working in the lab, late one night, when my eyes behold an eerie sight...

4 Operating Systems for the Arduino

Yes, Halloween is a long time ago, but that stupid song is still stuck in my head. I miss Halloween. I never got to post up pictures of my skeleton running off IXM's. :-)Anyway, I was browsing the Arduino forums and saw this cool post about DuinOS, a real-time embedded "operating system" for the Arduino. DuinOS by RobotGroupIt's a simple little realtime OS (RTOS) built by the guys at RobotGroup (hello!) , and can be downloaded here. Well, that's something of a stretch, but it's getting there... we won't get into context switching an RAM page swapping just yet :-) So then that got me thinking, why not write up the other "OS's" out there for the Arduino platform. Pyxis OS by ArduinoWillThis is a graphical OS built on top of the Arduino and TouchShield platform, and is written by ArduinoWill (aka Thom).

Ok. And it's all zipped up over at the Open Source App Store here. I wish I still had screen shots... AVR projects and AVR Butterfly gcc port. By Martin THOMAS G.d.W.

AVR projects and AVR Butterfly gcc port

SS2010 FHFFM You may like to visit my ARM-Projects page too (projects and information for NXP LPC2000, Atmel AT91SAM7, STmicro STR7, STM32, LMI LM3S and other controllers with an ARM-core). Last update in the ARM-section: 25. Apr. 2012. USB Made Simple. Birds on the Wire - Birds on the Wire is the Little Bird Electronics blog. Hobby projects - Simple electronic circuits. Computer microphones Learn how to interface electret and dynamic microphones to the standard computer sound card. Metal detectors Theory of operation and schematics of the most common metal detectors used today: Very Low Frequency (VLF), Pulse Induction (PI) and Beat-Frequency Oscillator (BFO).

Wireless microphone The wireless microphone transmitter can be built in an afternoon with simple, affordable and widely available parts. Mike's Electric Stuff. Transformers. In the photograph, note that the coil on the left has fewer coils than that at right (the insets show close-ups).


The sketch and circuit show a step-up transformer. To make a step-down transformer, one only has to put the source on the right and the load on the left. Electronics Demonstrations. How-To: Make a solid-state A/V switcher. Ben's Solid State A/V Switcher.

How-To: Make a solid-state A/V switcher

Comes in any color you'd like as long as it's black. As you probably recall we recently had several articles on the Wii laptop which, of course, has Virtual Console game emulation. But what about people who'd prefer to have, say, every system they own hooked up all at once to one TV? Or a full-featured standalone DVD player and an Xbox 360, both using component video?

This can become problematic input-wise, but not if you have a solid state A/V switcher! While "solid state" may bring bring to mind electronics from the 60s (or, in some cases, yet-unreleased flash hard drives), but in this case it simply means the actual switching is done with circuitry, not mechanically. Handbook of hardware pinouts, cables schemes and connectors layouts. Build the BASIC SPY TRANSMITTER - Page 1 of 16. Build the 2 transistor Spy Transmitter Radio frequency projects can seem more difficult than most electronics projects because most of the time you cannot build them on a solderless breadboard and there may be parts used that are not easy to source such as coils and adjustable capacitors.

Build the BASIC SPY TRANSMITTER - Page 1 of 16

This project is focused towards those who have not yet attempted to build any kind of RF project, and it is laid out in such a way as to make it easy to explore the basic principles of RF circuitry and ensure a successful final product. This simple 2 transistor audio transmitter will send the sounds picked up in a room to any FM radio tuned to the same frequency as the transmitter, somewhere between 80 and 100 Megahertz. The expected range will be at least 100 feet and could be substantially longer depending on the parts used and the quality of your final product. Figure 1 - You can salvage most of the parts needed from an old radio. Freaklabs - Open Source Wireless - Feeding the Shark - Turning the Freakduino into a Realtime Wireless Protocol Analyzer with Wireshark. DIY Electronics.