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Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Silencing Small Fueled Engines and Other Considerations. Everyone knows small gasoline fueled engines are noisy and loud enough that hearing protection should be used when working with or around devices thus powered.

Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Silencing Small Fueled Engines and Other Considerations

Noise pollution is serious, especially in urban areas but little thought is generally given to the racket when out in the country. In a world without rule of law (WROL), anything that draws attention can be lethal. Engine powered generators are not only so loud that they can be heard for miles in the country and more so at night, the electricity they produce likely powers lights that can also be seen for miles and miles. Generators, arc welders, air compressors, chainsaws, hydraulic wood splitters, and almost anything powered by a diesel fueled engine produces unacceptable levels of noise for anyone wishing to lay low and by so doing not draw attention to them and their valuable resources. Lathe – All Articles « Blondihacks. Lathe – All Articles By Quinn Dunki Lathe – Brass & Aluminum PenNew techniques, new tools, new materials, oh my!

Lathe – All Articles « Blondihacks

Online Belt Speed Calculator - D. Comeau. Our Top Shop Tips for 2016. Last year was a great year for tips and tricks collected and published here on Make:.

Our Top Shop Tips for 2016

So many YouTube makers are taking the time to do special videos sharing their most useful shop tips, tricks, and hacks. And then readers are sharing their tips and tricks in the comments and these often get folded back into future tips videos by the YouTubers. Here are some of the most popular and useful tips that we covered in 2016, followed by links to the original posts which contain even more indispensable tips. McMaster-Carr. Sheetmetal Brake. More progress.

Sheetmetal Brake

I now have dueling projects. I need to finish this one to make the housing for the spot welder.The hinge pin is a 1/2" shoulder bolt with a 3/8" x 16 thread into the steel arm. It's designed to clamp in a vice. Makes for easy storage. Build a Better Stirling Engine. Build - Glass tubing cutter - Academy of Lagado. Basic components:Cutting disk : I used a 2" diameter disk, which enabled me to eliminate the belt drive arrangement used by Jan Ridders.

Build - Glass tubing cutter - Academy of Lagado

Because of the relatively large diameter, the rotational velocity of the edge of the disk is higher, so I run the Dremel at slowest speed. I bought the disk as part of a set via; the disks came with a couple of mandrels, but they were slightly wobbly so I just turned a new mandrel out of brass.Adjustable v-block : I made this out of UMHW plastic, with stainless steel guide rods and brass all-thread for the adjustment screw.Base : I used birch plywood, finished with two coats of spray enamel and a top coat of clear acrylic.

I raised the base on wooden legs and cut a hole in it to allow the water to go through; a small can collects it underneath.Stop block : Made from red oak, coated with spray clear acrylic to waterproofWater tank : Made from a thick plastic drinking bottle, cut in half on the table-saw. How to install. EDCForums. Very easy surface rust remover for chrome. Nice Job Mark!!

Very easy surface rust remover for chrome

Terrific find too. Came out Great and love those style chairs...last a long time and comfortable. I had heard of the coke and foil thing before but never tried it. Interesting to use of the chrome cleaner and foil. My ring bender. Vacuum degassing chamber. Hi allI got into making custom and replica props as a hobby which in no small part, involves moulding and casting.In most cases, resins and silicones come in two parts that need mixing together.

Vacuum degassing chamber

This is more than slightly problematic as it introduces a heap of air bubbles into the mix which needs to be removed before using or they can cause all kinds of deformities and weaknesses in the moulds and castings. To do that job, I was going to need a vacuum degassing chamber, preferably of adequate size in case I ever decided take on a large project.One thing I learned quickly though is that many materials may be affordable, but the equipment needed to use some of them properly often aren't. Foredom sanding jig. I had a few small wooden sticks which needed the saw-cut ends sanded.

Foredom sanding jig

Now, I could have hauled out one of the several miniature sanders stored in the garage but there, right next to me, hung the Foredom flexible shaft tool already fitted out with a Dremel sanding disk. The problem is that sanding the end of a stick square with a handheld tool is almost impossible. Industrial Style Scissor Lift End Table. Diyourself. Rio Grande 2016-17 Tools & Equipment. Garage Storage: Space-Saving Sliding Shelves. Let’s face it.

Garage Storage: Space-Saving Sliding Shelves

No matter how big your garage is, there never seems to be enough room to store everything. But by making ultra-efficient use of the narrow area on the sidewall of your garage, this storage project can help. The heart of the system is a series of double-sided rollout shelves that allow easy access to everything that can be stored in a narrow space. Lab Jack by fma. At the LOG (Laboratoire Ouvert Grenoblois), a french hackerspace, a friend is doing macro-photography with a smartphone, using a drop of water as macro lens: results are amazing!

Lab Jack by fma

Have a look at But, as always in macro-photo, the DoF (Depth of Field) is very small, and it is very hard to focus. We can't move the phone, as it would make the drop fall, so I designed this Lab Jack to move up/down the sample. Print: Welcome to Rolflex Compact Doors. The Compact Industrial Door, Rolflex, world architecture news, architecture jobs. The Compact Door has been designed to incorporate the advantages of both Roller Shutter and Overhead Sectional Doors and to overcome their inherent disadvantages.

What makes the Compact door different from all other Industrial doors is its unique patented rail system. On opening the door panels fold upwards into a compact space above the door similar to a roller shutter. Atelier du Bricoleur (menuiserie)…..…… Woodworking Hobbyist's Workshop. Allée sud. South path. Vue du coin sud-ouest. From South-West corner view. George Daniel, Benches and Workshop. Support Footings & Columns. Metal Stamping Tips + Tricks - I ALWAYS PICK THE THIMBLE. Andy Shinosky Article. The Lindsay AirGraver by Andy Shinosky Photos are of Andy's knife making and engraving work with the AirGraver.

Click photos to enlarge. One day back in 2000 while perusing the internet in search of engraving inspiration, I happened upon the website of Steve Lindsay. As I was enjoying the absolutely gorgeous engraving on his website, I realized that Steve was now offering engraving equipment for sale. I was immediately excited. Inserting Tool. David Reed Smith. David Reed Smith. Whisk. Home Articles Page This article was published in the Fall 2007 edition of Woodturning Design. If you would like to be notified when I post a new article, send me an email. I'll only use the list for that purpose, and I'll mail blind cc so your address won't be any the worse for spam. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions I'd enjoy hearing from you. Just send me an email. Otto Frei Tools, Equipment, Findings, Supplies. Shigeru ban: onagawa temporary container housing + community center.

Building and Construction Professionals. Sharing Information About Woodwoking and Shopsmith Tools. View topic - Gunsmithing question - drilling and tapping. Pins from on Pinterest. ScaleModelsMalaysia -> Practising Gloss Finish + Compound & Polish. I was testing some colour scheme, so might as well do this simple tutorials. Cheap Knife Tutorial - Absolute Cheapskate Way to Start Making Knives.

Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Cart. NMUSAF - B-36J Engineer. German Tools at KC Tool. America's #1 German Tool distributor offers Wiha Tools, Knipex Tools, Wera Tools, Gedore, Fein, Witte, Orbis, Oxhead, Heyco, Reinnsteig and more. Rueggerholz. Miele vacuum cleaner repair. Repairing my Miele White Star S300 vacuum cleaner. - Wasp Sander - Detailed Review. Homemade mini metal woodworking lathe. Atelier du Bricoleur (menuiserie)…..…… Woodworking Hobbyist's Workshop. Fixturing with Vacuum Tables, Vacuum Chucks, and Vacuum Clamping Systems - CNCCookbook CNCCookbook. HMSC Home Page. CUSTOM TOOL HOLDERS.

Tool Cabinet Increases Storage By 350 Percent. Fold-Flat 3-in-1 Workbench Paper Plan, Woodworking Plans and Patterns by Metalworking and Electronics. Industrial Style Scissor Lift End Table. Tablesawn Circles. AutoSpeed - Making Things, Part 6. The Ultimate Work Trailer - Tools of the Trade. Keeping It All Together, Part 3. Wallace Tri-Adjustable Steel Cranes, 8 & 10 Ton. Expandable Workbench Tool Stand. PCB Workstation with Articulated Arms by giufini. Home made workshop tools - The Jockey Journal Board. Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Gear Generator. Workbenches, dust collection and table … Davison Design: Jack 'N Stand Animated Video - YouTube. Workshop of the world on Pinterest. DIWire desktop machine bends wire into 3D sculptures. Workshops on Pinterest. Carbon 29er Frame Build - an album on Flickr. Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head - an album on Flickr. View topic - Jason's vacuum thermoforming adventures.

Leather hinge embedded in plywood (Truex) Good ideas for the shop on Pinterest. DETAIL.wood on Pinterest. Shop ideas on Pinterest. Workshops. Association » Shop Tips. Backyard Workshop - Home. Tools - Tailstock DRO - Academy of Lagado. Machining. Dan's Workshop Blog. The Home Machinist! S MiniLathe and Little Workshop. Tools and jigs. Shop Made Tools - Page 104. Socket and Screwdriver Bit Organizer. Hypothetical workshop on Pinterest. Lathes. Thousands of Homemade Tools. Toggle Clamp Sanding Block. Shop Made Tools - Page 89. Welding Projects - We Build.