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Best Sourdough Pancakes Recipe, How To Make Sourdough Pancakes, Pancake Recipes, Sourdough Recipes. Preparation: In a large bowl, add sourdough starter, sugar, egg, olive oil, and salt; mix well; set aside.

Best Sourdough Pancakes Recipe, How To Make Sourdough Pancakes, Pancake Recipes, Sourdough Recipes

In a small bowl, dilute 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1 tablespoon of warm water; set aside until ready to bake your pancakes. Important: Only add the baking soda/water mixture to the pancake batter just before you are ready to cook the pancakes. Make certain everything is ready to go, the griddle hot, so the Sourdough can be cooked while the air is still working in the batter. This will produce light sourdough pancakes that melt in your mouth.

When ready to cook your sourdough pancakes, fold the baking soda/water mixture gently into the prepared pancake batter (do not beat). Heat up a lightly-greased griddle (I like to use my cast-iron skillet griddle) until fairly hot; then pour the sourdough pancake batter onto the griddle. Cook the pancakes 1 to 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown and bubbly. Serve with your favorite toppings. Yields 4 servings. Setup a Gas Grill Smoker - Smoke On Your Own Grill! What?

Setup a Gas Grill Smoker - Smoke On Your Own Grill!

You mean you can smoke on a grill? You bet your smoker box you can! This guide shows you the basics. For step-by-step instructions to smoking amazing BBQ ribs on your propane grill, check out this recipe and guide. The Basic Idea It's just a metal box, and a metal lid with some holes in it. No box? Here's how to setup the box in your gas grill smoker: Start with a cold grill.

Scatter soaked chips in the bottom of the box, cover, and place underneath the grate. If you have room, add a drippings pan under the grate next to the box. Preheat the grill to the desired temperature. Free BBQ Smoker Plans! What the smoker manufacturers don’t want you to know!

Free BBQ Smoker Plans!

Want to learn how to build a smoker? With these bbq smoker plans, building a homemade smoker is easy, fun, and affordable. Great if you: want great smoked food, but don’t want to pay big money for a smoker want to try smoking first before purchasing a smoker like projects at home enjoy the pride of hand-crafted tools / DIY smokers want to spend quality time with family / friends on construction and smoking This homemade smoker is built from two flower pots and a hot plate. Homemade smokers make awesome BBQ at an affordable price. But before you get started, a few safety tips. Do NOT use: lead cadmium-plated metal (including old fridge shelving) These are heavy metals, will not come out of the body, and are extremely dangerous. Also, beware of hexavalent chromium! On Galvanized Materials… Galvanized surfaces are not food-safe. But a little zinc isn’t bad for the body…many people take zinc regularly for their immune system. DIY Proof Box: Father's Day is Almost Here.

Previous Post | Home | Next Post June 15, 2012 My husband made bread for years.

DIY Proof Box: Father's Day is Almost Here

And then he didn’t. The-didn’t period lasted a lot longer than the-did period and then, just recently, he began baking bread again … a lot … and seriously … and beautifully. And soon after he started baking again, he started accumulating breadmaking gear. When we first got married, neither of us cooked and neither of us baked. In the beginning, he made loaves in pans. Michael makes his poolish – a kind of baby starter made of whole-wheat flour, a smidgen of yeast and water – in the evening, lets it bubble to the brim of the quart container, stirs it down and refrigerates it.

In times past, the dough rose in various places depending on the temperature in the house. How To Grow Ginger Indoors. Why Grow My Own Ginger?

How To Grow Ginger Indoors

Ginger is a popular ingredient in stir fry cooking, and for many home made herbal remedies. It is easy to find at most grocery stores, but can be very expensive to purchase. If you like to use this tasty herb very often, you may find that growing it yourself will save you money, and ensure that your ginger has not been treated with any unwanted chemicals. If you grow any plants indoors, then you will be able to successfully grown ginger root. Soon, you will be looking for ways to use all the root that you have! Getting Started Growing ginger is no different than growing another herb. Soak the ginger root in warm water overnight. Watching It Grow Cut your soaked ginger root into pieces, allowing a few bumps per piece. Cheesemaking - Online Store. 16 Ways to Use Your Whey. Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt. Homemade organic Greek yogurt with Colorado honey and granola I first had Greek yogurt when we visited Aunt Sara and Uncle Myron at their beautiful home on the Chesapeake Bay.

Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt

Each morning Aunt Sara would lay out a big breakfast buffet with fresh melons, cereals, crispy bacon, eggs, juices, pastries, breads, jams, and all manner of tempting treats. One morning she put out a big container of FAGE Greek Yogurt—and I was completely hooked at the first bite. Greek yogurt compares to regular yogurt like home-grown tomatoes compare to February tomatoes in the grocery store—about a kazillion times better.

Greek yogurt—even the nonfat version—is thick, rich and creamy. However, it also costs substantially more than regular yogurt—a 32 ounce container of FAGE is $7.49 at my grocery store, and it’s not organic—which is why I decided to try and make some myself here at the urban homestead. After some online research, I mostly followed the basic yogurt recipe in the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Recipe Calculator. Popcorn Popper Coffee Roaster.