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Chemix - Draw Lab Diagrams. Simply. Chemicum - 100+ Experiments in Chemistry II. 17 Science Experiments That Will Make Childhood Unforgettable. We care for our children every day.

17 Science Experiments That Will Make Childhood Unforgettable

But in 20 years it won’t be the everyday tasks we performed for them that they’ll remember. Instead, it will be the moments we spent together. Bright Side put together a selection of the 16 best science experiments that will both tear you away from your concerns and fascinate your children. They don’t require any special preparations or knowledge, but the satisfaction you and your kids will get from them will be high indeed. Hard liquid. Database of Periodic Tables. There are hundreds of periodic tables in web space, but there is only one comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations.

Database of Periodic Tables

If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Dr Mark R Leach. Harrington Periodic Tables So we start this effort tabula rasa (without preconceived ideas). 1) All atoms have a default "common denominator" structure at 270 mass units, irrespective of the element under discussion. Chemistry is all around us Project. Periodic Table Battleship. I have posted a lot about Chemistry lately.

Periodic Table Battleship

My oldest has been studying it and really enjoying it. I love his science-y mind! Today I have a really fun & simple chemistry game to share. We played Periodic Table Battleship! This game can be played even by kids who know nothing about the Periodic Table Yet. To make the game, print out 4 copies of the Periodic Table.

Go-Lab project

PAU. QUÍMICA. Augmented Reality Chemistry Blocks. 29jun_experiman. The fourth competition, linked to the chat and video "Science: where can it take you?


" is open from 29 May 2013 until 29 June 2013. This time the competition will be for teachers and for students. Teachers: are invited to submit a lessons plan (one lesson, or a sequence of lessons) using the video "Science: where can it take you? ". Thus, the lesson plan should show how the video could be used in the classroom. The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham. Enrique Coperías sur Twitter : "Esto es lo que pasa cuando combinas leche, colorante alimentario y lavavajillas.

Chemistry World sur Twitter : "Popular this week: @philipcball unpicks the history of science's woollen wardrobe #knitting. Resource: Everyday Exploration of Chemical Compounds InfoGraph Cards. A resource blog, developed by a UK-based Newly Qualified Teacher, is gaining respectable notoriety with teachers and parents alike due to the accessibility of resource/revision cards (or can be printed out as posters) designed to help develop understanding of chemistry and chemical processes.

Resource: Everyday Exploration of Chemical Compounds InfoGraph Cards

Speaking to UKEdChat, the author of the resource said, “The site started off the back of a series of posters I made for my classroom to showcase the different groups of elements in the Periodic Table. A few people mentioned that they’d like copies, so I created the site in order to share the files for free. It pretty much escalated from there – a lot of people on twitter downloaded the files and used them in their own classrooms, and I also created a set of teaching versions of the elements graphics, with information missing, to be used in research tasks.” Since they proved popular, I continued making graphics on different facets of chemistry, as it’s a process I really enjoy anyway. GoREACT. With goREACT, you can become a virtual chemist.


Whether you're a novice or expert, the free play and guided modes make it fun and fascinating. - Initiate nearly 300 virtual chemical reactions by dragging elements into the Reaction Area.- Amazing images and videos illustrate the molecules you create.- Select alternate views of the Periodic Table to discover different aspects of the elements’ chemical properties.- Touch any of the Periodic Table's 118 elements to see an image and fun fact about it.- With helpful hints about reactions to try, there’s always something exciting to explore.- “Featured Reactions” menus guide you through themed sets of chemical reactions related to particular applications,such as the environment, beauty products or cars.- Learn more about how the Periodic Table is organized, and follow links to additional educational resources.

Avec goREACT, vous pouvez devenir un chimiste virtuel. ChemCollective. CodaLab - Home. Science Activities, Science Journals and Scientific Method. Chemical reactions - Google meklēšana. Some of The Best YouTube Channels for Physics and Chemistry Teachers. July 11, 2015 Science in general is all about understanding how the world around us functions.

Some of The Best YouTube Channels for Physics and Chemistry Teachers

It investigates the laws governing the internal workings of the universe and attempts to prove or disprove theories and assumption pertaining to it. For students, understanding scientific phenomena is integral to their overall intellectual and cognitive growth. It thrusts them into a world of exploration and problem solving and, most important of all, it unleashes their creativity and satiates their curious and probing minds. In today's post, we are sharing with you some excellent YouTube channels particularly curated for chemistry and physics teachers.

The channels provide a plethora of educational videos explaining different scientific phenomena through a physics and chemistry lens. Welcome to the Chemical Education Digital Library. Teachingmysteries. Go-Lab. 100+ experiments in chemistry. Chemistry videos - In order to make chemistry lessons more interesting, chemistry videos are being developed by Superaccu OÜ.

100+ experiments in chemistry

Viewed >5000000 times. Some weirdest experiments: Gallium lives - remember Terminator II. There is a small alien hidden inside every mercury droplet. What is cold light or chemiluminescence. What is the working principle of batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. Creative Chemistry - Anodising Aluminium. Student notes There are four stages, preparing the aluminium, preparing the anodising cell, anodising, and dyeing.

Creative Chemistry - Anodising Aluminium

Preparing the aluminium Using the scissors, cut out a piece of aluminium from your can. Watch out for sharp edges! About 5 cm x 2 cm is OK. Fill a large beaker about ¾ full with distilled water (not tap water). Back to top Preparing the anodising cell Now you have to set up the anodising cell. WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements.