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Chemistry Analyzers

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Alfa Wassermann, Inc. - ACE Clinical Chemistry System. Alfa Wassermann, Inc. is a significant pharmaceutical Group with an Italian heart and an international outlook.

Alfa Wassermann, Inc. - ACE Clinical Chemistry System

The company was founded in Bologna by Dr Marino Golinelli in 1948. The Group today comprises 12 sister companies operating in 12 different countries in the world. Their products are manufactured with the aid of the most advanced technology, guaranteeing accurate results. The products are used in clinical laboratories all over the world for a wide range of diagnostic applications. Alfa Wassermann Products at Block Scientific A leading lab equipment supplier in the U.S, Block Scientific is pleased to offer the following chemistry analyzers manufactured by Alfa Wassermann.

Alfa Wassermann ACE The ACE clinical chemistry system is a comprehensive solution to the chemistry diagnostic needs in today's healthcare settings. Alfa Wassermann ACE Alera Features Closed Tube SamplingPositive Sample & Reagent IDOn-Board Sample & Reagent RefrigerationAuto Repeat & Dilution. Olympus AU680 Chemistry Analyzer.

Olympus AU480 Chemistry Analyzer - Block Scientific. Olympus AU480 The AU480 is designed to help you exceed productivity standards in your lab with a host of features that cut operating costs and speed turnaround time.

Olympus AU480 Chemistry Analyzer - Block Scientific

The entire Olympus family of chemistry analyzers can help you manage costs and improve efficiency. Real-World efficiency from specimen loading to final result Minimized sample volume: High precision microsampling probe enables sampling that conserves valuable pediatric and eriatric samples. Primary tube sampling: 3, 5, 7 and 10 mL tubes and pediatric microcups. Mixed bar-code handling: Reads multiple standard codes. Fast STATs: 22-position STAT carousel with real-time data display and priority repeat testing.

True walk-away capability: 80-sample continuous feed rack loader. Intelligent automation: Abnormal sample results are handled automatically. Siemens Advia 1200 System. Siemens Advia 1800 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer. Chem-Well Reagent Cooling Accessory. Recertified AU640e Chemistry Analyzer. Olympus AU 400 Refurbished - Available for Lease. New, Recertified Clinical Chemistry Analyzers. Buying a Chemistry Analyzer - Points to Consider. Modern clinical laboratories and research facilities require quality chemistry analyzers that provide accurate and consistent results quickly.

Buying a Chemistry Analyzer - Points to Consider

These instruments are indispensable tools for the analysis of specific proteins, drugs-of-abuse, antibiotic drug level monitoring, thyroid testing and other functional tests. Clinical chemistry results are used to provide advice regarding preventive medicine. State-of-the-art chemistry analyzers are equipped with advanced functionalities and provide precise test results within the specified time, helping physicians in the early diagnosis and treatment of various complicated medical conditions. They can effectively analyze blood samples for albumin, creatinine, calcium, uric acid, bilirubin, magnesium and inorganic phosphorus. To improve their productivity and bottom line, it is crucial for a clinical laboratory to invest in high-quality automated clinical chemistry analyzers. Automated Chemistry Analyzers - Accurate and Cost-effective. Clinical chemistry automation began with continuous flow technology in the 1950s and has progressed considerably over time.

Automated Chemistry Analyzers - Accurate and Cost-effective

Automated chemistry analyzers are designed to help all types of laboratories, from small point-of-care clinics to high-throughput clinical labs, ensure accurate and cost-effective diagnostic testing. Markets and Markets reports that the global clinical chemistry analyzer market will grow at a CAGR of 5.52% between 2014 and 2019. According to the report, the Americas is the largest market for these analyzers due to the factors such as increasing healthcare expenditure, growing aging population, rising prevalence to various infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, and rise in rental agreements.

Modern automated clinical chemistry analyzers use measurement technologies such as absorbance photometry, turbidimetry, ion selective potentiometry, latex agglutination and homogeneous EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay). (Visited 18 times, 4 visits today) Olympus AU400 Chemistry Analyzer. To add this product to your interest list, Sign Up or Login.

Olympus AU400 Chemistry Analyzer

OlympusAU400OLYMPUS-AU400 Block Scientific, a top laboratory equipment supplier based in the U.S. offers both new and recertified lab equipment. We offer the Olympus AU400 chemistry analyzer manufactured by Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. This device can be used in single or multiple locations. - An Ideal Solution for Laboratories This analyzer is specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals and commercial medical laboratories.

AU640 (1,200 tests per hour) AU5400 (6,600 tests per hour) AU400 (800 tests per hour) AU2700 (2,166 tests per hour. Stanbio G7700E-001 Analyzer. Awareness Stat Fax 4500. Roche Cobas Mira S Chemistry Analyzer. Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC Chemistry Analyzer. Roche Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer - Recertified.