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Education Station. Italicized words are also vocabulary words on this list.

Education Station

Ash - The solid residue that remains after a fuel or solid waste has been burned. Biodegradable - Waste material, which is capable of being broken down, usually by bacteria, into basic elements. Most organic wastes, such as food and paper,are biodegradable. Cell - A volume of solid waste, compacted and covered at a landfill. Composting - A waste management strategy whereby wastes are decomposed by microorganisms in the presence of oxygen. Conservation - The planned management of natural resource to prevent exploitation or destruction. Containers - Cans, glass and plastic including, but not limited to, aluminum beverage cans, steel, tin and bimetal food cans, foil wrap andtrays, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles for liquids such as milk, soda, detergent and water.

Contaminant - A material that is harmful to, or creates inefficiencies in, the recycling process when included with a recyclable material. 19 buscadores académicos que todo investigador debería conocer. Si bien resulta evidente que en la red es posible encontrar cantidades ingentes de información de todo tipo, lo cierto es que, en determinadas ocasiones, las fuentes y su credibilidad resultan cuestionables.

19 buscadores académicos que todo investigador debería conocer

Un hecho que no podemos permitirnos, especialmente si formamos parte de un equipo de investigación, hemos de presentar un importante trabajo académico y un largo etcétera que ya te puedes suponer. Sin embargo y por fortuna, encontramos una serie de buscadores especializados; unos motores que te pondrán las cosas más fáciles y que garantizarán la veracidad de tus datos; un imprescindible para todo aquel que pretenda lograr un resultado riguroso, que haga las delicias de la comunidad científica. Nos quedamos con la siguiente selección. HighBeam Research Una biblioteca a través de la que podremos explorar mediante varios parámetros de búsqueda, entre los que figuran el nombre del autor, el tema en cuestión, eventos, etcétera. OnLineLabs. ChemLab There is a fee for this one, but it is well worth the price!


They are truly interactive and you can design your own simulations! Go to the downloads page for a free evaluation trial Dartmouth ChemLab This site has some very good interactive virtual labs plus a terrific interactive periodic table! Virtual Chemistry Chemistry and Physics applets and phylsets from Davidson University. You can also download and use on your own webpages. Virtual Chemistry Lab This site has virtual experiments as well as webcasts on chemistry topics. Forschung — Institut für Chemie. Direkt zum InhaltDirekt zur SucheDirekt zur Navigation Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät Institut für Chemie Navigation Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Institut für Chemie Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät | Institut für Chemie | Forschung Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie Analytische und Umweltchemie Didaktik der Chemie Empirische Analyse von Lehr-/Lernprozessen:Rüdiger Tiemann Organische und Bioorganische Chemie Physikalische Chemie Theoretische Chemie Quantenchemie der Festkörper / Katalyse:Joachim Sauer.

Forschung — Institut für Chemie

FMP Berlin: Research Groups. 20+ Home Science Projects for Kids. 52.6k Shares Here are 20+ awesome and FUN Home Science Projects for Kids!

20+ Home Science Projects for Kids

These have ALL been tried and tested by ourselves and our kids – we hope you will enjoy them all as much as we have! Learn How Plants Absorb Water – a FUN way for kids to witness how plants absorb water and nutrients! DIY Lava Lamp Experiment – this was so much bubbly FUN! Make your own Magic Aqua Sand! Bubbling Quicksand – a bubbly sensory experiment that gives quick results – great for all ages.Dragon Sand Volcano – create your own erupting volcano! If you want to become a Fellow Fun Mum Member & receive all of our fun craft, recipes & activities as well as special offers & promotions – click the button on our home page : ) Experiments. OnLineLabs. SCIENCE - Biology. Topics. Soils 4 Kids. Early Childhood/ Elementary Science. Biology Online Resources. Kids Ahead - The coolest science, technology, engineering, and math stuff for kids like you!

WebQuest Maker. It's Elemental. PBS Science & Nature Programs. Fighting HPV in Bhutan Human papillomavirus, or HPV, can cause cervical cancer.

PBS Science & Nature Programs

Bhutan is the first developing country to welcome the widespread vaccination of girls against HPV, and cervical cancer rates have dropped. Some countries have resisted the vaccine, but in Bhutan even the royal princess is onboard. Continue WORLD Channel | In the WILD! World Channel PBS Join WORLD Channel "In the WILD" as we explore the complex and evolving world of nature from the eyes of Earth's inhabitants. Think Wednesday Continues July 23rd PBS Presents PBS Delve into the story of an orangutan raised as a human child on an American university campus on MY WILD AFFAIR. Tiny Tattoo Vaccines The world can be a dangerous place, full of foes large and little.

Think Wednesday Continues July 30th Join the search for clues to the fate of an orphaned rhinoceros brought up in a wildlife vet’s home on MY WILD AFFAIR. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations.