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Chemical Education Xchange. ACD/ChemSketch for Academic and Personal Use. As an Educational Tool ACD/Labs software aids in teaching key chemistry concepts to high school, undergraduate, and graduate chemistry students.

ACD/ChemSketch for Academic and Personal Use

In addition, students benefit from exposure in the learning environment to the same tools they will encounter in the workforce. Our Academic Site Licensing Program is an affordable way for qualifying academic institutions to make the commercial versions of ACD/ChemSketch and ACD/I-Lab available to their students and faculty. Free access to site licenses of ACD/ChemSketch Freeware are available. Contact us to learn more. Freeware: One Installation Free for personal and academic use(1 individual installation). Freeware: Academic Site License Free site-wide installation at your academic institution. Commercial Version: 30-Day Trial Try the full version (or buy online) for commercial and government use.

Software is compatible with Windows only. NOTE: We do not provide technical support for our freeware products. Chemical Education Research Group Simulations. Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations Chemical Education Research Group Department of Chemistry 3051 Gilman Hall, Iowa State University Ames, IA, 50011 USA (515) 294-7718 Tom Greenbowe ( Professor of Chemistry and Coordinator of General Chemistry Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011 These files are zipped files. To save the files, click on the links and save the files. Please use software such as "winzip" to extract the files and then open the ".html" files in the web browser to use the simulations/animations. Thank you. Quantum Dots — Quantum Dot Pioneers. What are quantum dots?

Quantum Dots — Quantum Dot Pioneers

Quantum dots are tiny man-made crystals. They are so small that you can’t see them with a typical microscope. In fact, they’re 10,000 times narrower than a human hair. That’s incredibly small but don’t let their size fool you. Quantum dots are actually very powerful devices and it’s their size that gives them a unique ability: to convert light into nearly any color in the visible spectrum with very high efficiency. Each quantum dot is actually a tiny semiconductor -- which means it can convert incoming energy.

Cool, so what can we do with quantum dots? Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry. Lesson Plans. Graphing Calculator - Symbolab. Symbolab Math Solver - Step by Step calculator.

Nuclear Sustainability

Density and Viscosity. Atom Building Game. Downloads/Resources: Instruction SheetPeriodic TableSample Investigation Helpful Tips Many teachers have suggested that the best way to store and keep track of the marbles is to put all of the same-colored marbles (from all game boards) in one large plastic bin or zip lock bag, and then provide only the number that students will need for a particular activity.

Atom Building Game

A teacher from Chattanooga, TN offers this suggestion: Place a triangle of thin foam or waffle-weave carpet backing in each corner pocket of a game board. This lowers the noise level! FAQ's Q: Why does the periodic table list mass numbers of stable isotopes instead of the average atomic mass? A: The periodic table that comes with the atom building game is instructional in nature. Q: This is the Bohr model of the atom, but I've always told my students that Bohr's model was wrong - the correct model is the wave model - what gives? A: Try telling a chemist that Bohr's model is "wrong" and you will receive immediate opposition! Chemistry. Hot and Cold Packs Edit. Gun powder lab. Gun powder lab analysis questions. Student procedure template. Sem2 ChemLab Final.

Kinetics Inquiry Lab

High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry. Skip to main content High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry This Chemistry model course map is the first in a three-year course sequence that uses a customized version of the Modified High School Domains Model from NGSS Appendix K as the instructional year end goals.

High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry

Course Summary and Flowchart Bundle 1 Bundle 2 Bundle 3 Bundle 4 Back to the NGSS Bundling main page AddThis Sharing Sidebar Share to Facebook , Number of shares Share to TwitterShare to LinkedIn Share to PrintFriendlyShare to Email Hide Show AddThis. Vitual chemistry and simulations - American Chemical Society. Recommendations for the teaching of high school chemistry. Recommendations for the teaching of high school chemistry.

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Happy Atoms. Just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water. Freezing supercooled water. Hydrophobic sand. Take it out of the water and you'll be surprised. Throwing Liquid Nitrogen into a Pool. 201303_NGSS-Krajcik.pdf. Sample NGSS Curriculum Map HS Chemistry.

NGSS CHEM 2013 v1 1. NGSS Chemistry Resources.

Intro to Chemistry

Dimensional Analysis. Nomenclature. Moles. Atomic Structure. Electronic Structure/Periodic Table. Chemical Reactions. Stoichiometry. Bonding/Intermolecular Forces. Gas Laws. Solutions/Acids & Bases. Formative Assessments. Recommended Reading. Misc.