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L'humain au coeur de la performance

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How to Build a Culture Where Employees Actually Reach Their Potential. Show of hands: Are you doing a second job no one is paying you to do?

How to Build a Culture Where Employees Actually Reach Their Potential

Namely, are you always trying to mask your weaknesses and manage others' impressions of you? Your hand is likely in the air, if you work for an organization (like most) that doesn't exactly make it easy for employees to admit when they need help--and when they are overwhelmed. The goods news is that there's apparently a solution to this seemingly universal employee-employer dilemma. In their forthcoming book, An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization, authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey take a deep dive into several companies where employees are expected to learn about their pain points--and promptly address them.

The authors call these companies "deliberately developmental organizations," or DDOs for short. Here's a list of techniques you can borrow from the DDOs to make your own culture one where employees are less abashed about admitting their shortcomings. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Corporate Culture: How To Be A “pro-human” organization. Talk to Mary live at our InPower Coffee Break Talk Show @Blab on April 5 – What would a “pro-human” work culture mean?

Corporate Culture: How To Be A “pro-human” organization

Sign up for a reminder and meet us at 1pm ET/10am PT at our @Blab channel. You may interpret the phrase “pro-employee” any number of ways. 8 TED Talks About Work/Life Balance That'll Change the Way You Think. Everyone and their mother seems to have a strong opinion about work-life balance.

8 TED Talks About Work/Life Balance That'll Change the Way You Think

Some argue that balancing career and lifestyle is necessary for your overall happiness. Others argue that the concept of "balancing" your work and your life, which implies that the two are on par with one another, is plain old wrong. Still others argue the whole thing is completely imaginary and unrealistic, and that we're making ourselves unhappy by pursuing it in the first place. But a lot of what we read about it in popular culture barely scratches the surface. L’intelligence collective, cette étonnante capacité du vivant. – Le 4ème singe. The future of business will be defined by collaboration. Rapid globalization, fierce competition, social change, technological breakthroughs, scarcity of raw materials; businesses need to reinvent themselves continuously to cope with this string of challenges.

The future of business will be defined by collaboration

Technical, commercial and financial innovations tend to be the focus of attention; innovative partnerships less so. And yet the latter are no less indispensable than the former. The future of business also needs to be seen through the prism of new partnerships. Expanded, creative, atypical partnerships. Partnerships that bring together a variety of stakeholders and that cover unexpected topics.

Let’s take the case of the circular economy – an economy that systematically turns waste into useful resources. It is no longer a matter of simply eliminating waste, but rather of reintegrating it into the production cycle in the form of renewable resources. For example, methanization provides threefold recovery of organic waste, producing electricity, heat and soil amendments. Share. Les 10 piliers de l'engagement des collaborateurs.

L’impact positif de l’engagement des équipes sur la performance de l’entreprise est-il encore à démontrer ?

Les 10 piliers de l'engagement des collaborateurs

Pourtant, quand on découvre que 87% des salariés (dans le monde) ne sont pas pleinement engagés dans leur travail, il est légitime de penser que les actions ne rejoignent pas toujours les prises de position dans ce domaine. J'ai du plaisir au travail... car mon manager est reconnaissant... La boussole des motivations. Par Roger Nifle, ingénieur et philosophe.

La boussole des motivations

Bien-être au travail : du pain sur la planche pour les RH. Se protéger du stress : 15 pistes à suivre. The top 4 drivers of employee engagement and commitment. How can multinationals drive two of the most valued HR themes and in the process take engagement and commitment to the next level?

The top 4 drivers of employee engagement and commitment

One of the goals of our recent study of multinationals was to uncover the biggest influencers of employee engagement and commitment. Essentially, we wanted to know what factors influence the two and as a step further, we wanted to provide HR and multinationals with actionable best practices and insights. The data used in our study was collected from employee surveys that we conducted with multinationals over the last 18 months. Peut-on motiver sans récompenser? 4 pistes efficaces. How to Increase Employee Engagement - Glassdoor Employers. If your company is anything like the average organization, about 13 percent of your employees are engaged.

How to Increase Employee Engagement - Glassdoor Employers

That number comes from a worldwide Gallop poll called “State of the Global Workplace” that shed light on the fact that although companies may believe the majority of their employees are actively engaged, in reality it’s more likely that approximately one in eight are. In fact, one of the most shocking finding was that 24 percent of employees are actively disengaged, meaning they are unproductive and unhappy. RELATED VIDEO: Encourage Employee Feedback Working to create engaged employees can seem like you’re climbing a mountain, but one of the great things about climbing a mountain is that the view from the top is so worth it.

Imagine an organization where the majority of employees truly are engaged – your company will be more productive, experience less turnover and be more successful. Coaching & Spiritualité - Novaterra Coaching. A New Leadership Model That's Surprisingly Useful. Daniel Pink: la surprenante science de la motivation ( Talent Managment Report in The Times. Qui pourrait me donner des informations ou références d'études relatives à la gestion de l'absentéisme en entreprise? Trop de stress chez les travailleurs implique également de gros tracas pour l’employeur. Le stress touche 64 % des travailleurs belges, soit une augmentation de 18 % depuis 2010.

Trop de stress chez les travailleurs implique également de gros tracas pour l’employeur

Les travailleurs ne sont pas les seuls à être concernés par cette problématique, les employeurs le sont aussi. Lorsque les travailleurs ne peuvent plus gérer leur stress, ils s’exposent à des problèmes physiques et psychologiques. Management de l’entreprise et stratégie de la bienveillance. L’entreprise du futur sera "Work & Care" ! Les 6 critères du bonheur, selon le rapport 2013 de l'ONU. Is trust the answer to employee motivation? Learn about the eight intrinsic drivers to a positive outcome.

Is trust the answer to employee motivation?

Why do we want to increase employee engagement? Perhaps it's to increase output. On the other hand, for some businesses, a positive work environment and 'culture' is of paramount importance: just think about all those smiling faces at your local Apple store! Regard international sur la qualité de vie au travail et la prévention des risques psychosociaux au travail. Plusieurs pays européens, le Canada et les États-Unis ont déployé au cours des dernières années des initiatives dans le domaine de la prévention des risques psychosociaux au travail. Philippe Gabilliet, Performance et bonheur dans l'entreprise. The State of Employee Engagement. "Travailler dans la joie et la bonne humeur n’est pas contradictoire avec la performance", rappelle Laurence Vanhée. ENTRETIEN Ne dites pas à Laurence Vanhée qu’elle est DRH. Elle a fait graver sur ses cartes de visite la fonction de Chief Happiness Officer puisque c’est ainsi qu’elle conçoit son rôle.

How to handle performance issues more confidently. This topic remains high on the list of most stressful situations for new managers, leaders and executives. This article promotes some very specific techniques that might help if this situation resonates. Performance challenges Performance discussion anxieties can among others be broken down into the following concerns: Virtual Team Innovation: Are you a “quilter” or a “weaver”? 5 tips. Most virtual teams are organized for cut and paste work, or what I like to call quilting. Each team member creates a part of the project—sometimes simultaneously, sometimes sequentially—and the parts are sewn together. Each person operates independently, performance evaluations are based solely on individual work, and meetings are opportunities to share progress reports. This is a simple form of teamwork that is well suited for routine projects.

But this team structure will not create innovation, the sharing of best practices, or the competitive advantage that can occur when you bring people together to work toward a common goal. The best teams don’t quilt, they weave. Pourquoi le bien-être au travail est-il autant générateur de profits ? par Philippe Rodet. How To Simplify Your Approach To Business Improvement Strategies — Throughout your life as a small business owner you find that you need to solve problems and implement improvement strategies to keep your business growing. The problem faced by most small business owners is knowing where to start on the business improvement process. Human nature drives us to find solutions to problems as quickly as we can. Once we identify the problem we want to know how to fix it – NOW! Sometimes the answer to the problem seems obvious and we jump at that answer and drive to implement the changes required – only to find that the business is still operating at a less than perfect level and we have to look for even more answers.

One of the most effective techniques I use as a business coach is to follow the Now Where How approach to implementing change within your business. Best ways to boost employee morale and increase productivity. As an employer, you dream and believe that your employees’ will be continuously productive. Initially yes, your employees’ performance will be effective and apt for the organizations’ growth. But, when the nature of work becomes monotonous, employee output slows down gradually.

It is similar to the systems and apps that we work on. When we continuously use them, they hang up. And a click on the refresh button brings it back to work. 1. Becoming a Great Workplace Coach. Building trust in a coaching relationship is just the first step. Good coaches also put effort into finding the right coaching balance. What do I mean by that? As a coach you have to set the right tone for your protégé. Comment favoriser le travail en équipe dans l'entreprise.

Quand tout va bien, assister ses collègues est un geste naturel. Belgian Network. Get it right. Because culture trumps just about everything. People could die if we get things wrong. A lot of our employees are young, and they operate with little direct supervision, putting on events in fields thousands of miles from where I sit. We’re a very specific kind of company, and we need very specific kinds of people.

To find them, we have to do four things: run really good recruitment, induct people, train people, and assess people. 1. 2. 4 Signs You Are Headed For Burnout. Belgian Network. What's the Best Way to Motivate People. Les managers ont tort de vouloir corriger nos points faibles. 10 choses que les travailleurs estiment plus importantes que le salaire. Aligner votre entreprise sur son sens pour motiver vos salariés et impliquer vos clients. 6 Smart, Easy Ways to Boost Your Company’s Productivity. Belgian Network.

S'épanouir au travail en temps de crise. Sondage le stress au travail : comment est-il perçu et géré par les salariés et les RH. Happiness: the next big business metric? World Happiness Report.pdf. Le Bonheur au Travail, plus qu’une évidence : une nécessité! Le changement et le bonheur comme leviers de motivation ? La motivation au travail – La carotte et le bâton. 10 questions pour évaluer sa motivation au travail. Motivating Teams Through Mastery, Membership and Meaning. Creating Sustainable Performance. Good Leaders Get Emotional - Doug Sundheim. The Chicken and Egg of Employee Engagement. 6 conseils pour créer la cohésion dans votre équipe. Le bonheur est dans le bureau. The 75 KPIs Every Manager Needs To Know.

Performance Coaching. La santé des salariés, clef de la performance économique.