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8 Great Movies That Use Sound To Enhance Dramatic Effect. Sound in film can sometimes be seen as an afterthought; the final icing on the cake of a medium that is so visually driven.

8 Great Movies That Use Sound To Enhance Dramatic Effect

However, this is certainly not the case as many filmmakers and composers view music and sound as a much more integrated aspect of the film, one that can even play a huge role in the development of the drama as much as any visual element can. Certainly the idea that combining different media to create a much more coherent and powerful medium is not a new concept, and can be seen back as far as the opera of composers such as Handel Mozart, who combined music, drama and word to create what was then a new artistic medium. However it was in the late 19th century with the music dramas of Richard Wagner that really started taking the idea of a combination of different art forms to a new level. This inevitable progressed into the film world many years later, composers such as Max Steiner used aspects of Wagner’s compositional style in their film scores. 1. 2. 3. 4. 15 Great Films With Distinctive Visual Style. Style in cinema can be the ultimate creative expression.

15 Great Films With Distinctive Visual Style

Every great film has a distinct style, and many times the most memorable movies are those that give the viewer an experience that let them see and feel things they couldn’t normally do. Whether it be an action scene that simultaneously breaks the laws of physics and inspires a true “wow” out of the audience, or a love story with a real sense for expressive visuals – stylistic touches in film can elevate material and garner attention towards unique filmmakers.

Every auteur to step behind the camera has looked at their story in a different and unique perspective, and the ones that translate that perspective to their storytelling and visual methods are the ones that leave a true mark. Sometimes, style can overwhelms substance, and the film becomes emotionally vapid, but when balanced right, the two can create a sensational, wonderful and unstoppable force. 15. 14. Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman is all about style. 13. The 20 Best Neo-Noir Films Of The 1970s. Film critics, film writers and ardent fans are bound to disagree as to what films should be classified as being part of a particular genre.

The 20 Best Neo-Noir Films Of The 1970s

Arguments over what films should be called horror films or suspense thrillers are commonplace as are disputes over what films should fall into the category of film noir. Naturally these disputes extend to films in the modern film noir or neo-noir classification. In selecting the best neo-noir films from the very fertile and revered years of the 1970s, We picked the finest crime films that share the same grim preoccupations and the same dark heart found in classic film noir pictures of the 1940s and 1950s such as Jacques Tourneur’s Out of the Past, John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle and Robert Aldrich’s Kiss Me Deadly to name just a few. As is the nature of genre labeling, it should be noted that a number of films mentioned in this article could also be classified in other genres such as heist film or suspense thriller of moral confrontation. 1. 2.

10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Cinematography. The word cinematography literally means ‘to record movements’.

10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Cinematography

A director relies on their cinematographer to manipulate the mood and implication of a shot. For example; you might not think that there’d be many ways to film a person walking down a corridor – but what if that corridor had seedy red lighting? What if the person cast a long dark shadow? 15 Masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcock Every Film Fan Should See. During his lifetime, Alfred Hitchcock was thought of as a master showman who kept his audiences entertained with suspenseful movies and quirky TV shows.

15 Masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcock Every Film Fan Should See

Since his death in 1980, Hitchcock’s legacy has been reappraised by both scholars and the general public, and he is now thought of as one of the most significant – if not THE most significant – filmmaker of the 20th century. 10 Great 2015 Movies That Won’t Get Nominated For The Academy Awards. Every year, a bunch of truly great films fly way under the Academy’s radar, so it’s about time we start making our own lists of movies that were worth our time in 2015.

10 Great 2015 Movies That Won’t Get Nominated For The Academy Awards

This year was especially good for independent and genre pieces, so the number of possible (and certain) snubs in the Oscar ballot is even higher. These are all unique films, driven by their authors’ quirky vision of a theme, a trope or a genre – and watching them is an experience no one should miss, especially not because the smug voters of the Academy can’t recognize them. 10. Slow West (John Maclean, 2015) John Maclean’s very peculiar western made waves in the indie festival circuit on the beginning of last year, and for good reason. The story follows Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee, the absolute stand-out in a cast stacked with great actors), a British boy looking for his beloved in the vast deserts of the American West. 9. 8.

The 10 Best Viggo Mortensen Movie Performances. Born in the 1950s to an American mother and Danish father, Viggo Peter Mortensen, Jr. has since become one of the most prolific, diverse, and understated actors of recent times.

The 10 Best Viggo Mortensen Movie Performances

He is not only an accomplished actor, but a successful musician, poet, businessman, photographer, horse rider, and painter, as well as a fluent speaker of English, Danish, French, and Spanish, whilst also being conversational in many others languages. Behind the cameras, Mortensen has also proven useful: he has composed musical scores, painted on film sets, and helped out production companies with marketing and translating. Viggo Mortensen has undoubtedly been a captivating actor throughout his entire career, working on internationally successful blockbusters, as well as small art house pieces, understated passion projects, and independent cinema from around the globe, often in languages other than his native tongue. 10. Hidalgo (2004) 15 Great Post-70s Movies That Evoke The 1970s Style.

The Hollywood Renaissance is the name often used to describe the brief interlude between periods of blockbuster style dominance of the studio system.

15 Great Post-70s Movies That Evoke The 1970s Style

Roughly, the era’s influence extends from 1967 to 1981 or so, and it is notable primarily for being a period of mainstream cinema in which the major studios made what would probably be referred to (derisively, no doubt) as ‘art films’. The conditions that led Hollywood both in and out of this aberrant decade-plus are well documented. In a decade where television became a serious competitor, film studios became increasingly desperate to bring people back to the theaters, and one way that they thought to do so was to spend lavishly on big budget, epic films that provided an experience unrivaled by television. The most well-known example is 20th Century Fox’s Cleopatra (1963). Though their movement ended, some of its filmmakers are still with us today. 20 Great Movies That Break The Rules of Cinema. In the beginning decades of cinema, there was no set language, no decided poetry, and no formal structure or grammar in filmmaking: there were no rules.

20 Great Movies That Break The Rules of Cinema

The Lumière brothers experimented with realism (“Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory” (1895)), emotion (“Train Pulling into a Station” (1895)) and colour (“The Serpentine Dance” (1899)). Georges Méliès, another avant-garde filmmaker, trained his focus on narrative (“The Haunted Castle” (1896) and surrealism (“A Trip to the Moon” (1902)). It was not until Edwin S. The 20 Best Movies of The Year 2000. As seen in many lists lately, cinema has had various great/important years.

The 20 Best Movies of The Year 2000

Releases from all over the world becoming, high- and low-budget classics shot black and white, color, and sometimes both at the same time, containing gritty stories, happy endings, stellar camera work and career-defining performances have followed cinema’s history since its inception as an entertainment medium.

By 1999, cinema itself was 104 years old and we all wondered what would become of the medium in the new millennium. As 1999 has been deemed one of the most important years in film history, it can be argued that the stylistic and formal importance of ’99 bled into the year 2000 as well. The action movie was somewhat re-defined and given epic status with Gladiator, also bringing Ridley Scott back into the fold after a lacklustre decade in the 90s. Post-Matrix cinematography and visual effects yielded various blockbusters like The Perfect Storm and X-Men as well as a renewed interest in martial arts action.

15 Great Movies That Are Physically and Emotionally Demanding. Cinema, this desire of feelings, this tireless curiosity, this constant search of new feelings and sensations, this sweet wandering in both unknown territories and strange ones. When we see a movie, we somehow engage in something powerful that goes beyond simple enjoyment and entertainment; we share with the director his own view and debate internally, feeling his own fears, problems and traumas. Like all processes, this one has its own inherent vice, which happens to be the most interesting of all vices. Movies help us understand our world and confront our most painful truth and reality.

We then find ourselves completely abandoned to the naked truth, whether we agree with it or not, and it’s in this abandonment that we melt our very own fears. Physical laws still apply when watching a movie; the effort spent thinking and interacting with it is real and sometimes very painful. Movies tend to derange us sometimes and as much as it’s of interest, we might get hurt a little.

14 Movies From The 2000s That Have The Potential To Be Future Cult Favorites. The 2000s was a very hit or miss decade. The original content that was created might have been good, but it was too far and in-between. Meanwhile this was the decade that brought strong interest to foreign cinema, especially when it came to the horror genre- seeing how the more original horror movies were coming from places like Japan, South Korea and other foreign countries.

Meanwhile a new found respect and interest in the indie scene was also making itself known. 15 of The Longest Films That Are Absolutely Worth The Investment. Art films have often been unfairly burdened with the stereotype that their running times are punishingly over-long, designed purely to bore the uninitiated viewer into a sort of catatonic submission. Of course now such a correlation between a film’s length and its art-house credentials no longer holds. Modern block-busters (read: celluloid energy drinks) such as Avengers: Age of Ultron (2014) and Furious 7 (2015) are straying into the 2 and-a-half hour mark, a running time once squarely associated with art cinema, with noisy abandon. The 10 Best Jodie Foster Movie Performances. Very few child actors have been able to maintain their star power at the box office over the course of several decades as adults.

Jodie Foster is one of those actresses who have managed to stay the course and deliver knock out performances throughout the years. She began her career at the young age of three years old starring in Coppertone commercials. From there, she was able to score some minor roles in Kansas City Bomber (1973) and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973). She did some voice over work for a few animated series as well. Her breakout performance was her role as Iris in Taxi Driver (1976). Jodie Foster has always brought a certain intensity to the table to each of her roles. The 15 Best Surrealist Movies of The 21st Century. “Surrealism, then, neither aims to subvert realism, as does the fantastic, nor does it try to transcend it.

It looks for different means by which to explore reality itself.” ― Michael Richardson Surrealism is one of the most influential cultural movements of 20th Century. It is a method of art, by means of which, artists seek access to their unconscious minds and investigate the reality disguised by pragmatic conventions. Surrealism, like Dadaism, exploits the artistic creativity on randomness and imagination to append traditional values, and elevate an absurdist view of world. In early 1920s, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, along with other auteurs, brought this style to masses through their films. The 15 Most Innovative Documentaries from The Last 5 Years. Innovation is nothing new. Almost since its conception, documentary has been reinventing itself, and many conventions of the genre, that we take for granted, were borne out of innovative evolutions of the form. Perhaps a development happening right now will become an expectation of future non-fiction films. Most attempt to find some kind of truth, however constructed or indirect, and this search is arguably what sparks changes.

The age we live in seems less certain of fact than any other, thanks, in part, to the immediate fact-finding power, and simultaneous contradictory evidence that constitutes the internet. The 10 Best Movies That Show The Dark Side of Hollywood. Hollywood is a glamour machine that spews out our greatest hopes, our highest ambitions, and our most personal dreams. 15 Complex Movies From This Century That Were Too Smart For Mainstream Audiences. When used as an adjective to describe a film, the word “complex” usually means one of two things. The 20 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies of All Time. 10 Great Minimalist Films That Are Worth Your Time. 10 Legendary Movies That Initiated Important Film Movements. 15 Great Movies That Nail The Way Young People Navigate Relationships Nowadays. 30 Dark Teenage Movies That Are Worth Your Time. The 15 Best British Comedy Movies of All Time. While some people love British comedies, others might say that they are rude, dull, and not the least bit funny.

But what makes British comedies essentially British? Taste of Cinema - What British comedy movies would you add... The 15 Best Movies about Magic and Magicians. Magic has always held an intriguing role in both fiction and real life. The 30 Best Movies About Depression. The 20 Best Movies About Character’s Delusion. 15 Great Movies That Could Change Your Perspective on Life. The 15 Best Academy Award Winning Performances by a Lead Actor. 15 Mind-Blowing Films Influenced by Psychoanalysis. The 30 Best Movies of 2015. The 25 Best Movies About Youth and Sexuality. 10 Famous Movies With Mind-Blowing Hidden Meanings. The 15 Most Overlooked Films of The Last 5 Years. The 30 Most Extreme Movies of The 21st Century So Far. The 20 Most Disturbing Movies of All Time. 15 Complex Movies From This Century That Were Too Smart For Mainstream Audiences. The 20 Best Japanese Animated Movies of the 21st Century. 25 Great Psychedelic Movies That Are Worth Your Time. Filmmaker Retrospective: The Historical Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos.

10 Great Philosophical Movies That Question Reality. The 15 Best Films Set in Rome. The 25 Most Controversially Rated Movies in Cinema History. 20 Movies That Understand The Complexities of Female Friendship. The 10 Most Visually Stunning Movies Shot by Vittorio Storaro. The 25 Best Movies of 1976. The 30 Best Movies About Addiction. The 15 Best Movies About One-Sided Love. The 10 Best Japanese Films of 2015. 20 Less Known Indie Movies You Might Not Have Seen. The 20 Best English-Language Independent Films of The Past 5 Years. 15 Great Multi-Directed Anthology Movies That Are Worth Your Time.

The 10 Best Films of The Australian New Wave. The 10 Best Movies Influenced by Marxist Philosophy. 15 Cult Animated Movies You Might Not Have Seen. The 20 Greatest Female Filmmakers in Cinema History. 15 Great Movies That Push The Boundaries Of Cinematic Language. 15 Hidden Gems of World Cinema That Deserve More Attention. 15 Masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcock Every Film Fan Should See. The 18 Best American Remakes of Foreign Movies. 15 Great Movies With A Mrs. Robinson Complex. 35 Visually Stunning Czech/Slovak Films That Are Worth Your Time. 30 Underappreciated 21st Century American Movies Worth Your Time.

20 Great Conspiracy Movies That Are Worth Your Time. 25 Great Movies That Best Capture The 21st Century. The 10 Best Documentaries About Psychology Subjects. 20 Masterpieces of British Cinema You Shouldn’t Miss.