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QRs College Classroom. QR codes were first created by Toyota to track vehicles in manufacturing, offering a small barcode that can be quickly decoded.

QRs College Classroom

That was 1994, and now, almost 20 years later, QR code technology is experiencing a revival — but not in the automotive industry. The small, square codes are ubiquitous, showing up on everything from flyers to beer bottles, allowing anyone with a smart phone to quickly scan and find out more information with the code. The possibilities for their use are endless, and many translate into the college classroom, offering a fun and exciting way for students to use technology for learning. Read on, and we’ll share a wealth of ideas for implementing QR codes in college. The #QRCode Daily. The GeoHistorian Project. Final Marker Installed at Beckwith Orchards Now that Beckwith Orchards has reopened for the season we were finally able to install the 29th and final marker: Posted in QR Marker Installation Tagged Beckwith Orchards, digital history, digital storytelling, GeoHistorian, Kent, Kent Historical Society, Kent State University, local history, NEH, ODH, Ohio, QR codes, RCET QR Code Markers #27 and 28: Kent Mill and Old Jail.

The GeoHistorian Project

QR voice. Inaudible QR codes. By Ted Thornhill Updated: 11:09 GMT, 10 February 2012 She’s known for her trendy music and being on the cutting edge of fashion, but Lady Gaga has also been pioneering a sonic technology that’s set to transform experiences at live events.

Inaudible QR codes

At her Monsters Ball tour she deployed a product made by U.S start-up Sonic Notify that transmits a signal to the smartphones of audience members that can then link them to various websites and images – and even give them the chance to vote for the encore song. QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide. QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are just barcodes.

QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide

There is nothing fancy about them. Just like the grocery store clerk uses barcodes to look up the product and scan the price into the computer, your mobile device or computer can look up QR codes to: take you to a website, read some text, give you a phone number, or generate a text message. QR Codes Go to School. From student displays to scavenger hunts, QR codes give class activities a 21st-century twist From magazines to signs at the local supermarket checkout line, QR codes, those little square boxes of dotted patterns, are everywhere these days.

QR Codes Go to School

But what purpose do they serve? And what can you do with them in your school? Quick Response or 2D codes aren’t new technology. 43 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom. 40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom. QR Codes in the Classroom. Mobile Learning | Q&A QR Codes in the Classroom Wyoming science teacher London Jenks not only allows mobile technologies in his classroom, but he's also learned how to maximize them as educational tools, tapping the devices for assessments, research, and even student scavenger hunts using QR codes.

QR Codes in the Classroom

Colorful QR Code Art [Infographic] Am. Turn a paper based book into an interactive book with QR Codes. Video : QR Code Applications in Education. Video : QR Code Applications in Education. Banned Book Movie Trailers and QR codes. About a month ago, Karl Fisch sent along a tweet from a librarian in Grand Junction, Becky Johnson.

Banned Book Movie Trailers and QR codes

Becky was creating QR codes to go along the spines of books in her library. The QR codes linked to YouTube videos students had created based upon the books. After expressing my interest in building from Becky’s work, Karl contacted her to gain more information about the coding creating process and help us get started. I thought I would pass along Karl’s questions as well as Becky’s responses: What site are you using to generate the QR codes? During the month of October, along with our study of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, we read banned and challenged books. After hearing of Becky’s school’s work, I threw out the idea to Maura Moritz( my partner in all things 9th grade Honors)of our kids making movie trailers for their banned/challenged book. THE GOLDEN RULE of ADVERTISING What Makes a Movie Trailer? (Desired Response) TICKET SALES! Using QR codes to create educational posters.

Wikipedia Unveils Probably the Coolest QR Thingy Ever Made. Wikipedia today introduced a program called QRPedia, a QR code creation service that lets users snap a picture of a QR code and be automatically directed to a linked mobile Wikipedia entry in whatever written language their phone uses.

Wikipedia Unveils Probably the Coolest QR Thingy Ever Made

If there's no article in their language for the designated topic, the program directs them to the most relevant related article that is available in that language. If you don't have a QR reader on your phone, I use the Google iPhone app, myself. I dare you to find a cooler example of QR codes in action than QRPedia.

Originally built at England's Derby Museum and Gallery (by the museum's Wikipedian in Residence!) The service is now available to anyone online. This is sci-fi stuff. I sure hope this catches on all over the place. Christmas Greetings Exchange Project. This project is for everyone.

Christmas Greetings Exchange Project

Teachers, classrooms and families in the #ccGlobal community. Create a Christmas greeting however you want to do it, e.g. animoto, glogster etcOnce the message is created, embed the URL for the message behind a QR Code. You can create a QR code here: are some examples of a Christmas story created in Animoto (by Liam’s son Calem as a grade 3 student) embedded in a QR code to give an idea of colourful QR codes. These can be seen on the Photos page of the Ning. Post a physical Christmas card to other #ccGlobal schools/folk participating and spread the goodwill this festive season.Follow the great discussion with more detailed instructions about it in the Ning here.Join the project by filling out some details in this Google Form: #ccGlobal members can be found in this Google Doc: is the list of folk to post the card with the included QR code.

UK Homeless Charity Benefits From QR Codes. Leeds-based creative agency Propaganda helped homeless charity Simon on the Streets this Christmas, launching a very interesting QR code campaign to help raise funds for those sleeping rough on the streets of Yorkshire in the UK. Rather than sending Christmas gifts to its clients, the agency laid out QR codes printed on cardboard and positioned them amongst blankets and belongings, to replicate the outdoor dwellings of homeless people. The installations were situated around Leeds city centre, and once scanned by a smartphone or tablet QR code reader, the user was taken to a JustGiving page to donate money directly to the charity.

University of Florida News – UF nature trail project enables smartphone users to hear insect sounds. GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Visitors to University of Florida nature trails can now hear an ancient form of communication — insect songs — using one of the latest communication technologies.

University of Florida News – UF nature trail project enables smartphone users to hear insect sounds

Seven educational stations in UF’s Natural Area Teaching Laboratory now feature signs marked with QR codes, the square, black-and-white patterns that are starting to appear in print advertising. By scanning the signs with a mobile device, visitors can access digital recordings of katydids and crickets native to the area. It may be one of the first uses of QR codes on nature trails anywhere in the U.S., says Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman, incoming chair of the laboratory and an assistant extension scientist with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

QR codes come to campus sites. Photo by: Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette A smartphone can be used to scan the QR code to access a website for information on the landmark, in this case the Alma Mater, on the UI campus. URBANA — Kindly Alma Mater has 58,599 "likes" on Facebook as of Thursday, and the first day of classes hasn't even hit yet. The popular statue has welcomed University of Illinois students since 1929. Abreast of the times, her social-networking even includes a Twitter account. Now she and other campus sites have the latest smartphone technology, so they can tell their stories to students and visitors. Hey Marketers! Time to Get on Board with QR Code Mobile Media! « Kakie Writes. 20 Interesting Things: QR Codes. Welcome to PetHub. QR Code Orienteering. Posted on March 5, 2009 by mrrobbo Today during lunch time I helped my students setup QR code readers on their mobile phones in preparation for an activity they will be completing in the coming weeks within my Outdoor Education class.

In order to study the safety aspects and risk taking factors that need to be considered before completing outdoor activities, the students will be completing an orienteering course using their bikes as a form of transportation. However this is no ordinary course, here’s why… QR Droid (Français) - Android Market.

NeoReader for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Thinking About QR Codes and How to Make Them. QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator. 10 ways to use QR Codes in a History classroom (or any classroom) Educationqrcodes.wikispaces. QR-Code Generator. QR Code Generator - best places to create QR Codes. Instantly create QR codes with chrome extension! How to Use QR Codes in Student Projects. QR Codes: The nuts and bolts #QRCode #edtech #ukedchat. QR Huh? What The Heck Is A QR Code? The Effective Teacher - QRcodes. Jumpscan - All in one custom QR code. - Free QR Code generator with advanced redirection.

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