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Facebook Twitter [Post updated August 2014] Skirts are an easy garment to start with if you’re learning to sew.

If you’re just starting out, you might be more confident making bags, first. All of the skirt tutorials below give step by step instructions. They don’t require commercial patterns and are either pattern-less or they show you how to draw up your own easy pattern. That way, you skirt will fit you perfectly. These skirts include a variety of styles, sewing techniques, difficulty levels and funky inspiration, so there’s something here for everyone. Mix and match styles and techniques to make your own perfect style. As usual, these tutorials are usually for personal use only, not commercial use, consult each individual website for details. Tutorials! by ~EverybodyPlush on deviantART. Bass guitar plush pattern by ~starry-eyedkid on deviantART. Baby Snitch Pattern by ~almaxaquotal on deviantART. Child Dream .Bunny. tutorial by ~SuperCat0000 on deviantART. Keychains. The ECO BOXY Camera Keychain Your choice por claraiuribe en Etsy.

50's Skirt Adventure #1 - DIY Pleated Skirt. Over the holiday season, I’ve switched my DIY-ing around a little bit while waiting for some beads to arrive (shipping becomes a nightmare over Christmas as many of you should know) and have gotten back in sewing!

50's Skirt Adventure #1 - DIY Pleated Skirt

– yay! I realised that every time I went op-shop shopping or vintage shopping, I find so many lovely 50′s skirts that I want but either they don’t fit, the print is not right or the shop is charging way too much for it. This then spurred me into a sewing rampage. Over the last 2 weeks I have made at least 5 skirts, all in the full 50′s style of course but all a little different from one another in terms of material, length and construction. After doing a little google research, I found that many full skirts are not circle skirts (unless they are poodle skirts), but are either gored, gathered or pleated, making the creating process soooo much easier!

Oh, Mother Mine DIY!!: COMO HACER UNA FALDA ASIMETRICA MUY FACIL. Una de mis tendencias favoritas este año son las faldas asimétricas... sin duda es el corte estrella para esta temporada!!!


Mi propuesta para este post, es una falda asimétrica de capa, muy fácil de hacer, porque no lleva ni patrones ni costuras laterales, atenta al vídeo: Truco para el dobladillo del bajo de la falda: Una seguidora (gracias Anilegra) me ha comentado que, para aquellas principiantes, y no tanto, que desempolvaron la máquina de coser hace poco, podría ser mucho más fácil si HILVANÁIS el dobladillo de la falda antes de pasarlo por la máquina de coser. Amy Butler. Allow extra yardage for matching or centering a design on your fabric.

Amy Butler

The pillow and toy can be made using 44” wide quilting fabric OR with my fine-wale corduroy. (It's delicious! I loved using it for this project!) Snuggly Owl for Sewing Republic. I have created another project for Bernina’s Sewing Republic.

Snuggly Owl for Sewing Republic

(Remember the Autumn Door Hanger from this post?) But this time, a snuggly little owl pillow……. Lamb PDF Sewing Pattern Stuffed Toy Animal por DollsAndDaydreams. Sew your own pig and piglets. This big pig has a zippered pocket containing six (or more, if you like) little piglets that look just like her!

Sew your own pig and piglets

The piglets have Velcro snouts allowing them to 'nurse' at the matching Velcro dots on Mama Pig's belly. Let her loose in your play pigsty and let your little farmer have at it. Mama is even big and sturdy enough for small children to ride her for a fun change of pace. At the end of a long day of farming, prop your feet on her for a bit of rest. Finished dimensions — Mama Pig is 12" tall x 20" long x 14" wide; Baby Pigs are 3" tall x 4 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wideSeam allowance — 1/2" unless otherwise specified 1. How to Make a Cute Raccoon Doll. By Sado from cosplay shop Step by step photos showing you how to make a raccoon doll out of lint or felt.

How to Make a Cute Raccoon Doll

First of all, take a look at the finished look. It's rather cute, right? What you'll need: Lint or felt in white, pink and black (it's absolutely okay to use different fabrics or colours if preferred)CottonPink buttonA sewing machine or needles and threads if you plan to hand sewScissorsCarbon pen and pink watercolour pen. A Plethora Of Plushies: Choose your favorite stuffed toy patterns in this week's design contest - Spoonflower blog. How to Make A Ring Sling. Interested in sewing your own Ring Sling?

How to Make A Ring Sling

Retailing for anywhere between $30-$130, making your own can be a great way to save money and make sure you get what you want! I initially began making ring slings as a way to save money for myself, and fell so much in love that this is now a popular baby shower gift that I give. Follow these free photo and written instructions to make your own! Comments and suggestions are welcome. :-) Get Crafty... Crunchy Jellyfish Toy Pattern and Tutorial by Pinky Higgs! Hello friends, I hope you’ve been enjoying our Christmas 2011 Guest Series this week.

Get Crafty... Crunchy Jellyfish Toy Pattern and Tutorial by Pinky Higgs!

We’ve had the chance to introduce you to a few of our creative friends from different parts of the globe, and look forward to sharing a few more eclectic goodies with you between now and the new year. Today we’d like to introduce the amazingly creative Pinky the Toy Maker! Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a little something for all you crafty mammas or even daddas who feel like making an easy little sewing project for your little one.

Never sewed before? 不织布家居鞋..…_来自Ipsa的图片分享. Plush Cushions BFF Gnomes Plush Cushions Set por littleoddforest. Toy camera tutorial (with LCD screen!) This year’s new year’s resolution is to take up photography.

toy camera tutorial (with LCD screen!)

It’s not a traditional resolution, more of a long-term project. I saw a cute toy camera somewhere and had to make one for baby. Had to. So cute. Since he stares at my camera most of the day (what else do you take photos of??) But I think he changed his mind. Onigiri Pattern by ~coconut-lane on deviantART. Cupcake pattern by ~Mokulen22 on deviantART.

ConG Rice ball making Guide by ~Mokulen22 on deviantART. Ice Cream Plush Pattern by ~LittleCharms on deviantART. Plush toast keychain tutorial by ~aiwa-9 on deviantART. Infatuated with Food Pillows. We’re not sure what it is about resting your head on a pillow that resembles food, but something magical seems to happen when your face coincides with these plush treats. At the end of a long day, sometimes it just feels perfect to bury your face in a pillow shaped like bacon, or curl up with a good book and a snuggly ice cream sandwich. Whatever the case may be, we dig food pillows at Sunrise Pancake because they are so versatile in your life! They make the perfect accent to a boring, grown up couch, or the ideal fluffy thing to stick under your cheek while you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or just the right cushion for when floor sitting seems more exciting than furniture sitting.

Felt and Stuff. Everyday Handmade: Tips for Working with Felt. By Cassie Barden and Adrienne Smitke We love any opportunity to explore working with new techniques and materials in our sewing projects. One of our favorite materials to work with right now is felt. Felt is fun and versatile, and can be combined with other fabric or used on its own. You don’t have to worry about frayed edges, and you can machine stitch or hand sew it, allowing for tons of project possibilities. In our book, Everyday Handmade: 22 Practical Projects for the Modern Sewist, we used felt for machine appliqué motifs, a hand-sewn pincushion and a beginner free-motion quilting project. As sewing with felt gains popularity, you can find it in a huge range of colors–including some fun printed versions with patterns such as polka dots or stars. 15 Great Throw Pillow Tutorials. Wondering how to make a pillow?

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is by adding a fun new throw pillow! The possibilities are endless with different fabrics, textures, and embellishments. Here are 15 Tutorials on how to sew a pillow to get your creative mind thinking! How To Make A Pillow 1. 2. 3. Let Them Eat Cake! Just Not This One... *Now With Tutorial* - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. I was inspired by all the cake-themed crafts around here and whipped this up. I made it out of ultrasuede intending it to be a pincushion, but when I tried to stick in the inaugural pin, it bent! So it isn't a pincushion, just a stuffed slice of cake. The bf thinks it's kind of silly, but I think it's kind of cute If I make another, I might use high-density foam instead of polyfill to give it a sharper look. Okay, so here's a simple tutorial: These are my pattern pieces, to give you an idea of how they should look.

Felt Cupcake + tutorial. - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. Here is a quick, easy-to-do felt cupcake that I made for my girl's doll tea set. Home felt cupcake recipe :1-Gather all the ingredients (vary colors).2-Prepare the dough by sewing the bottom circle to the border.3-Leave to rest and start with the decoration of the cake.4-Arrange thin slices of dough on the 2nd circle and sew them.5-Add a cherry or a currant (sew them with stitches all around the smallest circle, fill in with padding while pulling on the thread, then fix to your cake), leaves or whatever you want according to your imagination6-Go back to your dough, add the cream (the filling ^^) as you sew close this good cake.7-Use the piping bag on the outline of the cupcake to add a creamy touch. 8-Good tasting, waiting for your opinions on my recipe. Cupcake Party!!! Make your own cupcake plushie! Tute and pattern included! - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. You’re invited to a Cupcake Party!!!

Make a yummy cupcake in your favorite flavor. Decorate it any way you wish, add frosting, sprinkles or fruit. Share a cupcake with a friend or family member. Felt sushi tutorial « hoogli art. Lady Harvatine: Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial. Delicious Chocolate Felt Donut! "0" calories!! Now with Tutorial !!!!! - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. A pod of plushie narwhals! - pattern/instructions on page 3!! - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS. Thanks for the love, everybody! Zombie Doll ∙ Creation by Queen of the Sidhe on Cut Out. Taco Plushie ∙ How To by jeshic on Cut Out. Cupcake ∙ Creation by Grace on Cut Out. Wise? Just how cute are these little owls!........ A friend had something similar ( she wouldn't let me take it to pieces so I had to guess how they were made)....and if I knew where the original design came from then I would give them the credit!

This is how I made mine.. These pictures are quite self explanitory..... The only thing when stitching is to make sure the point where the stiches meet is neat.. this folds over to form his nose. Place a pin accross and stuff firmly Fold over and hold with a few stitches.. Cut some felt circles and add sequins and beads for eyes. 70791025362336482_QraH30O0.jpg (576×720) Mini Camera Pilow ∙ Creation by isobel.l on Cut Out. Turn A Non Zip Hoody Into A Zipped Hoody ∙ How To by HotPinkCrayola on Cut Out. My favorite 8 zippered pouch tutorials. Softie Sewing Tutorials. Just because.........

So, with all the crazy Jodie-love thats been going round the place lately, Tutorial List. Skip to content. Pillow Patterns and Ideas. How to Make a Simple No Sew Pillow. I was browsing the Christmas clearance at T.J. Max the other day and came across this gorgeous table runner. Photo Pillows. Fleece Flower Petal Pillows. Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm addicted to fleece! (Phew, it feels so much better to get that out in the open :) ) Seriously, though, can you blame me?! Fleece is inexpensive, comes in tons of different colors and patterns, is soft and cozy, and doesn't fray or require hemming/finishing of edges.

Chrysanthemum_pillow. 8 Bit Smile ∙ How To by AmandaAnguish on Cut Out. Monstrous Lady's Bag ∙ Creation by Lady Blucher on Cut Out. Toast Plush Pillow ∙ Creation by lilxpanda on Cut Out. Roll Out Makeup Mat ∙ Creation by tiana g. Scallop Hem Lace Skirt ∙ Creation by LottaAurora on Cut Out. Men's 3x L T Shirt Into A Cute Backless Dress ∙ How To by Kiana Jenae on Cut Out. Just My Type Pillow ∙ How To by swelldesigner on Cut Out. Stripes + Color Tote Bag ∙ How To by Mandy P // Fabric Paper Glue on Cut Out. DIY Lace Sheer Maxi Mini Skirt. From Sheet to Maxi Skirt. Elastic Waist Skirt. DIY FLUTED HEM SKIRT. VCTRY's BLOG. (tutorial) The Ruffle Equation (Skirt) Boho Maxi Dress: a tutorial. Easy, Draped Maxi Dress DIY Tutorial. Summer of Skirts - Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial.

Download Free! How to Make a Pettiskirt (Child & Dolly Sizes) Sewing Pattern. Imperfectly Polished. Sewing Secrets - A Blog by Coats & Clark. Tutorial: Toddler Messenger Bag. Awesome Messenger Bag (major pics!) Plus TUTORIAL :) TUTORIAL: The City Backpack. Day 28: Seeing Stripes. The Socialite Skirt. DIY tulle skirt tutorial. XOX SKIRT. Karlene's Workshop: Petticoat pattern how-to.

DIY Tutorial: Multi-Layered Tulle Petticoat (Make Your Own Rainbow Petticoat!) Tutorials/sparklepipsi_sailortutorial.pdf. The Layered Skirt. Welcome to the gOOd life: navy blue & white striped skirt DIY. Elastic Band Skirt {aka: the fastest skirt you’ll ever make} Dreamy Teepee Tutorial. Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial. Maxi Skirt Pattern. The Upcycled ruffles dress tutorial. Infinity dress. Sewing with knits « ♥ FD 62 - Patternmaking II Lesson 3 - Lined Jacket.