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Incredible Gadgets You Would Kill For - 20 Examples

Gadgets are more unusual and more clever than normal technological objects and that makes them gain popularity. These wonderful gizmos ease our daily routine and keep us in contact with the innovative movement, making sure we don’t get stuck in the past. But of course, in the world of gadgets there are also some devices that take it a little bit far, making us gaze at them with hope that we will get our hands on them sooner. Window phone concept Is it a window, is it a phone? AFGT Gaming Device This gadget seems to be the holy grail of the gaming world. Sound Mug Speaker This particular device could look a little bit strange at a first impression but actually it’s a damn cool thing. Vestalife BumbleBee Earbuds If you’re a guy, it’s unlikely that you will be interested in these little pink earbuds but as a girl, you’ll find them pretty glamy. Babelfisk In case you’re getting lazy in classes these wonderful glasses will give you some help. QWERTY Keyboard For iPhone Sliding Pooltable eRoll Related:  HiTech

Philips grows Hue smartphone-controlled lighting lineup with $80 LivingColors Bloom, $90 LightStrips There's no shortage of home automation solutions on the market, but none can touch the cool factor of Philips' Hue . The Android and iOS-controlled lighting solution consists of a base station that controls up to 50 different lights, including the company's existing LED Connected Bulb, and two new additions, designed to let you add light without a standard lamp socket. The first product, LivingColors Bloom, is a compact fixture that you can position on the floor, on a shelf or anywhere in a room. It sits on the ground and bounces your pick of 16 million colors off any surface. LightStrips, on the other hand, is a better fit for more permanent (and subtle) installations. The 6.6-foot LED strip can be cut to size, and includes an adhesive backing, so it can be easily mounted under a counter, bed or inside cabinets.

E-book, tv, coupon, contatori & C. Il datagate che pulsa intorno a noi NON SERVE a tutti i costi il Datagate. No, quasi non occorre neanche accendere il computer o ticchettare sullo smartphone più di tanto per mettere a rischio la propria privacy. O, almeno, per essere obiettivo di una raccolta di dati più o meno consapevole da parte dei più diversi soggetti. Ecco perché in fondo non basta cancellare i cookie dalla memoria del browser o dare una ripulita ai nostri dispositivi elettronici per sentirsi al sicuro dalle incursioni degli hacker, delle oscure autorità ma, soprattutto, dei brand commerciali. Diversi oggetti che punteggiano la quotidianità di ognuno di noi possono infatti mettere insieme un sacco di informazioni sulle nostre abitudini e preferenze e dunque su cosa faremo (leggi, cosa compreremo) in futuro. In Italia ce ne sono già decine di milioni. (di Simone Cosimi) [x] In Italia ce ne sono già decine di milioni. CouponFino a qualche tempo fa era un fenomeno più legato al mondo anglosassone. E-bookEbbene sì.

Glowdeck portable speaker system does a wireless double act Smartphone users on the lookout for battery-powered wireless chargers, Bluetooth music players, and funky smart lights that bop to the beat will likely have to settle for a small collection of separates. There are devices that tick a couple of boxes, such as the Black Diamond III or TDK's Wireless Charging Speaker, but good luck finding one unit that does it all. If Justin Kaufman's new crowdfunding endeavor is successful, however, your quest might well be an easier one. The upper surface of his Glowdeck Bluetooth speaker system can charge the battery of any Qi-compatible device placed upon it using its own powerful battery or via a wall outlet, while the lights at the bottom flash to notify users of incoming calls or texts, or sync to the music being thrown out of the front-facing speakers. View all Hidden just below the upper surface of the Glowdeck is a series of Wireless Power Consortium-approved overlapping wireless charging coils.

Thalmic Labs Raises $14.5 Million Series A Round Thalmic Labs has raised $14.5 million, the largest Series A round raised by any startup after going through Silicon Valley's Y Combinator program. Thalmic Labs, which was raised in the VeloCity Garage at the Communitech Hub in Waterloo, is the maker of MYO, a wearable gesture control device. The funding round was led by Spark Capital and Intel Capital. “The funding will be used to fuel continued growth, further product development of MYO, and develop future products and technologies,” says Stephen Lake, CEO and cofounder of Thalmic. "We are at the beginning of a revolution in how we interface with computers, and the team at Thalmic Labs has made some truly disruptive breakthroughs,” noted Nabeel Hyatt of Spark Capital, who will be joining the Thalmic Labs board of directors with this financing. “User interfaces continue to evolve and make digital computing devices more invaluable in our day-to-day lives,” says Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and Intel executive vice president.

The World's First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures in Real Time Forget those pesky 3D printers that require software and the knowledge of 3D modeling and behold the 3Doodler, the world’s first pen that draws in three dimensions in real time. Imagine holding a pen and waving it through the air, only the line your pen creates stays frozen, suspended and permanent in 3D space. Sound like magic? Well it certainly looks like it, watch the video above to see the thing in action. Stampante 3D per il cibo come il replicator di Star Trek La stampante 3D per cibo, che potrebbe essere chiamata "replicator" in onore di Star Trek, sarà disponibile in versione prototipo tra circa 6 mesi. Systems and Materials Research Corporation ha ottenuto 125mila dollari dalla NASA per trasformare in realtà un sogno: realizzare da zero piatti fumanti. Gnammy! L'ingegnere meccanico Anjan Contractor, che si sta occupando del progetto, al momento mira a soddisfare le esigenze degli astronauti, ma domani il suo lavoro potrebbe essere utile per contrastare la fame nel mondo. "Io penso, come molti economisti, che l'attuale sistema alimentare non possa essere adeguato per 12 miliardi di persone", ha dichiarato Contractor. Ovviamente si parte dal concetto di gastronomia molecolare, di fatto consacrata dallo chef catalano Ferran Adrià. Lo schema Il primo esperimento non poteva che riguardare la pizza, dato che si presta a una realizzazione a strati.

Confessions 2012 Las Vegas, NV Interactive gallery installation in The Cosmopolitan that invites people to anonymously share their confessions and see the confessions of the people around them in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Amidst casinos, restaurants and bars, Chang invited passersby to write confessions on wooden plaques in the privacy of confession booths. Chang arranged the anonymous plaques on the gallery walls like a Shinto shrine prayer wall, painted select responses on 4’x4’ canvases, and orchestrated the space with an original score by Oliver Blank. The project explored the design of safe spaces for anonymity, vulnerability, understanding, and consolation. 2012, Las Vegas, NV.

Con Calico, Google lancia la sfida per l'immortalità News Pubblicato il 20 settembre 2013 | di Andrea Grassi Quando sei ricco-ricco-in-modo-assurdo, cosa puoi volere di più? Beh, forse vuoi poter vivere per sempre. Probabilmente è una considerazione di questo tipo che sta alla base dell’interesse di Sergey Brin e Larry Page, che hanno annunciato la fondazione di Calico, una nuova sussidiaria di Google che “si focalizzerà su salute e benessere, in particolare legati alla sfida dell’invecchiamento e alle malattie associate“. La copertina di Time Magazine dedicata al progetto Calico di Google. Cosa esattamente farà Calico e come, non è ancora stato reso pubblico, ma l’articolo di copertina su Time Magazine che ha per titolo “Google contro la morte”, descrive Calico come un progetto che “tenterà seriamente di estendere la durata della vita umana“. Arthur D. Questa però non è l’unica mossa recente di Google sul fronte dell’immortalità. Tags: Calico, google, Ray Kurzweil, salute

you knew i was going to make one. they are all over pinterest....(i still am not signed up for pinterest because i don't have time for one more thing but browsing is fun!) so we made one. i took a box of 64 crayons and took out the blacks and browns.i used another small box and doubled up on the good colors i liked and hot glued them to the top of our canvas. then we turned our blow dryer to hot on high. not long after you set the hair dryer by the crayons they get shiny and then the wax starts to melt! and it dries really quickly too. seriously. what could be happier than this?? GREAT project. loved it today is the first FULL day with ALL my kids in ALL day school.yeah...i am smiling as i type that. it's good. it's quiet. i am rockin' it. removing wallpaper.....making code for craft weekend stuff.....doing my hair....going to lunch..... it's all good. hooray for school!

CES 2013: WeMo, l’interruttore che consente di gestire in remoto l’illuminazione domestica Tra la “carrellata” di accessori tecnologici presentati al CES 2013 e di cui via via stiamo parlando nei vari articoli, vi segnaliamo WeMo, un interruttore presentato da Belkin e capace di controllare le luci domestiche tramite iPhone e connessione WiFi. Come accennato in apertura il WeMo di Belkin è un moderno interruttore che consente agli utenti di poter gestire in remoto le luci di casa tramite iDevice. Questo accessorio, in particolare, è pensato per essere integrato nelle abitazioni al posto dei normali interruttori da parete connessi agli impianti elettrici che però, grazie alle sue capacità di interagire con una rete WiFi, farà in modo che i proprietari di casa possano accendere o spegnere in remoto le luci semplicemente gestendole dal proprio iDevice tramite WeMo o mediante il sensore di movimento incluso nell’”accessorio”. Il WeMo dovrebbe essere reso disponibile in estate, anche se ancora non sono noti maggiori dettagli riguardanti il relativo prezzo. Via

Most 10 Of Everything Erkan | On 20, Oct 2012 Creative packaging is regarded as one of the most commonly seen illustration of graphic design. Aside from showcasing relevant and essential product properties, details and facts, the packaging is now a fundamental sales instrument as most consumers choose a product with creative, eye-catching packaging design when deciding on which products to buy. 10 – Ampro Bottle Ampro Bottle Designed by Ampro Design 09 – Birdy Juice (Concept) Birdy Juice Designed by Mats Ottdal, Norway. 08 – Rellana Wool Rellana Wool Designed by Ogilvy Deutschland 07 – NYC Spaghetti NYC Spaghetti Designed by Alex Creamer 06 – Naked Beer Naked Beer Designed by Timur Salikhov, Russia 05 – Heineken Cube (Concept) Heineken Cube Designed by Petit Romain, France. 04 – Rolling Words Rolling Words (2) Rolling Words (1) Designed by Pereira & O’Dell, United States 03 – Bzzz Bzzz Designed by Stepan Azaryan of Backbone Creative, Armenia. 02 – Bloom Chips (Concept) Bloom Chips Designed by Dohyuk Kwon 01 – Wooden Matches Block

Gartner predicts Internet of Things will spark supply chain reaction A huge increase in the number of devices making up the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a significant impact on how the supply chain will operate, according to a report by analyst firm Gartner. Factors such as access to information about the supply chain and exposure to cyber-risk will become increasingly pertinent. Gartner's report suggests that IoT connected devices will reach 26 billion by 2020, up from 0.9 billion in 2009. Gartner has already warned of a number of subsequent challenges that will be faced by data centres as a result. Despite the huge rise in numbers of connected devices, Michael Burkett, Gartner's managing vice president, has argued that it's important to important to keep IoT maturity in perspective. "Some IoT devices are more mature, such as commercial telematics now used in trucking fleets to improve logistics efficiency," said Burkett. Differentiated services What is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

Discover a new material: NewspaperWood NewspaperWood // Image Courtesy of Vij5 When we think of wood and paper, we usually see it in this manner; wood=source, paper=result. What if we flipped the model and saw paper as the source and wood as the end product? Being a student, Mieke Meijer seeked the most practical way to re-create this and taking a stack of newspapers, he began glueing them one by one. From A to Z // NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van TiemImage Courtesy of Vij5 From A to Z // NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van Tiem Image Courtesy of Vij5 NewspaperWood was a laborious and time consuming process when it was first conceived. Framed // NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg HanssenImage Courtesy of Vij5 Framed // NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg Hanssen Image Courtesy of Vij5 Display Cabinet // NewspaperWood cabinet by rENsImage Courtesy of Vij5 Display Cabinet // NewspaperWood cabinet by rENs Image Courtesy of Vij5 Paper Frames // NewspaperWood frames by OntwerpduoImage Courtesy of Vij5 sources: Vij5