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IT-expert Magazine Le DRaaS révolutionne-t-il le plan de reprise IT ? La continuité d’activité, avec la mise en place de plans assurant la reprise après un sinistre, est devenue un sujet central pour les entreprises. Intéressant à l’origine plus particulièrement le monde de la finance, soumis à de fortes réglementations (Bâle III, SOX), la nécessité d’assurer la continuité de l’activité en cas de crise s’est étendue aux autres secteurs, également soumis à de nouvelles réglementations (1), notamment les entreprises appartement aux Opérateurs d’Importance Vitale (OIV) : hôpitaux, entreprises de transports, opérateurs d’eau et d’électricité… L’importance croissante du système d’information en tant que support aux processus opérationnels impose aux entreprises de se doter, dans le cadre de leur Plan de Continuité d’Activité (PCA), d’un plan de reprise IT ou plan de secours informatique que nous désignerons par son appellation anglo-saxonne Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Le DRaaS, un DRP à moindre coût Le marché du DRaaS est en pleine expansion. Références : What is Axcient | Business Continuity | MSP Backup | Axcient. Protect your data, applications, and IT environment with a fully integrated cloud-based backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution. Axcient protects your IT environment from downtime and keeps your employees productive even when facing serious events. Power Outages Natural Disasters Sabotage Fires & Accidents Server Failure Viruses Keep your employees productive with local and cloud-based protection for your data and applications Your physical and virtual servers, laptops and workstations Data and application protection that ensures you can access your files, databases, and critical systems at any time, all the time. Local protection with quick restore and failover With a local state-of-the-art appliance, you have fast data recovery and the ability to failover physical and virtual servers in minutes.

Secure data and application protection in the cloud Let's say your email server goes down or a virus compromises a server But what if something happens to all my equipment?

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The Evolution of Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) Solutions. On March 20, 2012, Forrester Research, Inc. published a new report on Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) citing data from a survey conducted in Q3 2011. In this report, titled “Infrastructure and Operations Pro’s Guide to Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Services”, Analysts Rachel Dines and Laura Nelson from Forrester provide their insight based on the data on the current state of DRaaS in the market. The picture painted is that two-thirds of your peers are either actively adopting or at least interested in implementing cloud-based DR. By early 2013, Forrester expects 17% of organizations to have adopted DRaaS solutions as a part of their recovery strategy. Coming up in May, SunGard AS will announce its introduction of a new service called Recover2CloudSM for Storage Replication. This new service rounds out the R2C suite previously introduced in August 2011, by adding support for a critical data movement methodology which is storage-embedded replication and snapshot capabilities.

RaaS | Nexica. Implementation phases Assessment Preliminary phase of the project. In this phase, we analyze the needs and set the conditions of the service (RTO, replication mechanisms, etc). The assessment determines: The best replication mechanism for each application (hypervisor, agent, mechanisms of the application itself).The minimum consistency for all applications to begin their services on the contingency site (crash, file, application).The expected RTO of the whole plan based on the applications and volumes of data that make up the protected platform. Installation and launch This phase covers the configuration of hypervisor-based replications, the cabinet and, if necessary, the installation of servers for the specific replication of any application that so requires (e.g., Exchange 2010 replication).

O The protocol for the formal declaration of a disaster and procedure for activating the contingency site. Service management. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BCDR) For, and quickly , if not impossible task. And even if you do manage to find what you’re looking for, how can you be assured that it is an exact, un-altered copy of the original? These issues are becoming increasingly important as electronic storage, archiving and data retrieval needs expand. Is your company prepared to present valid historic eDiscovery material should you be involved in a litigation, or are you going to spend months searching for all the necessary archived material while your business grinds to a halt? We can help you find your specific data in a matter of seconds AND provide proof of authenticity. What could be easier? Geminare powered is the industry’s first backup and archiving solution that affords its users the ability to store their data on virtually any public or private cloud storage platform.

Run on Public or Private Cloud Platforms Benefits & Business Drivers You can choose to have your email and file server data archived automatically. Automated Archiving. Le PRA as a Service - le blog cloud computing.


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