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The Ultimate Lifehack for 2013: 200+ Incredible Sites & Services

Are you ready to ruin any chance you had of getting any work done today? This list represents “the best of the best” of the tech world’s resources DailyTekk curated over 2012. Culled from nearly 30 top 100 lists, this exclusive roundup represents the top 10 Editor’s Choice selections from our most popular lists of last year. For these resources to get selected to be a part of our top 100 lists in the first place was a big deal as we weed out the junk from an entire industry or category and display only the coolest, most useful items. Discover and Listen to Music exfm - See what’s trending. Spotify - A new world of free music is just a click away. Songza - Listen to music curated by music experts. liveplasma - Music (and movies and books) discovery engine. Grooveshark - Listen to free music online. WillCall - Catch a live show at the last minute at exclusive prices. OurStage - Discover great new independent music artists. Liveset - Now the concert comes to you. Take and Admire Photos Tweet Code | actualité agroalimentaire Liste des milliardaires du monde Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Liste des milliardaires du monde en 1991 Evolution du nombre de milliardaires et de leur fortune additionnée[modifier | modifier le code] Ce tableau représente le nombre de milliardaires par an ainsi que l'addition de leur fortunes en billions de dollars[1][2]: Références[modifier | modifier le code] Listes connexes[modifier | modifier le code] Portail de l’économie Enfants et écrans : psychologie et cognition L’Académie des sciences vient de publier un rapport (.pdf) sur la relation des enfants aux écrans (disponible également sous la forme de livre aux éditions Le Pommier), un rapport qui tord le cou à nombre d’idées reçues sur le sujet et fait le point sur les connaissances scientifiques, éducatives et neurobiologiques. Comme le précisait Jean-François Bach, secrétaire perpétuel de l’Académie des Sciences lors de la présentation publique du rapport, l’Académie a souhaité éclaircir les bases scientifiques de nos usages excessifs des écrans (voir les vidéos des présentations). Un rapport qui a voulu insister pas seulement sur les effets délétères des écrans – des effets qui existent, qui influent par exemple sur le temps de sommeil, l’attention, mais de manière plus rare qu’on a tendance à le penser – mais surtout sur les effets positifs de notre exposition aux écrans et notamment de l’exposition des plus jeunes aux écrans. A l’inverse, chaque culture apporte également son lot d’avantages.

YAGO-NAGA - D5: Databases and Information Systems (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik) AIDA is a method, implemented in an online tool, for disambiguating mentions of named entities that occur in natural-language text or Web tables. AMIE (Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases) is a joint project with the Ontologies group. ANGIE is an active knowledge system for interactive exploration. DEANNA is a framework for natural language question answering over structured knowledge bases. HYENA is a multi-label classifier for entity types based on hierarchical taxonomies derived from YAGO2. Javatools The Javatools are a suite of Java classes for a variety of small tasks, such as parsing, database interaction or file handling. Knowledge Kaleidoscope Gathering and ranking photos of named entities with high precision, high recall, and diversity. LEILA was the predecessor of SOFIE. NAGA is a new semantic search engine supporting keyword search for the casual user as well as graph queries with regular expressions for the expert user.

YAGO - D5: Databases and Information Systems (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik) Overview YAGO is a huge semantic knowledge base, derived from Wikipedia WordNet and GeoNames. Currently, YAGO has knowledge of more than 10 million entities (like persons, organizations, cities, etc.) and contains more than 120 million facts about these entities. YAGO is special in several ways: The accuracy of YAGO has been manually evaluated, proving a confirmed accuracy of 95%. YAGO is developed jointly with the DBWeb group at Télécom ParisTech University. How to start your life over from scratch? If you had to walk away from your life in a split second, how would you start over? Writing a short story about a character who has to leave everything behind in his life with no prior warning. Literally set up as walking down a street and sees "x event" (something from his past) and realizes that everything associated with his current identity is compromised. Consider he has no wish other than to get away undetected and set up a new identity from scratch with only the clothes on his back and the twenty odd dollars in his pocket. I'm struggling with how my character can accomplish this. It seems like obtaining official forms of ID is a lot harder these days than just splicing a photo booth picture of yourself over someone else's drivers license a la The Fugitive or stealing the SSN of someone who is deceased like in Enough.

Prudens Information Resources for the Internet (PIRI) Home Page Ultimate Review List of Best Free Online Storage and Backup Application Services The past several weeks I’ve been scouring the web in search of the best online storage, backup, and sharing services and applications. I have personally investigated and reviewed each and every one of these listed below. If you believe I have left an important one out of the list please let me know by commenting at the end of this article and I will review it for inclusion. Compare Best Online Storage and Backup Services SugarSync – One of my favorites because it does it all; online storage, backup, sharing, mobile applications for access via your cell phone (Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone), remote multiple computer and file synchronization, unlimited bandwidth and file size upload, and desktop clients for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Mozy – The most simple and one of the best automatic secure backup utility services for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. DriveHQ – Offers online storage, backup, and sharing services.

Cancer the secret weapon? It was a case destined for the X-Files and conspiracy theorists alike, when Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez speculated that the US might have developed a way to weaponise cancer, after several Latin American leaders were diagnosed with the disease. The list includes former Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer) Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma cancer), her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (throat cancer), Chavez (undisclosed), former Cuban president Fidel Castro (stomach cancer) Bolivian president, Evo Morales (nasal cancer) and Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (lymphoma cancer). What do they have in common besides cancer? All of them are left-wing leaders. Coincidence? “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented the technology to spread cancer and we won’t know about it for 50 years?” Unsolved mysteries Sounds far-fetched? If the shoe fit... Bob Marley died of melanoma cancer in 1981. The cause of death was listed as a result of a massive heart attack.

Liberating Structures - Introduction 28617911-Web-Crawler There are important characteristics of the Web that make crawling very difficult: Its large volume, Its fast rate of change, and Dynamic page generation.These characteristics combine to produce a wide variety of possible crawlable URLs.The large volume implies that the crawler can only download a fraction of the Web pages withina given time, so it needs to prioritize its downloads. The high rate of change implies that by thetime the crawler is downloading the last pages from a site, it is very likely that new pages have been added to the site, or that pages have already been updated or even deleted.The number of pages being generated by server-side software has also made it difficult for webcrawlers to avoid retrieving duplicate content. Endless combinations of HTTP GET (URL-based) parameters exist, of which only a small selection will actually return unique content. a selection policy that states which pages to download, 1.4.1 Selection policy

600.000 ebooks gratuits Si vous êtes l’heureux propriétaire d’un eReader comme le Kindle d’Amazon, ou tout simplement que vous voulez télécharger des ouvrages sur votre iPhone, vers quelles sources légales vous tourner ? Où télécharger des eBooks gratuits en français ? Vous trouverez ci-après la plus grande liste disponible sur le web de sites proposant des eBooks gratuits au format PDF ou ePub à télécharger avec le nombre d’ebooks disponibles en français pour chaque ressource. Si vous voyez une erreur, un lien brisé ou un site de téléchargement d’ebooks manquant n’hésitez pas à nous le signaler dans les commentaires. Quelques sites de référence en Français d’ebooks gratuits Des moteurs de recherche dédiés aux eBooks Quelques sites plus confidentiels pour trouver des ebooks D’autres ressources intéressantes d’ebooks gratuits Si dans tout ça vous ne trouvez pas votre bonheur… eBook, livre PDF, livre numérique : quelques définitions ePub, PDF, mobi : quels sont les principaux formats d’eBooks ? ebook gratuit ebook