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Native American Literature Dr. K.

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We Shall Remain | American Experience. Flight by Sherman Alexie. Black Elk & John G. Neihardt. Authors: Black Elk (1863-1950) and John G. Neihardt (1881-1973) Born into the Oglala Lakota, Black Elk was an important Sioux visionary and religious leader. As a young man he received a Great Vision in which the Six Grandfathers—powers of the West, the North, the East, the South, the Sky, and the Earth—appeared to him. This vision was powerful enough to remain an important part of his consciousness as he grew up, and he became a shamanic healer in his late teenage years.

When, in 1886, Black Elk joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, he became an Episcopalian, because all employees were required to be Christian. Though he later converted to Catholicism (in 1904), he passed on his vision to poet John G. John G. During the 1960s and 1970s, Black Elks Speaks became an important text for Indian activists who wanted to access earlier visions of power. Autobiography as a particular form of self-written life is a European invention of comparatively recent date. ... Black Elk Speaks. WOUNDED KNEE 1890 & 1970s Leonard Peltier, Aquash, FBI‬‏ Thunderheart & Avatar. What is a cookie? A cookie is a block of text that a website sends to your Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox). To start your free trial, you need to turn on cookies for your browser.

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Turning on cookies in Safari (Mac): Select "Preferences" from the "Safari" menu. Louise Erdrich Bio & Painted Drum Guide. Interview with Louise Erdrich. Scott Momaday Interview -- Academy of Achievement. Native Writers: Momaday‬‏ Luci Tapahonso. Luci Tapahonso, Navajo, is originally from Shiprock, NM, where she grew up in a family of 11 children. Navajo was her first language but she learned English at home before starting school at the Navajo Methodist Mission in Farmington, NM. She majored in English at the University of New Mexico, as an undergraduate and graduate student.

She stayed on there as an Assistant Professor of English, Women's Studies and American Indian Studies for a few years. She has been an Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas and is now Professor of English at the University of Arizona in Tucson where she teaches Poetry Writing and American Indian Literature. Luci serves on the editorial board of wicazo sa review and was on the edtorial boards of Frontiers from 1991-1996 and of Blue Mesa Review from 1988-1992. Luci writes for popular magazines as well as for academic and poetry journals, writing often for New Mexico Magazine. Luci began to write poetry at the age of 8 or 9.

Eh Awards Hayoo. Sháá Áko Dahjiníleh. Poetics and Politics 2011 Luci Tapahonso‬‏ Joy Harjo "My House is the Red Earth" Circle of Stories. Honoring All Life Native American stories are as varied as the trees on the Earth and yet have many common themes, whether told by the Inuit of Alaska or the Seminole of Florida. Traditional Native stories are based on honoring all life, especially the plants and animals we depend on, as well as our human ancestors.

Indigenous storytelling is rooted in the earth. Years upon years of a kinship with the land, life, water and sky have produced a variety of narratives about intimate connections to the earth. In a call and response lasting through time, Native peoples have experienced a relationship of give and take with the natural world. In the basket of Native stories, we find legends and history, maps and poems, the teachings of spirit mentors, instructions for ceremony and ritual, observations of worlds, and storehouses of ethno-ecological knowledge. Life Lessons Some Native songs are sung in great cycles, containing over 100 songs for a specific ritual. Types of Stories Back to top. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin on Native American Authors. Zitkala-Sa Indian Stories. American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa [aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin] (1876-1938). Washington: Hayworth Publishing House, 1921. [Page] [Frontispiece] ZITKALA-SA (Gertrude Bonnin)A Dakota Sioux Indian [Title Page] BY ZITKALA-SA (Gertrude Bonnin ) Dakota Sioux Indian Lecturer; Author of "Old Indian Legends," "Americanize the First American," and other stories; Member of the Woman's National Foundation, League of American Pen-Women, and the Washington Salon "There is no great; there is no small; in the mind that causeth all " WashingtonHayworth Publishing House1921 [Page] Impressions of an Indian Childhood A WIGWAM of weather-stained canvas stood at the base of some irregularly ascending hills.

Here, morning, noon, and evening, my mother came to draw water from the muddy stream for our household use. "Hush; my little daughter must never talk about my tears"; and smiling through them, she patted my head and said, "Now let me see how fast you can run today. " I was a wild little girl of seven. So! "How! Tchin. Read and listen to “Rabbit’s Wish for Snow” story Biography: Words Are Sacred “Many times people ask me, how did I get started as a storyteller. Native American people, we grow up basically as that. We grow up hearing stories all the time. But we don’t call them stories, legends or myths. Tchin (pronounced ‘chin) learned many of his lessons from Princess Red Wing, a famous Narragansett woman who traveled the world telling traditional tales. Tchin was born in Norfolk, Virginia and was raised by his extended family. When he was 15, Tchin moved to New York City by himself. Today, Tchin is an internationally known, multi-award winning metalsmith, author, flutemaker, educator, folklorist and musician.

(Visit Tchin’s Web site at Tribe: The Narragansett The Narragansett have always believed strongly in living in balance with the Earth, respecting all living things, including plants, stones, and all the Earth’s creatures. Introduction Hi, my name is Tchin. Back to top. Hoskie Benally. Read and listen to “The Five Sacred Medicines” story Biography: Spirituality Is A Way Of Life Hoskie Benally is a Diné (Navajo) spiritual leader, who resides in the town of Shiprock, New Mexico. Hoskie spent much of his childhood with his grandparents, living in the traditional ways practiced for thousands of years by the Diné. His grandfather was a sheepherder, and his grandmother a weaver of rugs. His biological father was a medicine man who worked in a Uranium mine, and although he died when Hoskie was only three, Hoskie has continued the healing traditions of his lineage.

Initially, Hoskie turned to alcohol, as depression from losing his eyesight overwhelmed him. One year later, Hoskie was offered a job at a youth treatment center, and today he directs Our Youth, Our Future, an intensive outpatient treatment center for Native American youth with chemical dependencies and related mental disorders. “Spirituality to us is a way of life. Tribe: The Navajo (Diné) Back to top. American Indians. Cornell Making of America Collection. Skip to main content Cornell University Cornell University Library Browse Making of America Browse The MOA Monographs Search The MOA Monographs ©2014 Cornell University Library | Contact.

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