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Doodlecraft: Doctor Who Valentine Printables! I did some more fabulous Doctor Who inspired Valentine printables!

Doodlecraft: Doctor Who Valentine Printables!

Right click to save off...PERSONAL use only please. Print off these sheets and cut apart for the perfect Valentine's for school, work or loved ones! Starbucks Hot Chocolate Copycat Recipe. Crafty Tardis - Finally!!! Pattern and How-To! Yea!!!

Crafty Tardis - Finally!!! Pattern and How-To!

Remember that this pattern is for your own enjoyment and that of fellow Who fans. Please don't use my pattern to make dolls to sell. Thanks! You'll Need:- Copy of the pattern (found at )- 1/2 yd. White Polar Fleece (will make at least 3 Adipose)- Black Embroidery Floss- White Embroidery Floss- Iron-on Transfer Pen (I use, and LOVE, the black Sulky brand pen)- Tracing paper- White Thread- Scissors- Sewing machine. How to Make an Adipose Plush Toy from Doctor Who. It's Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, and to celebrate, you can learn how to make a cuddly plush Adipose toy in this tutorial.

How to Make an Adipose Plush Toy from Doctor Who

The Adipose, for those who may not be familiar with the Whoniverse, are a race of slightly humanoid little blobs of fat. The finished softie will be around 17cm tall, perfect for hanging out on your desk or shelf. For more Doctor Who 50th anniversary goodness, head over to the Vector section of Tuts+ to learn how to make a vector illustration of an Adipose. Enjoy! Making My 5th Doctor Costume: Back to the Academy. I am so pleased I have finally cracked all the problems I was having with the calico test of the Five Coat.

Making My 5th Doctor Costume: Back to the Academy

Having said that, it has been a long journey and for a while I was going round in circles making slower progress than I would have liked – and using more calico and pattern paper than was reasonable. I need to do something about this, and it needs a little thinking outside of the (police) box, so to speak. Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming - Five Breakdown. Moving on again with part 4 of the breakdowns with the Cricket styled Five.

Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming - Five Breakdown

While Four may be my favorite I do have a soft spot for Five since he was by default the second most watched Doctor I viewed on PBS in the 80's. Upon viewing his serials later after my fan initiation, I found I liked the consistency of his era and the feel of most of his stories. He was also the Doctor I finally learned about regeneration from after finally catching a showing of Castrovalva (as well as the The Five Doctors!). I thought all the Doctors were just related like a family up until that point. Yes, I admit it. Making My 5th Doctor Costume: Five Hatband - done at last! If you’ve been following my Six Costume blog you will have seen the Replica Cravats I have been working with some considerable success.

Making My 5th Doctor Costume: Five Hatband - done at last!

I made them using fabric printed using Spoonflower, and have been offering them for sale for a little while now. The screen used polka-dot cravats had been cut on the bias (diagonally across the fabric), so to make mine as screen accurate as possible, I planned out and cut mine in the same way. Slazenger Classic Sweater Vest Mens White Cricket. Cherokee Women's 36" Lab Coat. Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming - Five Breakdown. Fifth Doctor Cosplay. Today, I will discuss putting together my Fifth Doctor costume.

Fifth Doctor Cosplay

This post took a couple of days to write, because creating the costume was a very long and involved process. Almost every item required special work to make it right. Pink & Green Stripe Linen Fabric - Traditional - Upholstery Fabric - by Loom Decor. How to Make an Adipose Plush Toy from Doctor Who. ★ Arthur Darvill Address. How to Paint Faux Leather: 8 Steps. Edit Article33,312 views 2 Editors Edited 31 weeks ago Artificial leather is commonly used in upholstery, clothing and accessories.

How to Paint Faux Leather: 8 Steps

It mimics the look and grain of real leather, and it is usually made of plastic polymer, either polyurethane or vinyl. Painting Faux Leather. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting DD on the Mass.

Painting Faux Leather

North Shore, in a rather affluent little suburb, if this back country mom may say so. While there I thoroughly enjoyed visiting assorted high end shoppes. That is a sport that does not exist up here in the back country! One of the things that I really liked that I saw was the metallic colored leather in so many of the handbags I saw. Rose Tyler's Outfit from Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Neon BuddhaSandy Shore Jersey TankDetailsA hard-working basic: the best layered looks start with this Neon Buddha tank top.

Rose Tyler's Outfit from Stolen Earth and Journey's End

Designed in Neon Buddha signature four-way stretch fabric, this pieces goes great under all of your jackets and skirts. Perfect for work, travel, home, and even yoga.Jersey with slub trim. V neckline. Sleeveless. Raised seam at Empire waist. Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming - Rose Tyler Breakdown - Series 4 and 50th Special. Rose items are in very high demand and very very rare. They have been out of print for many years and were rare when purchased for the episode.

Prices tend to skyrocket and it can take months to years to find items. Be patient, prepared to spend a lot, in some cases never find it and please do not ask cosplayers to sell their items unless they offer. I will provide reference photos upon request, often do screenprint runs and provide DIY guides. Cosplay: How To Dress Like Rose Tyler.

Tips. Invisible gets quotes because, of course, you can always spot the join, but this one hides pretty well. It’s not anything new or novel at all - just plain old weaving in. For best results, slip the last stitch knit-wise at the end of each row. To join a new color, knit the first stitch on the row with the old color. Tie the new yarn to the old with a square knot that is loose enough to untie later. Leave about 6 inch ends. Tips. (Tom Baker) 4th Doctor Who Scarf BBC Instructions by 93FangShadow on deviantART. The_Boys. Homemade fezzes and a Doctor Who party. Last week we said farewell to our friend Ash, who has now moved away to experience new things in new places. Ash, along with her brother Steve, is the creator of Megacynics, one of the few webcomics I actually read on a regular basis, and one I recommend.

A while ago she did a couple of Doctor Who themed comics, and did a considerable amount of drinking research in order to create a whole set of yummy Doctor Who themed party drinks. (Click on the link to see them all.) Boy's Bow Tie Tutorial. The original version I made, was a little small in my opinion, so I remade it in a slightly larger version better suited for a 6 to 13 year old. (The smaller version is the one he wore in our Valentine's day pictures.) I will include the measurements for both sizes for those who want to make a bow tie for a smaller child. The great thing about this project is that it is simple enough to hand sew if you don't have a sewing machine. How To Make Your Own fez. DIY TARDIS Ornament. 7 Ways to Build a TARDIS Replica. Steps Method 1 of 7: Planning 1Determine the final size. This will make a big difference in your construction, materials, and of course, cost. Also consider that a full-sized replica will be incredibly heavy, so you'll want to build it in place.

For this article, the measurement used is referred to simply as "units" rather than inches or meters. Method 2 of 7: Building the frame 1Start with the base. 7Allow the TARDIS frame time to dry and let the glue set. Method 3 of 7: Building the roof 1Build the outer roof frame. 8Add a lantern. Method 4 of 7: Building the sides 1Attach between the posts. 4Add horizontal trim. Method 5 of 7: Adding the door 1Build the stationary side.

Tardis Bookshelf with Sound and Lights.