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CureTogether - Open Source Health Research

CureTogether - Open Source Health Research
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Klok - Personal Time Tracking made Easy - Free Software Start Here We will be down for maintenance at 10PM PST and be back shortly after. We apologize for any inconvenience. Gotta do some maintenance! Mint will be down for a bit starting at about 10:00 PM Pacific. You’re using an unsupported version or are in compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. You’re using an unsupported version of Safari, which no longer supports. You’re using an unsupported version of Firefox, which no longer supports. You’re using an unsupported browser. You’re using an unsupported version of Chrome, which no longer supports. For your safety we logged you out after being idle for 10 minutes. Your account has been deleted. Your request has been completed successfully. Your account has been locked as a security precaution. Please type your username. User has been deleted. Please type your password. Email or password was invalid. Enter an email like ‘’ That email is already in use! Emails do not match! Nicknames should contain 4 to 32 characters, excluding the "@" symbol.

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding - The Industry Website Zilok - Rent anything, On-line! Rentals from Businesses and Individuals. Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work (Photo: watz) If you’re a white-collar worker, hacking your body isn’t limited to the gym. In fact, what you do outside of the gym might be more important that what you do inside the gym. Recent research suggests that those who sit from 9-5 (more than 6 hours daily) and exercise regularly are more likely to have heart disease than those who sit less than 3 hours per day and don’t “exercise” at all. ff Venture Capital, a New York early-stage technology venture capital fund, recently moved into a new NYC location, and they’ve documented their experiments and findings in rethinking the office for physical optimization. David Teten of ff VC contributed this detailed post, which provides a laundry list of ideas for transforming your office–home-based or otherwise–from a liability into a performance enhancer… If you have any fantastic tricks you’d like to share, please do so in the comments. Enter David Teten Unfortunately, most people aren’t so lucky, and ass-in-chair time has costs: Desk Setup 1.

The Quantified Self The Social Memex – Mark Carranza’s Memory Experiment Mark Carranza has been keeping a list of his ideas since 1984. His list has more than a million entries, with more than 7 million connections between entries. Although the media window above appears to contain a video of Mark’s talk at QS #3, Mark preferred that MX not be shown yet, so what you see on screen during the sound recording of talk are the faces of some of us in group, listening with interest. But even without being able to see the tool in action, Mark’s description is wonderful. At last Monday’s meeting, Mark gave us a quick update on the MX project. Below are Mark’s complete notes from the meeting. talk: Atilla Csordas: rookie coder gene transmission: QS #8; Monday, September 14, 2, 2009 talk: Gopal: memory practice: QS #8: Monday, September 14, 2009 talk: Sri: facet of life: QS #8: Monday, September 14, 2009 talk: Bill Jerrold: speech analysis: QS #8: Monday, September 14, 2009 ”47 “You are cognitively impaired.”

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