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Evolutions: Avatars in the Metaverse. The Metaverse Is Beautiful and Light It's easy to feel pessimistic.

Evolutions: Avatars in the Metaverse

It's easy to argue over what the Metaverse actually means. But most people who use the term mean it as a signal for a better digital future. Metaverse. Princeton team disables long-targeted gene behind spread of major cancers. The mysterious ways cancer spreads through the body, a process known as metastasis, is what can make it such a difficult enemy to keep at bay.

Princeton team disables long-targeted gene behind spread of major cancers

Researchers at Princeton University working in this area have been tugging at a particular thread for more than 15 years, focusing on a single gene central to the ability of most major cancers to metastasize. They've now discovered what they describe as a "silver bullet" in the form of a compound that can disable this gene in mice and human tissue, with clinical trials possibly not too far away. Metastatic cancer is a key focus for researchers and with good reason, as it is actually the primary cause of death from the disease. While surgery or chemotherapy might be effective at eliminating an initial tumor, cells that have broken away can discreetly make their way around the body and give rise to new tumors, months or even years later. We Might Not Know Half of What’s in Our Cells, New AI Technique Reveals. Summary: New artificial intelligence technology reveals previously unknown cell components.

We Might Not Know Half of What’s in Our Cells, New AI Technique Reveals

The findings may shed new light on human development and diseases. Source: UCSD Most human diseases can be traced to malfunctioning parts of a cell — a tumor is able to grow because a gene wasn’t accurately translated into a particular protein or a metabolic disease arises because mitochondria aren’t firing properly, for example. But to understand what parts of a cell can go wrong in a disease, scientists first need to have a complete list of parts. By combining microscopy, biochemistry techniques and artificial intelligence, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and collaborators have taken what they think may turn out to be a significant leap forward in the understanding of human cells. The technique, known as Multi-Scale Integrated Cell (MuSIC), is described November 24, 2021 in Nature. How to practice gratitude regularly. As a physician, I have helped to care for many patients and families whose lives have been turned upside down by serious illnesses and injuries.

How to practice gratitude regularly

In the throes of such catastrophes, it can be difficult to find cause for anything but lament. Yet Thanksgiving presents us with an opportunity to develop one of the healthiest, most life-affirming and convivial of all habits—that of counting and rejoicing in our blessings. Gratitude’s benefits Research shows that grateful people tend to be healthy and happy. They exhibit lower levels of stress and depression, cope better with adversity and sleep better. We asked seven venture capitalists if the metaverse is the next big thing or just a lot of hype - GeekWire. What is the metaverse?

We asked seven venture capitalists if the metaverse is the next big thing or just a lot of hype - GeekWire

How far off is it? And will this represent a tectonic technological platform shift — along the lines of the internet and mobile revolutions — or is it simply a lot of hot air? We’ve certainly heard a lot of chatter about the metaverse recently. In fact, Axios reported last week that the term had been used 128 times in investor presentations this year, up from seven in the prior year. Of course, no one likes to talk about this immersive and interactive virtual world more than Facebook CEO — sorry, we meant Meta CEO — Mark Zuckerberg. NFT Authentication Start-up ORIGYN Raised $20m Using This Pitch Deck.

The NFT authentication non-profit ORIGYN just raised $20 million from investors including the prominent activist Bill Ackman.

NFT Authentication Start-up ORIGYN Raised $20m Using This Pitch Deck

The latest fundraising round valued the start-up, which was founded only a year ago, at $300 million. Check out the 13 pitch deck slides ORIGYN used to land the investment. The NFT authentication start-up ORIGYN Foundation just raised $20 million in its first funding round, pulling in investments from activist investor Bill Ackman, blockchain specialists Polychain Capital, and socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton. The Swiss firm, which was valued at $300 million in the private funding round, uses AI technology to verify non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. An NFT is a unique, blockchain-based digital asset that represents ownership of a real-world item - such as artwork, music, or luxury goods.

10+ Uncommon Psychological Tricks That Work 100% of the Time by Top Expert. Nowadays, there are so many books on psychology that we wouldn’t be able to read all of them, even if we wanted to.

10+ Uncommon Psychological Tricks That Work 100% of the Time by Top Expert

And an entire lifetime wouldn’t be enough to put all these pieces of advice into practice. And for all we know, half of them could turn out to be a waste of time. Here are ten plus uncommon psychological tricks to read people's mind and attract other person impressively. . . . . Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, Says This 1 Trait Is More Important than Talent or Experience. Microsoft is a big company with lots of divisions, and people, and products.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, Says This 1 Trait Is More Important than Talent or Experience

It makes everything from the operating system that powers most of the world's desktop computers, to cloud computing services, to laptops. It even makes a foldable phone. Just last month it overtook Apple as the most valuable company on earth. That means that the company's CEO, Satya Nadella, has a big job. You're Not Stuck, You're Just Sticking Your Head in the Sand. TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands. TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands.

TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands

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Episode 95: “You Better Move On” by Arthur Alexander – A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs. A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs Episode 95: "You Better Move On" by Arthur Alexander Episode ninety-five of A History of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs looks at “You Better Move On”, and the sad story of Arthur Alexander.

Episode 95: “You Better Move On” by Arthur Alexander – A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs

New maps show parts of Vancouver and Montreal underwater as climate change worsens. Low-lying areas of major cities like Vancouver and Montreal could become inundated with floods in the next 80 years under various climate change scenarios, suggests a floodplains map developed by a Western University researcher. The maps, created by engineering professor Slobodan Simonovic, are a visual distillation of almost 150,000 reference documents – including current and historical rainfall and snow-melt runoff data, topographic analyses, urbanization factors that impede effective drainage and a range of climate projections. Simonovic superimposed the data on web-based maps to show potential future flood inundation — how much of an area is covered by water — as well as how often and how significant floods could be. Cardano (ADA) is on track with its "digital transformation" of Ethiopia.

This month, the IOHK team, headed by Charles Hoskinson, has been in Africa meeting entrepreneurs and politicians in a bid to further the Cardano cause. In doing so, Hoskinson and the team “dropped by” Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education for a follow-up on the student credential system first mentioned in August. “Dropped by the MOE today to discuss the digital transformation of Ethiopia’s educational credentials. Five million students on schedule.” How Venture Capitalists Think Crypto Will Reshape Commerce. Crypto finance can sound like science fiction. But this is our reality. Right now, all over the internet, on decentralized finance programs like Uniswap, people are trading, borrowing and lending digital assets on platforms where computer code runs the show. There is now about $235 billion invested in DeFi, by one industry account. On the DeFi protocol Compound, a recent programming snafu revealed vulnerabilities in systems deliberately designed to eliminate the middlemen regulators traditionally rely on to oversee financial transactions and guarantee consumer protection.

Zuckerberg's Foundation Kills 'Meta' Science Company on Day of Facebook Rebrand. Thursday marked a new chapter in Facebook's ongoing attempt to deal with the fallout from recent revelations about its inadequate content moderation role in sparking a mental health crises, decisions to prioritize engagement over safety, facilitation of genocide, and more: it changed its name to Meta Platforms, Inc—”Meta” for short. The name change comes after a horde of internal Facebook documents leaked by former product manager Frances Haugen spawned waves of negative coverage and a Congressional hearing. During the presentation where CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change, he referenced the controversy surrounding Haugen’s whistleblowing several times. As it turns out, changing Facebook’s brand to Meta required sunsetting an identically-named academic software company that was acquired by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the philanthropic organization that Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan founded in 2015.

The Ones Who “Make It” Will Possess These 7 Super Skills. How to Survive and Prosper in Tough Times. Shift to EVs threatens jobs across Japan as small firms struggle to adapt. Fuji Oozx Inc. is one of hundreds of automotive-parts suppliers in Japan whose very existence is being threatened by the world’s shift toward electric vehicles. For almost 70 years, the company has been making intake valves — an essential component of any gasoline car that controls the flow of gas in and out of an engine’s cylinder.

Typically made of copper, they’re light and highly heat resistant and use a decades-old technology that’s not needed in any electric car. “We have to start looking for a new business,” President Satoshi Tsujimoto, 63, said from his office adjacent to Fuji Oozx’s factory in Shizuoka Prefecture, an elongated region that traces the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Fuji Oozx supplies automakers including Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. Valves for boat engines are one option but the Tokyo-listed company’s board is also looking further afield, like branching into medical devices. Management consulting firm Arthur D.

Photoshop will get a ‘prepare as NFT’ option soon. Youtube. The dirty dozen: meet America’s top climate villains. For too long, Americans were fed a false narrative that they should feel individually guilty about the climate crisis. The reality is that only a handful of powerful individuals bear the personal responsibility. How an understudied trait has skewed autism studies for decades. About 15 years ago, psychologist Geoff Bird began to question a long-held tenet in autism research: the idea that all autistic people struggle with empathy. Twitter. Glenfiddich Sells $18,000 Super-Rare Whisky As NFTs – Here’s What That Means. Every Bitcoin transaction consumes over $100 in electricity. Yesterday, I received via email a report that takes an original look at Bitcoin's energy consumption. The study, from UK financial site MoneySuperMarket calculates the electricity cost of each Bitcoin transaction.

Photoshop will get a 'Prepare as NFT' option by month's end: Digital Photography Review. A Perspective on Tech Shocks within Economic Disruption Context. Legendary psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi dies at 87. Architects Imagine a ‘Garden City of the Crescent Moon’ for Paris Suburbs. With a warming climate and endlessly growing urban areas, the way in which cities access food sources and nature is increasingly important. Seek Out Into the Unknown. Is it possible to live a fearless life? The First ‘Move-to-Earn’ NFT Game Raises $8.3M. Apparently, it's the next big thing. What is the metaverse? Why is life such a rollercoaster? 30 Days and 15 Writing Prompts Later. Why Equality Is A Myth. Equality isn’t providing, it’s… Imagine five runners. Why Every Online Writer Should Self-Publish with Amazon Kindlĺe. The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success Only The Most Accomplished People Know. McKinsey’s top 10 tech trends 2021. How Audio NFTs Can Change The Music Industry Forever.

10 qualities that make you unforgettable. Scott Galloway on LinkedIn: Brain bug: we respond more strongly to losses than to gains (loss. Simon Sinek on LinkedIn: When we win, we must remember that next time we could lose. When we. Leadership First on LinkedIn: #leadershipfirstquotes #entrepeneurship #leadershipdevelopment. NFTs will disrupt education technology in 2021.

A New Metaverse Project That Has Started to Spread Around the Globe. The Connectivity Standards Alliance Unveils Matter, Formerly Known as Project CHIP - Connectivity Standards Alliance. The Good Luck of Your Bad Luck: Marcus Aurelius on the Stoic Strategy for Weathering Life’s Waves and Turning Suffering into Strength. Wuhan scientists planned to release enhanced coronaviruses into bat caves before Covid outbreak. Empowerment to reduce childhood obesity explored for first time in Australia. Cookie Consent and Choices. How To Mint Your First NFT (Non-Fungible Token) For Free. How to create your own NFT in 5 simple steps. Crypto Music and Audio NFT's Are a Thing Now. Here's how to make your own. Chip makers to carmakers: time to get out of the semiconductor Stone Age. An Interview with Jackie Ward, part 1. Stepping foot into the startup world. GM to Bolt owners: Park 50 feet afield.

Teen Artists Are Making Millions on NFTs. Why—and How? Next-Generation Layer-One Blockchain Protocols Remove the Financial Barriers to DeFi and NFTs. Mint your NFTs for Nothin' - Get your Crypto for Free. ‘Kia Sedona’ NFT sale goes belly up as $3 million goes missing. Maxim Magazine Launches Its NFT Marketplace Together With xSigma, a Subsidiary of Nasdaq: ZKIN – Sponsored Bitcoin News. AdEx Network announces charity NFT Auction, ADX token burn, and a $6,000 prize. Anglophone anger could cost Liberals in Quebec this election: 'They're going to start losing seats' The NFT Copyright Conundrum. How to Promote your NFT Project. Katy Perry, Nas, and Jason Derulo Are Investing Big in a Spotify Rival. How the Bitcoin model can solve the social media dilemma. The World Owes You Very Little. Success and happiness depend on… You'll Never Make Money As A Blogger Unless You Can Do This. Fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. People are buying items for an NFT game that doesn’t exist. Why?

What is an NFT? - Times Money Mentor. ‘Bored Ape’ NFTs sell for over $24M in online auction amid crypto asset craze. Toyota, Honda oppose U.S. House electric vehicle tax plan. Chip investment boom is just getting started. Cardano to Launch Smart Contracts Today—But Where Are the dApps? Embedded Security For Internet Of Things Market Size, Worldwide Opportunities, Driving Forces, Future Potential 2026. Leadership First on LinkedIn: #entrepeneurship #executivesandmanagement #leadershipfirst.

Angela Dunham Bryant on LinkedIn: All day.....everyday. (5) How to turn your art into an NFT – Step by Step Tutorial. Twitter's collection of 140 NFTs generates over $5 million in trading volume. New Study Shows Folate Foods Help Prevent Alzheimer's. Eand. 11 Emerging Business Opportunities In The Internet Of Things Sector. Dicks-sporting-goods-other-retailers-crack-code-of-driving-up-profits- NFTs Are Exploding, but Investors Don't Understand Them: Bankman-Fried.

New Type of NFT Collectibles: Earth-based Metaverse Land Art. How to Master the Art of the Essay. Big Boy goes from burgers to blockchain with new NFT launch. U.S. cannabis insurers get ready to roll as federal legalization nears. Economy: What Is It, and Why Is It the Future of Work? Economy: What Is It, and Why Is It the Future of Work? 1,000 true fans? Just two will do with NFTs: Li Jin of Atelier – Cointelegraph Magazine.

Horizon Blockchain Games raises $4.5M for blockchain games like Skyweaver. Afterparty enables creators to launch their own NFTs and social tokens. NFT owners fight with 'right-click savers' as pricey JPEG debate rages. FDA approves Lilly, Boehringer diabetes drug for heart failure. What Is Frottage Sex? Experts Explain Its Focus on Rubbing.