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Spectacle. Evernote Funding story. Apps platform. DragonDrop. iPad & iPhone apps. Postbox — Awesome Email. GAget — A Google Analytics Widget for OS X. Meet the Next-Generation Payments Systems Set to Drive Future Commerce - Advertising Age - DigitalNext. Task Ave. - Remember what you need to do, where. Why if you miss Siri you’ll miss the future of the Web — Scoblei. Siri is the most useful thing I’ve seen so far this year.

Why if you miss Siri you’ll miss the future of the Web — Scoblei

Leaked Video: Swyping Versus iPhone Typing. (Swype For Android I. Wants To Blow Your Mind Away With Digital Comics (Vid. Will digital books will ever match printed ones for sheer reading pleasure? Wants To Blow Your Mind Away With Digital Comics (Vid

What about comic books and graphic novels? I think it depends on what device you are reading them. One of the most visually stunning apps on the iPad, for instance, is the Marvel Comics reader. You just swipe from page to page, and when you tap on a frame it becomes larger and moves forward. The swiping gives the comics a sense of motion you don’t get on paper. A startup called is taking a similar approach and adding social elements. The AIR app gives you a taste of what is to come. Skype to make group video chat the next killer webcam feature. Starting next week, Skype will begin beta testing a new group video chat feature on Windows PCs, according to the Associated Press.

Skype to make group video chat the next killer webcam feature

The feature will let up to five people join in on a video chat simultaneously, which is a big leap from Skype’s current limit of two users to a video chat. Group video chat will initially be available for free, but Skype plans to start charging for it within three to four months, along with other new features. The company also plans to bring the feature to Macs later this year. Skype consumer business general manager Neil Stevens said the group video chat feature was one of the most requested by its users.

Making email a better place. Media browser plug-in, mobile app, gallery builder. Google, Mozilla, and Opera launch WebM open video project. Google has spent a lot of time evangelizing for open formats for Web applications and media.

Google, Mozilla, and Opera launch WebM open video project

Today it took another step in that direction by announcing a new free, open source video technology called WebM. WebM will combine three technologies — VP8 for video encoding (a technology that Google acquired when it bought On2), Vorbis for audio encoding, and the Matroska media container format. Videos created in WebM can be made available in both HTML5 and Adobe’s Flash format. WebM will compete with H.264 video encoding technology, which is widely supported, but is controlled by the MPEG LA cosnortium of companies. Representatives from browser companies Mozilla and Opera demonstrated WebM video on-stage, showing off the high quality of the video and the fact that developers can build their own custom players. eType Auto-Completes Your Writing. Everywhere. (1,000 Exclusive. It’s safe to assume that there’s no Web user out there that hasn’t experienced auto-complete.

eType Auto-Completes Your Writing. Everywhere. (1,000 Exclusive

Whether on Google site search and toolbars, Facebook search, or on ecommerce sites like Amazon, auto-complete has become a de-facto usability feature. Its ubiquity means that there’s a very shallow learning curve for users to get accustomed to it when used outside of the browser setting, and that’s exactly what eType is banking on with its auto-complete-as-you-type product. We have 1000 exclusive invites for TechCrunch readers! Get them while they’re hot, here. Swype brings its fast touchscreen keyboard app to all Android ph.

What's next in mobile?

Swype brings its fast touchscreen keyboard app to all Android ph

Find out at MobileBeat, VentureBeat's 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July 8-9 in San Francisco. Home - ExtensionFM. Geoloqi Aims to Unlock the Magic of Mobile Location. I want an app that automatically sends me a link to the Wikipedia entry for any historic building I travel nearby.

Geoloqi Aims to Unlock the Magic of Mobile Location

I want to leave a note for my wife on a map, so she'll get a text message when she bikes past the neighborhood where we first met. I want to see all the places I've gone in my home town and get restaurant recommendations from areas I haven't visited in a long time. Those kinds of things could really happen once a startup called Geoloqi launches soon.

Geoloqi turns your mobile location into a platform for messaging, programmed functionality and temporary, limited sharing. The consumer service could make the dream of passively consuming ambient information about our surroundings a reality and the program's code is intended to enable any other developer to add location services to their applications. Above: Geoloqi co-founder Aaron Parecki has been tracking his travels throughout Portland, Oregon by GPS and mobile phone for the last two years. Pinger Now Turns Your iPod Touch Into A Free Cell Phone. Earlier this month we took a look at Pinger, the company behind Textfree, a massively popular application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that gives users free, unlimited text messaging.

Pinger Now Turns Your iPod Touch Into A Free Cell Phone

Since launching in March 2009, users have sent over 4 billion text messages with the app, which has been downloaded 8 million times (these numbers effectively put Pinger in the top ten US carriers, volume-wise). Google Acquires Impressive Touchscreen Keyboard Startup BlindType. Google has just acquired BlindType, a very impressive technology that allows you to type on touch screens without even looking at them.

Google Acquires Impressive Touchscreen Keyboard Startup BlindType

See our past coverage of the startup here. BlindType doesn’t force you to type using a virtual keyboard at the bottom of your screen, which is the norm on most smartphones. 50% Of Android Apps With Internet Access That Ask For Your Location Send It To Advertisers. Be careful what permissions you sign away to your Android apps.

50% Of Android Apps With Internet Access That Ask For Your Location Send It To Advertisers

A new study suggests that fully half of the most popular apps for Google's mobile OS that access location data are sending it to advertisers without users' consent. The study, conducted by researchers at Intel, Duke, and Penn State, looked at 30 of the most popular apps which ask for permission to access to the Internet and your phone's location. The researchers found that 15 of them were sending that information on to ad networks, and none of them asked permission or mentioned this practice in their end-user license agreements (EULAs). The study also found some of the apps sending out users' phone numbers or unique device identification codes, also without permission. Two-thirds of the apps committed at least one of these violations. Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync.

Today Winamp for Android is coming out of beta, a month after its initial launch and more than 500,000 downloads later. The public Android release lets you manage your music downloads on your Android and will offer a couple new features, including wireless syncing over WiFi with Winamp on your desktop computer and the addition of Shoutcast radio stations. (Both Winamp and Shoutcast are owned by AOL, as is TechCrunch). The wireless syncing requires a new desktop version for Windows computers, which is also available today.

Winamp is a popular music management software for Windows, with 60 million users predominantly overseas.