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Tubular, a YouTube Background Player jQuery Plugin

Tubular, a YouTube Background Player jQuery Plugin
Video controls:Play | Pause | Volume Up | Volume Down | Mute Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your page wrapper element, set some options, and you're on your way. $(page content wrapper element).tubular(options); Tubular's hello, world Assuming you're happy with the default options and you use a wrapper div with the id of wrapper, you simply attach to your wrapper div and specify the video you want to load: and Presto! A word of caution Tubular does not design your website for you. Options and defaults ratio: 16/9 // usually either 4/3 or 16/9 -- tweak as needed videoId: 'ZCAnLxRvNNc' // toy robot in space is a good default, no?

Créer la plaque d'entrée d'un hotel 4 étoiles - Réalisez avec ce tutorial Photoshop un logo baroque très chic. Vous pourrez l’utiliser par exemple sur un site Internet. Bonjour à tous, je vous présente ici un tutorial pour créer un magnifique logo digne des plus grands palaces. Nous allons utiliser pas mal de technique tout au long de cet article : bref pour les débutants ca va être un peu dur dur Pour les initiés je vous invite vivement à essayer car le rendu final est MAGNIFIQUE ! Pratique pour retrouver les styles de calques utilisés dans ce tutorial voici le fichier PSD : Fichier source Photoshop Cliques ici pour télécharger le fichier source Photoshop utilisé dans ce tutorial. Allez on se lance : Dans Photoshop je crée un nouveau document : menu fichier > nouveau > 500 x 300 pixels sur fond blanc. Je crée un nouveau calque, sur celui-ci je crée une ellipse de sélection que je remplis de blanc avec le pot de peinture. J’utilise l’outil des formes personnalisées pour créer un rectangle arrondi (de 2 ou 3 pixels en radius). Attention !!

HTML5 video and audio tags in all major browsers 11 Best jQuery Plugins December 2011 In this post, we have compiled 11 best jquery plugin for december 2011 that are used to let you stand out unique in the latest web trend. Enjoy !. An amazing plugin for jQuery 1.6+ & HTML5 fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on your webpages. It is built at the top of the popular JavaScript framework jQuery and is both easy to implement and a snap to customize. With this jQuery plugin, you can extend the animate function to support the CSS box shadow-property. PicStrips adds a little style to your images to help them stand out from the crowd. The jQuery webcam plugin is a transparent layer to communicate with a camera directly in JavaScript. Textualizer is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to transition through blurbs of text. Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Craftyslide is a tiny (just 2kb) slideshow built on jQuery.

BigVideo.js - The jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video The jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video (and Images) This plugin makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video (or series of videos). Or use it as a player to show video playlist. BigVideo.js is built on top of Video.js from zencoder. You can read about how to use BigVideo.js below. DOWNLOAD: zip tar examples bower install BigVideo.js Setup BigVideo.js uses the Video.js api. To simply play a video that takes up the entire browser window (like in this example), do this: For crossbrowser fallbacks, you can include a source order with different video formats. Ambient Video To play silent video in the background of a page (like in this example), use BigVideo’s ambient setting: Or play a series of ambient background videos (like in this example) Keep in mind that mobile devices do not allow video autoplay. Video.js Because BigVideo.js is built on top of Video.js, you can use the Video.js api. BV.getPlayer().pause(); Tips

Home - Pencil Project HTML 5 Video 'Full-Screen' | Danny van Kooten A few days ago I was playing around with HTML 5 and it’s new (popular) video tag! The result in short: I love(d) it! Getting it to work in all the major browsers wasn’t that hard at all. I didn’t even use nasty JavaScript hacks for that, just some basic mark-up fallbacks. But.. That’s why I decided to write a quick and dirty jQuery hack that somewhat gives a full-screen feeling. The basic mark-up for the video tag, works cross-browser Let me start with how I set up my video tag to work in all the major browsers. The only major drawback of this method is that I had to use 3 different file types, wmv, mp4 and ogg. I added a simple inline style rule to make it more obvious for the visitor that they can click on the video, we’ll add some more evidence later on in the script. Adding a double click event. With most video players it’s obvious that in order to get the video to play in full screen you have to double click it. Increasing the video size. Notice the check for the class ‘fs’.

jqPagination, a jQuery pagination plugin (obviously) Introduction jqPagination is a jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination for your web site or application. Instead of displaying a list of page numbers like traditional pagination methods jqPagination uses an interactive 'Page 1 of 5' input that, when selected, allows the user to enter their desired page number. Download Fork on GitHub Here are a few key points: Design agnostic Customisable Degrades beautifully Super simple to integrate with your app / site Uses jQuery... who doesn't love jQuery?! Demo It's oversized too, so you can try it when you're drunk! Show / hide event log: Installation Installation is super easy, for a basic setup you'll need the following HTML: And now we'll need to initialise the plugin against our HTML: Customisation jqPagination is built to be basic, but it does have a couple options and callbacks for customisation. Options current_page - option, default: 1 Sets the current page, can also be set using the current-page data attribute on the input element.

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