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Postbox — A Better Way to Do Email

Postbox — A Better Way to Do Email

Intranet, Group Calendar, Small Business Organizer: Backpack Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync Today Winamp for Android is coming out of beta, a month after its initial launch and more than 500,000 downloads later. The public Android release lets you manage your music downloads on your Android and will offer a couple new features, including wireless syncing over WiFi with Winamp on your desktop computer and the addition of Shoutcast radio stations. (Both Winamp and Shoutcast are owned by AOL, as is TechCrunch). Winamp is a popular music management software for Windows, with 60 million users predominantly overseas. Instead, AOL is going to ride the Android wave. Just like with iTunes, Winamp lets you mange and play your digital music collection. People spend a lot of time with their own music collections. Could Winamp become a Trojan Horse for a future music streaming service from AOL beyond Shoutcast radio?

Subversion for Windows with Apache server HOWTO aText - Typing accelerator - Text macro utility for Mac. Released: Version: E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application. With aText you can easily avoid typing the same thing over and over. Features: • Insert images and formatted text. • Capitalize new sentences. Фотография – Сергей Максимишин Сергей Максимишин родился в 1964 году в поселке Кодыма Одесской области. Школу закончил в Керчи, Крым. В 1982 году поступил на физико-механический факультет Ленинградского политехнического института на кафедру экспериментальной ядерной физики. С 1985 по 1987 год служил в Советской армии фотографом Группы советских военных специалистов на Кубе. По окончании института работал в лаборатории научно-технической экспертизы Государственного Эрмитажа. В 1996 году поступил на факультет фотокорреспондентов при Санкт-Петербургском союзе журналистов.

Share files with Send This File 50% Of Android Apps With Internet Access That Ask For Your Location Send It To Advertisers Be careful what permissions you sign away to your Android apps. A new study suggests that fully half of the most popular apps for Google's mobile OS that access location data are sending it to advertisers without users' consent. The study, conducted by researchers at Intel, Duke, and Penn State, looked at 30 of the most popular apps which ask for permission to access to the Internet and your phone's location. The researchers found that 15 of them were sending that information on to ad networks, and none of them asked permission or mentioned this practice in their end-user license agreements (EULAs). The study also found some of the apps sending out users' phone numbers or unique device identification codes, also without permission. There's nothing inherently nefarious about sending location data to ad networks -- better targeted ads are more likely to be of interest to users, and the revenues from them help keep apps free. Fortunately, help is on the way.

Les meilleurs sites de PSD webdesign gratuits Comment s’en sortir dans cette jungle infâme de sites offrant toujours plus de ressources gratuites avec une qualité plus ou moins aléatoire ? Webdesigner Trends est là pour vous guider et ne garder que le meilleur. Depuis plusieurs mois il ne se passe pas une journée sans « nouveau kit GUI » à posséder absolument ou encore la « collection Ultime des meilleurs PSD » à télécharger etc. Duck Files Design Kindle Icondesposit Medialoot PixelDen Prenium Pixels Launched Pixels Et vous, cher lecteur, quel est votre favori ? Cette entrée a été publiée dans Ressources, avec comme mot(s)-clef(s) gui, psd gratuit, ressources, source psd, ui, Webdesign. Mac Reviews / Tests Archive » AV-Comparatives Mac users can often be heard to say “I don’t need antivirus software, I have an Apple”. Unfortunately, this is a misguided conclusion. Whilst the dangers are certainly much less than with Windows computers, they do exist nonetheless. If nothing else, the recent spread of Mac Trojans proves this. The largest single case was the Flashback-Botnet, which affected over half a million Macs at the beginning of 2012. As in the world of Windows, free antivirus programs are available for the Mac.

3 News > National > Story > 85-year-old man seriously hurt in random attack An 85-year-old man crawled from a carpark to get help after being randomly attacked in South Auckland, police said today. The victim, Eric Brady, was attacked last night after enjoying a quiet drink at the Papatoetoe RSA on Wallace Rd. He was left with serious facial injuries. He left the building about 8:30pm through the rear door, which leads into the carpark. Detective Sergeant Shaun Vickers said Mr Brady, who lives in Papatoetoe, was approached as he was getting into his car. The male offender assaulted him and tried to drag him from the vehicle. Mr Brady managed to sound the horn and the offender looked as if he was about to flee but the scene, but made a successful second attempt to pull Mr Brady out of the car. Mr Vickers said the attacker then tried to steal the white 1988 Toyota Sprinter hatchback, but failed because the car had an immobiliser. "The offender then decamped on foot from the scene with Mr Brady's car keys in his possession," he said.

Dimdim Google Acquires Impressive Touchscreen Keyboard Startup BlindType Google has just acquired BlindType, a very impressive technology that allows you to type on touch screens without even looking at them. See our past coverage of the startup here. BlindType doesn’t force you to type using a virtual keyboard at the bottom of your screen, which is the norm on most smartphones. Here’s a post that just went live on the company’s blog: We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google! BlindType’s website may be ugly, but the video demos are very impressive — I’d love to see this technology make its way into Android. Lorem Ipsum - générateur de faux texte aléatoire pour webdesigners Online Appointment Scheduling | SnapAppointments