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Free audio plugin database

Free audio plugin database
Plugins Listed: 2339 Welcome to the free audio plugin database, the largest online database of free audio plugins. We list nearly 2000 free VST plugins, free DirectX plugins, RTAS, AU, and more from developers all over the world. There are tons of excellent audio plugins available for free on the Web. This database is an attempt to provide a useful index of them. New VST, DirectX, RTAS, and AU plugins are being added all the time, and you can submit your own favorite plugins using the "Submit Plugin" link above. Recent Comments #2950 by ronisageekI'm really groov'in on the sequencer. #2949 by ronisageekTranscender 2 has been upgraded to Transcender SE. #2948 by ronisageekI have been using Atlantis for over a year now. #2842 by angel bulbheadclick on the word Choralozoide (in yellow) or the image. #2780 by angel bobwoodscrub that; link don't work #2779 by angel bobwoodit's here; c.html #2328 by zedisdeadAnyone have v1.0.15?

Top 5 FREE sofware samplers and workstations I know I been quiet for a few days but it was thanksgiving in the US and the holiday week got the best of me! Cooking, eating, cooking, eating and chilling with the family! But we back at it this week! To go along with the post I did about the Top 10 places to download samples legally, I wanted to take it in another direction. When I first started making the switch over to software production, I didn’t quite have many plugins yet, so I would look around for the free stuff. Let me just say that, while there is some good free plugins and instruments around, you really have to look, and do a bit of trial an error. I don’t use every single free thing I can find, I just look for those that have the best sounds, are expandable, and have a nice appearance I don’t go through the torrents and other dark corners looking for software, so if that’s you as well, then you’ll love this article. The 5 dopest FREE workstations and samplers proteus vx – id=842 ______________________________________________________________ Listen to before/after examples of my some of my previous mastering work: click here For a short-list of my mastering work: click here ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Mastering With Nebula The Passive EQ The Doc Fear Heavenly EQ The Bell Curve and The Shelf A Vintage EQ For Modern Recordings Video Tutorials CDSoundMaster "Mastering Suite" Manual I am starting this tutorial with a specific program by Acustica Audio called Nebula, because it serves as an excellent example of a true "best of both worlds" in using high end hardware and using plug-ins for working with audio files. As a Mastering Engineer myself, I have chosen the Nebula plug-in as the platform to create my own high quality set of mastering tools for my work. For More information on the Nebula plug-in, click here. Return To Top The Passive EQ The "Doc Fear" Heavenly E.Q.

Guitar : Free VSTi's Mildon Maducdoc Milk guitar is a strummable, MIDI-controlled virtual instrument which you can use with your favorite multi-track vst-compatible host (Cubase for example). It contains a few well-sampled chords that are easy to play and strum using your midi keyboard. It has several built-in effects including room and reverb controls, harmonics, bass cut filter, and the super-sweet stereo widening effect. download Dream Vortex Studio DVS Guitar is based on a sampled guitar and includes Overdrive, Reverb and Flanging. download E-Phonic Physical modeled acoustic guitar synthesizer. download DSK Music - 4 acoustic guitar type - Amp. envelope and fine tunning - Stereo spread and portamento - 3 Fx (flanger, delay & chorus) - Velocity response download Simple-Media Acoustic guitar synth.Plucked string based on new comb filter design with advanced controls and filtering to create a more natural tone. download SuperRiff Inc. download download

The Helios Type 69 This month, we’re revisiting a couple of old favorites: the Helios Type 69 EQ and UA’s own LA-3A compressor. Entire albums have been mixed with just a Helios console and a couple of compressors, typically one optical (like the LA-3A or LA-2A), and one FET (like an 1176LN). The optical compressors were typically used for vocals, guitars, and bass. While the EQ may seem limited at first glance, it has been used by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Roxy Music, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, just to name a few. The Helios Type 69 EQ The Helios is definitely quirky, but very useful. LA-3A Compressor A guitar with a decent midrange boost will most likely need a compressor to follow it, and a nice example of a compressor for guitar is the LA-3A. The Helios is definitely quirky, but very useful. The fast attack and release and two controls make it very easy to set up and a great-sounding compressor on drum overheads, bringing out the ambience of a room very well.