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NitroBookCase Pictures Copyright by :Nikita Gontarev Description : NitroBookCase is plugin can help you very easy to place all the book object in shelves you can also control to change the placement style and randomize you can make your only book also a bonus you can make a easy flip page animation .and all this in the minute System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit Cinema4D : R12,R13,R14,R15 ( Dosen’t work in demo version ) Download GreyscaleGorilla CityKit for Cinema 4D 1.2 free Upload: 26-12-2012, 20:52 | Views: 2071 GreyscaleGorilla CityKit for Cinema 4D 1.2 | 963.4 mbCity Kit builds realistic looking cities in Cinema 4D with a click of a button. Customize your city kit with your own buildings, settings and sizes.

C4D Cafe The awesome Drive plugin by as reviewed by us has been updated to version 1.6. The new version provides many new features and improvements. With the new automatic setup your car becomes ready to drive with a few clicks. The new parameters for controlling the driving behavior and the completely revised distance control result in vivid drive scenes.

C4D plugins by Gene Magtoto type: Generator Object This plugin lets your create gears and other gearlike forms. I developed this plugin specifically for modelers who need to do polygonal modeling of toothed wheels. The default option for generating gears is to use Cinema4D's built-in Cogwheel Spline and the ExtrudeNURBS. The problem is that NURBS generally cause terrible triangulation, so working with meshes can get really messy. Computer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio Character to Player – Unity Tutorial 613 Views0 Likes Character to Player - Unity Tutorial A video tutorial of the steps to bring your character into Unity as a player. Character to Player - Unity Tutorial, Character to Player, Character to Player Tutorial, Un...

The Best Cinema 4D Tutorial Ever: Search results for TURBULENCEFD Tutorial CINEMA 4D turbulenceFD - Burn Shader TUTORIAL CINEMA 4D TurbulenceFD Cinema 4D Tutorial Explosion TurbulenceFD and AE Cinema 4d tutorial turbulenceFD for beginners part 9 Cinema 4d tutorial turbulenceFD for beginners part 7 My Motion Graphics What is Motion Drop? “ latest favorite Cinema 4D preset rig.” Joren Kandel – The Pixel Lab Motion Drop is the tool that I wished someone had invented a couple of years ago. It’s capabilities are endless, and the results are amazing! Cinema 4D Plugins This is a generator object actually. It can map objects from an area which represents uv space to the surface of the respective object. The object used to define the mapping must a UVW Map.

MagicBevel Description : Magic Bevel for modeling tool to make easy bevel System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit Cinema4D : R13 ,R14 Rigging in Minutes with Blender's Rigify Addon April 11, 2015 5:43 am Mark Masters When it comes to plug-ins and addons they can either be a welcome feature that can significantly speed up production or be a buggy mess. Blender has a thriving development community that is always creating addons for the application that range from Animation tools to new 3D navigation features. Creating Particles in Cinema 4D for Import With Plexus for After Effects Bringing two amazing tools together, Serge Mustu shows various mehtods for bringing Particles that were created in Cinema 4D into After Effects for use with the Plexus 2 plugin. Here I show, how you can import Cinema 4D Particles right into After Effects for the use of the Plexus plugin from Rowbyte. There are at least 3 ways I found out, how to import the particles from Cinema: via Vertices, Nulls & Lights Serge shows at least three ways here, exporting as lights, null objects, and vertices with some methods being inherently more efficient than others. By adding vertices to a particle emitter, Cinema 4D is unable to see the result, although Plexus 2 surprisingly can. Plexus 2, the next generation particle system plugin for After Effects is available from AEScripts and recently updated with the support for render objects, random sprite modes, and improved OBJ support which also comes bundled with the Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter for Cinema 4D.