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Architectural Marketing @ Pixelflakes

Architectural Marketing @ Pixelflakes
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WAX Architectural Visualizations Architecture Competition Results First Place Team Mike Sudolsky Brian Kato Ben Anderson- Nelson Ann Hurt Ashley Morgan Country United States Second Place Team Nicolás Barrena Lázaro Country Madrid, Spain Third Place Team Claire Gaspin David Emmons Country Chicago, United States Honorable Mention Team Joe Roberts Country Bristol, United Kingdom Honorable Mention Team Jakub Pietryszyn Maciej Rebisz Joanna Konefal […] ISTANBUL COMMUNITY MARKET IDEAS COMPETITION had as a starting point to bring to discussion the Marketplace typology: its present challenges and future opportunities. The competition called for proposals that brought to light the positive qualities of markets and test them in the specific context of Istanbul, where the urban commercial activity is still of great […] First Place – NU OIL Team FELIX YANG AND THOMAS NOUSSIS Second Place – MODULAR FILLING STATION Team MATTIAS DAHLBERG ROBIN KRASSE KARL LAGERQVIST Third Place – FILL UP HERE Team ALEX COX First Place Team Deborah Feldman Cosmin O.

Making of Mrs. Tulumba Modern House Hello everyone, my Name is Sérgio Merêces, I’m a CG and 3D architectural visualization artist based in Portugal, I started my career in 2003 as a generalist 3d artist in a video game company where I worked until 2008. In 2009, then began my career as an Arch - viz artist until day. The Inspiration My greatest inspiration was the Mir projects, architizier and the most import real photos from the architectural photographer, where I go often to search my references. So let’s start! When beginning a project the first thing to do is always adjust the settings of the gamma and units, I always use meters. I always put my gama 2.2 as it shows in the image in the 3ds max preferences. In Vray settings I always use 2.2 and Reinhard . Modeling I’ve started the house modeling using a box and inset the 2 faces and bridge these 2 faces, in result I’ve got the simple base model. Now the fun part, to design and modeling the floors of the building I used the symmetry modifier. - architekturvisualisierung, animation, illustration Europaconcorsi Groundlab | GROUNDLAB Landscape Urbanism Tada Lab LUXIGON luxigon Ben van Berkel Current Work UNStudio Recorded: February 1, 2011 Running Time: 16:38 Ben van Berkel, founding partner with Caroline Bos, of the Dutch architectural design studio UNStudio, presents the office’s current projects within the context of the firm’s belief in constant experimentation through building. Projects discussed in this excerpt include the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart; the Burnham Pavilion, Millenium Park, Chicago; Collectors Loft, New York City; and the Music Theatre, Graz. The firm describes its practice as: “Today, the discipline of architecture is wide open to the possibility of radical change. Yet this is nothing new in itself; architecture thrives on newness. Perhaps now, even more than at the height of the boom, this engagement is necessary to identify the topics that we need to understand in new ways. The office has produced a wide range of work from public buildings, infrastructure, offices, residential, products, to urban masterplans.

3D Visualization | NVus Designs Visualization by loock89 of an amazing nature observatory in the vallet of the rivir Narew, a river that flows through Belarus and Poland. Read Article → Classic white bedroom visualization with amazing details. Renders are made as a personal project by Romas Noreika, check out his website for more views. Read Article → Very nice interior visualization of a kitchen with a lot of white and wood. Read Article → Interior visualization by Faraz Fadaian of an industrial loft in Barcelona. Read Article →