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Emergent Urbanism, or ‘bottom-up planning’ I was asked to write an article around ‘bottom-up planning’ by Architectural Review Australia a while ago. It was published in the last issue, and I’m re-posting here. ‘Bottom-up’ is hardly the most elegant phrase, but I suspect you know what I mean. Either way, I re-cast it in the article as ‘emergent urbanism’ which captured a little more of the non-planning approaches I was interested in (note also the blog of same name, which I didn’t know about beforehand). It partly concerns increased transparency over the urban planning process but also, and perhaps more interestingly, how citizens might be able to proactively engage in the creation of their cities. While it applies to Australian cities most closely, I hope the ideas here might be more generally interesting.

Levitate Architecture and Design Studio : Loose House, Richmond 2,3 Although historically erectile dysfunction was a problem identified and treated by urologists, today primary care physicians and other specialists write 80% of the prescriptions for sildenafil, the most popular drug used to treat the condition. cialis online . Inhibition of PDE-5 increases cGMP activity, which increases vasodilatory effects of NO. One possibility is that high levels of cGMP induced by PDE5 blockade reduce the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration (46), leading to a reduction of the calcium-dependent protein kinase C activity (47) that in turn prevents up-regulation of IL-4R (48). " Q.

The Barstool Romantic I’m goin’ down to the bus station with a suitcase in my hand, yes I am.I’m goin’ down to the bus station with a suitcase in my hand.I’m gonna grab me an arm full of Greyhound and ride it just as far as I can. Sam Cooke, Somebody Have Mercy Traveler, there is no pathpaths are made by walking Antonio Machado R&Sie(n) “I’ve heard about“, R&Sie(n) + D / B (francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro, Benoit Durandin, Julien Blervaque) 3dsMax script developped in collaboration with Julien Blervaque “Making with…” is their way of describing their research into a critical experience of architecture through a mutation of contextual parameters. Scenarios of hybridization, grafting, cloning, morphing give rise to perpetual transformation of architecture which strives to break down the antinomies of object/subject or object/territory.

CRUSHEVIL Colombian Gold Sunday, 23rd February, 2014 – 11:31 am Pectoral, 13th–16th century Colombia; Sonso Gold. ii-ne-kore designboom commenters are often a tad bitchy and scathing,have you found that? (if you read designboom?)or is that well-informed and discerning?it is sometimes hard to tell the difference:) ps - that doesn't mean i don't also appreciate the critical comments. allthebuildingsinnewyork Washington Square Arch, New York, NY April 4, 2014 | In Manhattan | No Comments 1-5 Bond Street, New York, NY April 3, 2014 | In Manhattan | No Comments The International Dada Archive - The University of Iowa Founded in 1979 as part of the Dada Archive and Research Center, the International Dada Archive is a scholarly resource for the study of the historic Dada movement. The Archive has compiled a comprehensive collection of documentation and scholarship relating to Dada. The collection of the International Dada Archive is made up of works by and about the Dadaists including books, articles, microfilmed manuscript collections, videorecordings, sound recordings, and online resources. Primary access to the entire collection is through the International Online Bibliography of Dada, a catalog containing approximately 60,000 titles.

FUNAMBULIST PAMPHLETS I am happy to announce that the twelve first volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets, a series of small books collecting articles written for the blog, will be published by Punctum Books as part of the CTM Documents Initiative series all along this summer. Such an opportunity was made possible by Eileen Joy, director of Punctum Books and Ed Keller, associate dean at Parsons The New School of Design and director of the Center for Transformative Media; I am very grateful for the trust they put in me. This series of Pamphlets has twelve volumes for now but will be able to expand in the future, it will allows a collection of article by themes as well as a reading of them in a correct(ed) English (thanks to Anna Kłosowska and Eileen Joy). Following Punctum’s manifesto for an open-access to knowledge that I could not approve more, they will be downloadable for free as PDF and purchasable in printed version on demand. Like this:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Jordan WolfsonNeverland 2001 Video4 min loop Michael Jackson's eyes isolated from his "Live from the Neverland Ranch" broadcast 1993, in which he denied accusations of sexual molestation. The background color is made from a pixel of his nose (from the broadcast) and the audio track is of moving water. Crowdsourcing road congestion data This post is the latest in an ongoing series about how we harness the data we collect to improve our products and services for our users. - Ed. What if you could do a little something to improve the world during your daily drive to work? Here are a few ideas: tell everybody in the city when you're stuck in slow-moving traffic; warn the drivers on the freeway behind you that they should consider an alternate route; tell the people still at home that they should spend another ten minutes reading the morning news before they leave for work; tell your city government that they might want to change the timing of that traffic light at the highway on-ramp. Of course, you can't just get on the phone and call everybody, and your one traffic report from your one spot on the road might not help much anyway. If you use Google Maps for mobile with GPS enabled on your phone, that's exactly what you can do.

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