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Digital Agenda for Europe. Open Innovation Open Innovation is one of the important components of the foreseen European Innovation System, where all stakeholders need to be involved in a Quadruple helix innovation model.

Digital Agenda for Europe

This model outlines user-oriented innovation models. In addition, Open innovation can create the seamless interaction and mash-up for ideas needed in such innovation ecosystems. See Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology, 2003 and the Center for Open Innovation from the Berkeley University. Open Innovation 2.0 Open Innovation 2.0 takes full advantage of cross-fertilisation of ideas and drives for experimentation and prototyping in real world, to speed up and increase the potential for innovation. We drive the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm towards recognition and adoption in Europe, in all sectors.

Open Innovation Speaker Series. (formerly Center for Open Innovation) Open Innovation Speaker Series The Open Innovation Speaker Series is a weekly series intended to provide both academic and managerial perspectives on open innovation and related subjects.

Open Innovation Speaker Series

The organizers are Henry Chesbrough and Solomon Darwin of the Program in Open Innovation at UC Berkeley. It is open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. The processes of industrial innovation are themselves being innovated. For maps and directions, click here . [ archive of previous speaker series sessions ] Fall 2012 Session Schedule TIME & LOCATION : Mondays, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Cheit Hall, Room 110 Click here for speaker biographies .

19_de_management_offene_innovationsprozesse.pdf. List of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples - Best practices. Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators.

List of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples - Best practices

Marketing, Design & Idea platforms. Open Innovation » Definition from Knowledge@Wharton High School. Can Open Innovation Enhance Education Success? Open innovation doesn’t just have to apply to the world of business.

Can Open Innovation Enhance Education Success?

There’s an interesting blog post on the edutopia website about using open innovation in school. The blog’s author discusses how technologies such as Web 2.0 tools have transformed the classroom but have not changed the way students learn. They are still being taught in the time honoured tradition of teacher-led instruction whether in class or by teacher-created videos and interactive lessons that can be accessed at home. But there could be another way. Working through Challenges The post asks us to imagine a classroom scenario where students are free to pose questions or challenges to each other via their phones, and other students are allowed to chip in with solutions, discussion and debate. “We have just created a self-sufficient, democratic classroom that empowers students within the learning process,” writes Dustin Haisler, the blog’s author.

ESADE_PhD_Seminar_Open%20Innovation_2012_2013. Academic World. Open Innovation and Getting Things Right. Last month I had the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM).

Open Innovation and Getting Things Right

The Academy is the global professional organization for business academics, so the annual meeting draws attendees from business schools all over the world. I’ve typically been too busy to travel to the annual meetings, but luckily for me, this year it was held in Boston, so I was able to spend a couple days attending some of the sessions. One of the sessions I was able to attend was an excellent panel on open innovation featuring Allan Afuah from Carnegie Mellon, Karim Lakhani and Michael Tushman from HBS, and Todd Zenger from Washington University of St. Louis. It was really, truly great. Open Innovation Community. Easy Access IP. IP for free_NSW_Glasgow. Australian universities are being encouraged to make their intellectual property available for free, after the University of NSW said it will offer IP licences to entrepreneurs at no charge.

IP for free_NSW_Glasgow

In a bid to stimulate the take-up of technology, UNSW will offer IP licences for a range of ideas and research results to entrepreneurs and companies at no cost. Licences will need to disclose how the information will be commercialised. If it is not exploited within three years, the university will reclaim the rights to use the information. UNSW also will hold on to any IP it thinks it can commercialise successfully. Les Field, UNSW deputy vice-chancellor for research, says the initiative, known as Easy Access IP, says private companies are better equipped to apply research to new products and services. “This is quite a radical departure from the way that UNSW and most universities have been doing business,” Field told The Australian Financial Review .

iBridge Network. Open Source Innova Q&A. Universities Adopting Open Innovation. Cambia - Enabling Innovation. Henry Chesbrough_OI Community. Section » Henry Chesbrough Why Internal Ventures are Different From External Startups The Huffington Post website posted an article by Henry Chesbrough in which he noted that the question of how corporations can be more innovative is one he has wrestled with for a long time.

Henry Chesbrough_OI Community

Recently, Steve Blank, Alexander Osterwalder and Chesbrough have started sharing notes, ideas and insights on this problem. In this post, Chesbrough shares some Comments Off • Read this story » More Articles Henry Chesbrough: The World in 2014 The Economist website posted an article which noted that Cassandra has every reason to fear innovation. Comments Off • Read this story »