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Luxury Vegan Alternatives to Leather. Choose not to wear leather for environmental or ethical reasons?

Luxury Vegan Alternatives to Leather

It used to be that vegan alternatives to leather were heavily synthetic and had just as much impact on the planet as the real thing. A new wave of designers and brands are embracing new vegan materials that are as luxe as they are ethical. Here’s our round up of the best guilt-free leather alternatives. Development Of Photovoltaic Textiles Based On Novel Fibres. DEPHOTEX is a European collaborative research project aiming at the development of flexible photovoltaic textiles to power wearable consumer goods, grid connected systems, as well as off-grid applications.

The project of 4.2 million is co-funded by the European Commission (FP7-NMP) for 3 years. DEPHOTEX started last 1 November 2008 and is coordinated by CETEMMSA, a Spanish technological centre specialised in smart devices and smart materials. The consortium is composed of a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced European entities from several countries: Grado Zero. Textile-led Design for the Active Ageing Population - Google Books. d24. IE-31. FinalReport. 1372237650328_49.pdf. KCD&T - smart materials 2010. 1426155577.7153Smart%20Clothing-%20a%20new%20life.pdf. Packing light takes on new meaning with thermal fabric that shrinks with heat. By: Nick Vivion | March 29, 2015 5:00 pm The shirt changes shape with heat The company calls it a thermal shape memory textile, but we call it the amazing Houdini of shirts.

Packing light takes on new meaning with thermal fabric that shrinks with heat

Wearing Embodied Emotions: A Practice Based Design Research on Wearable ... - Seçil U?ur - Google Books. Protective Clothing: Managing Thermal Stress - Google Books. Grado Zero Espace progettazione e realizzazione di materiali e tecnologie innovative. Grado Zero Espace progettazione e realizzazione di materiali e tecnologie innovative. Technology Innovations in Smart Fabrics. Katy Perry and others popularizing an explosion of wearable tech Republican American.

2010 BERTONE Pandion for Alfa-Romeo Is Next-Level Brilliance Inside and Out. Gif We obviously cover a lot of concepts and dream cars here, but rarely does one captivate the eye and mind more than the 2010 Bertone Pandion.

2010 BERTONE Pandion for Alfa-Romeo Is Next-Level Brilliance Inside and Out

First things first: Bertone (pronounced ‘Bear Tony’) is currently restructuring after some lean years in the Italian car business drained its corporate accounts to breaking point. Is this any way indicative of the quality of the firm’s design work? Absolutely, positively not. In fact, it is because of Bertone’s amazing ideas that the firm branched back into actual car factories versus just dreamy, steamy concept cars and prototypes. “Yes. Anyone involved with the prototypes would jump at the chance to make their dream cars in volume. Aligned with that goal, the Pandion is absolutely mesmerizing. But every step closer unwraps another bit of pure design harmony. SMART CLOTHES. Untitled. Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand-driven, Knowledge-based, High ... Fibre D’ Ortie Bio Pour Textile. Promouvoir les éco-textiles et les fibres naturelles Les fabricants du textile cherchent à se tourner vers les énergies renouvelables pour modifier leurs matières premières et promouvoir les “éco-textiles” et dans le meilleur des cas, en unissant le bon design à une fabrication éthique.

Fibre D’ Ortie Bio Pour Textile

La composition des textiles est en pleine mutation et les vêtements écologiques fleurissent. Les tissus alternatifs ne se limitent pas au déjà très populaire coton bio et les alternatives permettant de réduire l’impact environnemental de l’industrie textile, qui reste l’une des plus polluantes, sont nombreuses : bambou, chanvre, ananas, paille de riz, maïs fermenté ou déchets agricoles comme les plumes de poulet. Textile-led Design for the Active Ageing Population.

Tessuti e sport. TrainingReportST_GradoZeroEspace.pdf. Post: Concept by Grado Zero Espace. Avalon - Third AVALON Roadshow in Brussels. 06.04.09 12:01 Age: 4 yrs A third AVALON Roadshow event was held in Brussels (Belgium) in the frame of the annual public conference of the European Technology Platform on 1st of April 2009 ( Numerous representatives of the Europe's (textile) industry in this large scale event showed vital interest in the AVALON showcases of final results derived from AVALON's "Advanced Value Creation in Smart Networks across Europe" approach.

Avalon - Third AVALON Roadshow in Brussels

The presentation of twenty-five AVALON products and services convinced the audience of the potential and practical impact of the AVALON approach to cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge-oriented innovation in the field of technical applications using Shape Memory Alloys. The basis for very fruitful discussions was laid by speeches of Prof. Dr. Grado Zero Espace — V2_Institute for the Unstable Media. The mission of the company is to develop and commercialize new materials and technologies for industry transfer to create new products with the aim to improve quality of life, work and environment.

Grado Zero Espace — V2_Institute for the Unstable Media

The company acts as a go-between among many industrial branches and research fields, in particular: nanotubes, fibers, fabrics, composite textile structures, extreme sport equipments and safe equipments, new performing materials and technologies for furnishing / automotive / nautical / medical areas. Recent works and projects include:Oricalco: Jacket: Grado Zero - @gradozeroinnovation Instagram profile. Racing area - Grado Zero Espace Srl. Il progetto Light.Touch.Matters (LTM) continua - Material ConneXion Italia Material ConneXion Italia.

Welcome to Forbes. Clockwork. Three main tools will be used: an activity monitoring device, a feedback and support application framework and an innovative environmental circadian empowering system module, which includes the design of a lighting device, a wireless sensor network and actuators to regulate the environment.


The feedback and support application framework is not only the platform that communicates with the user, but it is also responsible for managing the information gathered by the sensors and controlling the different devices to adjust the environmental conditions to the person’s needs. Two main use cases will be addressed, that involve two groups of shift workers in the project: professionals from healthcare (UNIFE) and infrastructure (PT).

In this project, the end-user organizations accumulate the role of technical partners, which provides a truly participatory approach to the design and development of the solution. Clockwork. Un 15enne affetto da una rara malattia cutanea potrà uscire grazie a una speciale tuta Made in Tuscany. Grazie a un’azienda con sede a Montelupo Fiorentino e ‘cervello’ a Empoli un ragazzo di 15 anni affetto da una malattia rara potrà muoversi all’aperto con maggiore libertà.

Un 15enne affetto da una rara malattia cutanea potrà uscire grazie a una speciale tuta Made in Tuscany

Aerogel Jacket. Re LIGHT NF on Industrial Design Served. Archivio DRESSING DESIGN progetti in mostra. Il sogno di Youssef è finalmente realtà. ‎ Italian Research Map βeta. Grado Zero Espace srl. Development of MR Fluid for Running Shoes with an Active Damping System. Participates in European research project ‘Light.Touch.Matters’ Avalon - Third AVALON Roadshow in Brussels. Space Fashion. Technical textiles, intelligent garments, smart fabrics, wearable electronics will play an important role in the future.

Clothing incorporating such technologies will not only make a fashion statement, they will also define an unprecedented level of practicality leading to greater well-being and security. "Absolute Zero" is a jacket developed to protect against harsh environmental conditions. It is based on Aerogel, the best insulating material in the world. Aerogel was used to insulate space probes sent to Mars. It is the only material that can insulate down to minus 50°C and melts at 3000°C.

Invention : le gant lumineux qui pourrait bientôt remplacer la lampe de poche. Voici une nouvelle invention qui va nous simplifier la vie : le gant lumineux.

Invention : le gant lumineux qui pourrait bientôt remplacer la lampe de poche

Au revoir la lampe de poche, voici le gant en plastique qui éclaire dans le noir. H9, c’est son nom, est une sorte de coquille qui se positionne sur la main telle une mitaine. Elle peut se mettre à même la peau ou encore par-dessus un gant. Le projet a été conçu par Luisa Baldassari pour Grado Zero Espace. Au départ, il s’agissait d’augmenter la visibilité et la sécurité des personnes qui ont une activité dans des endroits ou à des moments où la visibilité est réduite. Cette coquille est composée de fibres de verre. Re-opening materiO Belgium:Tasting materials - Optimo. Grado Zero Innovation - Google Search. ‎ Muskin leather. Grado zero innovation.

V&A Contemporary: Brilliant - Jane Pavitt - Google Books. Grado zero innovation. WEB FASHION - Grado Zero Espace Srl. GRADO ZERO ESPACE. Self Healing - Grado Zero Innovation activities. Grado Zero Innovation. Grado Zero Innovation. SmartNets The Transformation from Collaborative Knowledge Exploration Networks into Cross Sectoral and Service Oriented Integrated Value Systems(SMARTNETS) Composite Technology Contributes to New Paralympic Record in Athens - NetComposites. At the 2004 Paralympics this week, Wojtek Czyz, the world record holder for long jump, will be trusting in composite technology and expertise to help him win his first Olympic medal.

Composite Technology Contributes to New Paralympic Record in Athens - NetComposites

For the competition, parts of the prosthesis he will be using are made from material designed for space to make it both stronger and lighter. Czyz lost part of his left leg in a sports accident three years ago which has required him to use a prosthesis in order to continue with his sport. "I had a big problem with my old prosthesis as the connecting angle between the knee and the lower-leg spring often broke when I was doing long jump," he explains. Not only was this a practical problem, even more important it created a psychological barrier.

"When I exercised I was always worried that my artificial leg wouldn't hold, and I never knew how far I could push myself and the prosthesis when jumping. " Czyz also told MST that he always had problems fitting the prosthesis to his leg. Firefighters thermal sensor jacket. Made by Viking, “Turnout Gear” is a new line of clothing for firefighters which combines Thermal Sensor Technology (TST) and Smart Textiles.

LED displays like the one on the upper left shoulder glow to notify others whenever one might be in danger, another LED on the sleeve lets you know if your fellow firefighter is in a hot spot. The higher the mercury goes, the faster the LED will blink. This should save a lot of lives and in general make firefighters more productive. Development of MR Fluid for Running Shoes with an Active Damping System. I buchi con la silice intorno: l’aerogel. Press Release - SpaceRef Canada. Space technology will thrust two cars into this year's legendary 24-hour Le Mans race.

Thanks to new composite materials designed for space travel, the cars will be lighter and safer making them more competitive in the world-famous race that takes place this year from 14 to 15 June in France. Le Mans, which has been held every year since 1906, is an international event in automobile endurance racing. Right from the first race it has been a test bed for new technologies -- for example, disk brakes were first used in a Le Mans race in 1953.

System to promote Walking for Elderly Empowering Tourism and improve Mobility. Seat LIGHTBULB - NEW PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT. The Bertone Pandion Concept at Beijing and the creation of BERTONE CHINA - Automanie. Caprie (TO) April 21, 2010 – The Board of Directors of Bertone has announced the opening of its new head office in China, in Beijing: Bertone China. The birth of Bertone China is responding not only to the need of being present in the first car market of the world, but also wishing to offer any further support “in the area” to its Chinese customers. The presentation of Bertone China on the Beijing Auto Show eve, where Bertone is going to exhibit the concept car Pandion for the first time ever in the Chinese market, emphasizes the consistency of Bertone strategy with its Chinese interlocutors. One of the Stars of the 2010 Geneva Motorshow - The Pandion: a summary After a two year absence from the international scene, Bertone returns to the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling a concept car that makes its world premiere here: the Pandion, an aggressive yet beautiful coupé designed as a tribute to Alfa Romeos’ one hundred year anniversary. a sea hawk that nests and lives in coastal areas.

Fashionable Technology Research Consortium. Dave Pollard has a proposal for collaboration: "Let's create, together, the Wearable Home. " The three steps in doing so are: 1. Develop a complete specification for the Wearable Home -- what it would have to be able to do. 2. Research current and evolving technologies that meet these specifications. 3. Design it. From Dave Pollard's Proposal: " I have written several times about the idea of a 'wearable home' -- a self-contained environment that would allow the 'wearer/resident' to live comfortably 'outdoors' anywhere on Earth. Irm_rapporto_11_febbraio.pdf. ‎ ‎ Archivio DRESSING DESIGN progetti in mostra. Look 4 Textile : The online company directory for the textile industry. Search / ESA. Search results for: grado zero espace - esasearch / ESA I vincitori del concorso, e' il caso di dirlo, saranno subito lanciati in nuovi mondi: la compagnia italiana Grado Zero Espace realizzera' i capi ideati e li presentera' ...

First - esasearch / ESA 22 Jan 2014 ... The idea dates back to early 2001, when Karada spun off a company, "Grado Zero Espace", to investigate the use of engineering, chemistry . 10 free Nanotech Magazines. Nanotech. 10 kostenlose Aerogele Magazine. Aerogele. Grado Zero Espace. Research & Development. Nu Re Born. - Get a Free Blog Here. GRADO ZERO ESPACE. This site is the cat’s pajamas.