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La fin de l'innovation ? En 1992, peu de temps après la chute du mur de Berlin, le politologue américain Francis Fukuyama nous prédisait, tout simplement La Fin de l'histoire et le dernier homme.

La fin de l'innovation ?

Fascinés par leur victoire contre l'URSS, et sans doute appatés par les relents hégéliens de ce texte, les intellectuels du monde entier lui assuraient un succès inattendu. Drinking Up for Sun Safety. Posted: May 2, 2014 As the multifunctional trend continues to grow and branch out, innovative companies and brands are looking for new ways to bring multiple benefits to consumers through just one product.

Drinking Up for Sun Safety

As Mintel’s senior beauty analyst Charlotte Libby discusses in her blog post “Inside Out Beauty: The launch of a UV protection water supplement,” this has brought the trend of nutricosmetics back around. Libby writes in her post, “With the promise of summer just around the corner, many will be stocking up on bottled water and sunscreen to safely enjoy the hot weather. Looking to combine these two summer essentials is a new sun protection product, Osmosis Harmonized H20. Developed in the U.S., it has a defense comparable to an SPF 30 and is one of the first drinkable waters with sunscreen properties.”

More and more, beauty is working to align itself with healthy living, and this type of product targets that marketing aspect perfect—and it’s likely going to take off even further. Unilever Crowdsourcing Ideas for a Sustainable Shower. Unilever is on the search for a next-gen sustainable shower Unilever now asks customers, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, inventors—anyone, really–to submit ideas for a next-generation sustainable shower.

Unilever Crowdsourcing Ideas for a Sustainable Shower

Launched this week in Europe, this competition culls ideas for showers that will save water and energy, yet will still offer that refreshing morning, or evening, experience. Submitted ideas will then be crowdsourced so people can vote on the best concepts. The top prize wins €5,000, and four runners-up will split another €5,000. Unilever will work with the creative firm eYeka to find a new shower that will “wow” the multinational “with an original and revolutionary design for the next generation of showers.” Participants in the contest just have to follow a few guidelines. Sharing one’s ideas for a futuristic sustainable shower is relatively easy.

So stay tuned as the fun begins next month. Evonik, Beiersdorf Partner to Prevent Deodorant Fabric Staining. May 28, 2013 | Contact Author | By: Katie Anderson Save To Save to My Library You must Create an Account with Cosmetics & Toiletries and you will get FREE access to: the My Library toolCosmetics & Toiletries magazine content andThe ability to save and share information with your peers.

Evonik, Beiersdorf Partner to Prevent Deodorant Fabric Staining

Start to build your own personal library by registering now. Create an Account or Log InCancel Researchers from Evonik and Beiersdorf teamed up to investigate the staining left on clothing by antiperspirants and develop a means to prevent it. Design Thinking : êtes-vous prêt ? - TRIBUNE. Surconsommation, limitation des ressources naturelles, extinction des espèces, menaces sur l’environnement… les vieilles recettes ont fait long feu et nous avons besoin d’approches porteuses de sens.

Design Thinking : êtes-vous prêt ? - TRIBUNE

Face au diktat de la pensée rationnelle et analytique, nous réclamons que nos émotions soient davantage prises en compte et intégrées dans de nouvelles stratégies plus proches de nos besoins et de ceux de la société. Le Design Thinking permet tout cela. Scientist Spotlight. Procter & Gamble Company's Jay Tiesman, PhD, discusses the role of genomics in the cosmetics industry.

Scientist Spotlight

Jay Tiesman, Principal Scientist and Genomics Group Leader at Procter & Gamble stated, "Our labs can measure not only what's going on at the top of the skin but also how it responds from the inside. We're gauging its responses to exterior damage as well as nutrition: What nutrition triggers a response on the skin's surface? There are still a lot of magic potions out there, but we actually have a much better understanding of beauty products with much more soon to come.

" (Fast Company, January, 2009). Comparing young and old skin, we were able to identify a number of pathways that are either down-regulated or up-regulated as skin ages. We have incorporated genomics technologies into the research programs behind nearly all of our products, so when you think of a P&G product, there are likely a number of experiments utilizing GeneChip® technology behind them. Read the full article. At-home anti-ageing laser device goes on sale in the UK.

At-home electronic beauty devices have been tipped as one of the hottest trends in the cosmetics industry, with the launch of one of the first at-home anti-ageing laser devices adding to the choices on offer to European consumers.

At-home anti-ageing laser device goes on sale in the UK

Tria Beauty claims that the launch of its Skin Rejuvenating Laser device in the UK is one of the first of its kind for the at-home beauty devices market in Europe, which until now has been largely dominated by hair removal devices. The treatment has been available at professional beauty clinics and spas for a number of years, but this is the first time that a portable at-home version has been made available on the market. Nouveautés. L’innovation en temps de crise : agir autrement. Depuis que la crise financière a secoué le monde et que ses effets se sont propagés s’étendant à l’économie réelle, notre train de vie a changé.

L’innovation en temps de crise : agir autrement

Pouvoirs publics, consommateurs et producteurs n’ont pas été épargnés. En effet, les Etats sont de plus en plus exposés aux effets de la crise. Il va sans rappeler que les difficultés rencontrées par plusieurs pays du Vieux Continent ne cessent de s’accentuer. Google lance la recherche olfactive.