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Probing. Techniques > Questioning > Probing Spot the signals | Clarify the detail | Avoid the traps | See also When questioning someone, you may want at times to get into deeper detail about some particular issue or problem.


For example the other person may have indicated that they cannot make a decision today. This could be because they have an objection or simply that there is more information for you to discover, such as the process by which they make decisions. Spot the signals Before you start probing, you must spot the signals they are sending that there is more here than meets the immediate eye. Vagueness What we say is often severely abbreviated from what we intend or think.

For example if they say "I don't know" may indicate uncertainty or doubt. Judgment The other person may well have made decisions which imply an evaluation or judgment of some kind. For example, if a person says "that wouldn't work", then you could explore who decided this. Clarify the detail Use searching questions Who? Powerful Questions Exercise. This is one of my favourite exercises to share at unconferences.

Powerful Questions Exercise

Powerful Questions is a really useful skill for everyone in a creative, problem-solving organisation, from entry-level developers to members of the leadership team. Doing it together raises awareness about communication styles, and sends a message that participation is wanted! Once a group develops a simple shared vocabulary around question styles, they can go on to practice together and help one another to discuss more constructively! The reason I teach it is this: an agile mindset is not enough, we must be able to spot old-paradigm habits and consciously replace them with more fitting ways of working. As we shift from authoritarian to collaborative work models, old habits can undermine our best intentions, especially when we’re under stress – which, ironically, is when true collaboration could really make a difference.

Exercise overview: Preparation: Exercise Steps: 1. 549 Powerful Coaching Questions FREE 1. 11 Awesome Must-Watch Videos for Career Inspiration. Let’s face it: we can all use a little workplace pick-me-up from time to time.

11 Awesome Must-Watch Videos for Career Inspiration

Even if you’re already having a great day, you can still benefit from five or ten minutes of some added career motivation! When it comes down to it, there’s always opportunity for growth either personally or professionally – but only if we’re open and receptive to it. These videos, interviews, and scenes are here to do just that! Some will make you laugh, others might make you cry, but they’re all pushing you to be smarter, faster, kinder, greater (I was two seconds away from singing a Kanye West song, wasn’t I?) We all have the ability to grow and succeed within us- it’s just a matter of taking that extra step, believing you can do it, and, well, carpe-ing your diem. 1. Take away: Know your limits and then push yourself further. 2. Take away: Sometimes you need to celebrate the small accomplishments like they’re big ones. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Takeaway: Do not give up. 8. 9. 10. 11.

11 Insanely Powerful and Motivational Videos For Employees. As you take your seat for another Monday morning meeting, it’s likely that you look around the room and see a lot of unexcited faces.

11 Insanely Powerful and Motivational Videos For Employees

One thing I believe our company does better than 95% of other companies is the way our leaders motivate the employees around them. Each Monday at noon, we hold a “Sensei Session”. These company-wide meetings are a way for our CEO to give company announcements and for anyone in the company to come up and give a presentation on something they’re really passionate about. Most of our Sensei topics involve personal development, goal setting, nutrition, or productivity hacking, and almost all of them include a motivational video clip. The impact these meetings have on the entire team is invaluable, and your company would benefit greatly from holding your own version of the “Sensei Session”.

The videos below have been used during Sensei’s, retreats, and a variety of planning sessions to help our team get in the zone and “crush it”. Favorite quotes from this video: The Power of Words. Leadership in 1 page. What have the politicians been telling us with their body language? - BBC Three. Leadership in 1 page.