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Lists of different blogs(Personal Development/Leadership)

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50 Best Self-help Blogs for the Unemployed. 2015 Top 100 Food Bloggers — INSPIRED: TOP 100 FOOD BLOGGERS. Inspired by the perfection of imperfection, Beth Kirby is the mastermind behind the Local Milk Blog.

2015 Top 100 Food Bloggers — INSPIRED: TOP 100 FOOD BLOGGERS

She is a stylist, photographer, writer, and recipe developer based in Chattanooga in Nashville, Tennessee. Be swept away by the entrancing imagery and mouth-watering recipes on the pages of the Local Milk Blog. Name: Beth KirbyBlog: LocalMilkBlog.comFounded: 2012Twitter: @Local_MilkInstagram: @local_milk Describe your cooking style in three words: Lyrical. Rustic. What’s your signature dish? What’s the best cooking advice you’ve ever received?

If you could share a meal with anyone in history, who would it be? Images courtesy of Here’s Technorati’s Final List of Top Blogs Before it Disappeared. June 16, 2014 Technorati was once the gateway into the blogosphere.

Here’s Technorati’s Final List of Top Blogs Before it Disappeared

It was one of the few directories we ever truly used on a consistent basis. On May 29th, 2014, without any announcement, Technorati removed its massive index of blogs, which was segmented by category. If you frequented Technorati, you probably knew that it rated the influence of a blog on a thousand point scale, with the top hundred in each category and overall being prominently positioned on the site. Below is Technorati’s explanation surrounding how Authority is calculated: Authority is calculated based on a site’s linking behavior, categorization and other associated data over a short, finite period of time. 30 Essential HR Blogs Every HR Pro Should Read in 2016. With so many amazing HR blogs out there, even choosing which ones to read can be a time consuming affair.

30 Essential HR Blogs Every HR Pro Should Read in 2016

If you don’t have time, no big deal…we’ve picked some out for you! While a few of the websites we listed might seem slightly outside the scope of HR, we decided to include critical topics like employee engagement and company culture. These areas are becoming so important to the expanded role of the modern HR pro and what we believe is missing from other top HR blog lists. Keep reading to find 30 HR blogs you’ll want to bookmark. Here are the most popular HR Blogs, as voted on by our readers.

30 Essential HR Blogs Every HR Pro Should Read in 2016. Top 100 Leadership Blogs (Ranked) Top 100 Leadership Blogs (Ranked) Below is a listing of the Top 100 Leadership and Influence Blogs.

Top 100 Leadership Blogs (Ranked)

It’s a combination of rankings based on BlogRank, PostRank, and listings of additional lists compiled by others blogs. If you know of any other great leadership and influence blogs that we have missed, please let us know. WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs. WordPress is no doubt a very popular web publishing platform for blogs and other types of websites.

WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs

But just how popular is it? We just completed a study and found that WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world. This is an increase from the 32% we recorded three years ago. Other developments since then include that custom blog publishing platforms are more common now, TypePad has all but disappeared from the top 100, Tumblr has made an entrance, and some companies really don’t want to spill the beans about what solutions they use. Update: Following a comment (see below) we have adjusted the article a bit. WordPress is big, period. No cookies. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

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To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9 Open the Internet Browser Click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced Check Override automatic cookie handling For First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies click Accept Click OK and OK Enabling Cookies in Firefox. Personal Development Sites. - is an established personal statement writing service which provides all students with admission / application essay writing help on any topic.

Personal Development Sites

(p)Attitude is Everything - Motivational resources to help you succeed from Jeff Keller, author of the best-selling book, Attitude is Everything. *Get Motivation - Motivation Strategies. *More-selfesteem.Com - Building self esteem and self confidence with tips, free courses, recommended books and lots more! *Dr Wayne Dyer on Audio CD - From Nightingale Conant, World Leader in Personal Development since 1960. (p)Empowering Personal Development - Jeanie Marshall, Author and Personal Development Consultant, offers practical strategies and techniques for your personal growth and self improvement. Training Della Menechella - Dynamic, motivational speaker provides organizations with high impact, content-rich presentations. Empowering Personal Development for You. Leadership and Influence Blog.

Leadership and Influence Blog Welcome to the Leadership and Influence Blog.

Leadership and Influence Blog

To get started, view the Top Leadership and Influence Blogs Directory, view the Top 100 Blogs (Ranked List), read our blog (with guest posts from leading authorities) and view the Top Leadership and Influence Experts on Twitter. You can also click the Resources tab for more. Recent Posts Read our latest blog posts here. 10 Mom Blogs Full of Inspiring Advice. Mommy bloggers reside in a very special corner of the Internet.

10 Mom Blogs Full of Inspiring Advice

Comprised of many stay-at-home moms, this blog genre focuses on product reviews, personal narratives, DIY tips and life-hacks to make daily life easier. The list below selects some of the top mom bloggers today, in no particular order. They offer support, inspiration and tips that resemble a well-curated a Pinterest board. 1. I Am Not the Babysitter In I Am not the Babysitter, Jamie Lynne Grumet writes about her experience as a mother of two sons, one biological, the other adopted from Ethiopia. The 50 Top Leaders in Leadership Blogging. Rankings as of: November 6, 2015 Have you ever wondered who are the top leaders from around the world focusing specifically on the area of Leadership?

The 50 Top Leaders in Leadership Blogging

I have, and that’s why I started compiling the below list of top leaders, because I want to know who they are. Leadership: Top Leaders This list of the world’s 50 Top Leaders in Leadership Blogging is to remain an unfinished list. It will be updated no less than annually, but likely every quarter. Pavlina Papalouka - Entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and coach in Personal Development, Business and Personal Branding. Long before I was even inspired to start my own blog, I have been following certain blogs and authors, who stand out in the value and the content they give in the areas of Personal Growth. Some of the blogs in the following list are my personal favorites for years and others I stumbled upon or heard about due to their popularity among a large audience. Some of them are impressively run by a single person and others by large teams (and yet have similar rankings in popularity and same standards in quality of articles!).

In the list of top personal development blogs, I included blogs that combine the topics of personal development, motivation, inspiration and productivity with entrepreneurship and leadership advice, as I believe all these terms are interrelated. 2009’s Top 50 Personal Development Blogs. Here’s a list of the “Top 50 Personal Development Blogs.” These blogs are being presented with the “Mr. Self Development Award” at this first annual Mr. Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2015. Welcome to the annual update on the 50 Best/Top leadership blogs on the web as of July 2015.

This is our fourth year of putting this list together. As readers will see, once again, this list has changed quite markedly in just a 12 month period. 50 Best Blogs for Practicing Positive Psychology » Positive thinking is a relatively new practice in psychology, though it has historic roots dating back to the 20th century. The general idea is that through the use, training and practice of positive psychology, positive psychologists aim to improve the quality of life in individuals as well as entire communities, rather than solely treating mental illnesses.

It’s focusing importance on not only studying the method in which things go wrong, but also in determining how things go right. The ultimate goal is happiness. if you are interested in studying psychology or getting into counseling, these blogs offer methods, background and studies into how positive psychology works. These blogs are written by psychologists, as well as other professionals in the field, and offer an introduction and insight into this positive field. Working Mom Blogs @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory. 2014 NIGERIAN BLOG AWARDS FULL LIST OF WINNERS. The Nigerian Blog Awards was founded by Nigerian-Canadian Blogger, Jummy also known as Good Naija Girl. Like this: Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs 2015. These are our picks for Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs 2015. Enjoy! Top 15 Self Improvement Blogs In India - Baggout. 1. Your Life Your Way. 20 Eye-opening Self Improvement Blogs You Should Read.

101 Self Improvement Resources That Will Take You From Stuck To Unstoppable. You know the feeling right? Hours and hours you spend searching the Internet in the hope to find a solution for your problem. You wonder how hard it can be to find the right resource. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you ever so much my friends Meyer Lane from Meyer Lane’s Short Attention Span Press, Lea Zengage from Authentic Talk, and Carissa from Ramblings of a Bipolar Woman for nominating The Belief Blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

May 2013 bring even more realisations of hope, inspiration and love, with which you have showered your families, communities, readers, and the world at large. The rules for accepting this peer award are as follows: 10 Bloggers Talk About Personal Development. Personal development can envelop you if you let it. There’s an increasingly large amount of content online revolving around the niche, and if it doesn’t directly name itself as such, several blogs directly revolve around some area relating to it. Wordpress Blog Awards Archives - YOU'RE JUST A DUMBASS. I have had the honor of being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award from one of my favorite bloggers, needforspeed! 17 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth – Life Goals Mag.

My favorite blogs to read have changed throughout the years, but one thing that hasn’t is my love for reading them. 50 Best Blogs for Practicing Positive Psychology » 12 Popular Productivity Blogs and 36 of Their Most Shared Posts. As makers of a platform that increases productivity, we’re big fans of other products and resources that help individuals in the same way. Last week, we shared our 10 favorite new productivity apps from 2013, and now as we kick off the year, we’re sharing a sample of our team’s productivity reading list.

For each outlet, we’ve dug up three popular posts from last year based on social media sharing numbers—a “shares” tally from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. To find this number, we relied on Moz’s Open Site Explorer and the more simpler ShareTally, two great tools that help reveal a site’s traffic and social virality. Each description also features the publishing frequency of the blog, a number garnered from Michael Shipley’s RSS Feed Analyzer. 10 Bloggers Talk About Personal Development. Resources for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People. Introversion and high sensitivity are different, but they can also overlap and interact, and many of us experience both personality traits to some degree, perhaps along with shyness. This page includes articles plus some books, sites, videos and other material about these qualities, their impact on our creative lives, and how we can thrive using the positive aspects.

“From about the age of eighteen or nineteen, when I went to college, I realized that it was just not my idea of fun to party. About Anxiety Relief Solutions. Douglas Eby - Résumé - Talent Development Resources. 56 Blogging Communities For Getting Your Blog Discovered - Self Made Success. Sites for Developing Creativity and Personal Growth.

Talent Development Resources - Creativity - Psychology - Personal Development - Mental Health. Slow Down Fast Personal Coaching and Lifestyle Design ~ David B. Bohl. Playing Tag – The Personal Development Blog List — MindTWEAKS. 61 Experts Reveal How To Consistently Create Epic Content. Playing Tag – The Personal Development Blog List — MindTWEAKS. Alltop - Top Lifehacks News. Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2015. Jef Menguin: Passion for People Excellence. The Top 50 Productivity Blogs (most of which you haven’t heard about) Priscilla » Personal Development List.

Alltop - Top Lifehacks News. The MEGA List of Personal Development Blogs. Best Personal Development, Self-help & Self Improvement Blogs. The Best Personal Development Blog in the Philippines. CommentLuv Enabled Blogs on Personal Development. Top 5 Lifehack Blogs: From Zero to Hero - Blog - GoWin Mobile Casino. Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers. Coaching and Action Learning Blog. Personal Development. Personal Development Articles Free and At Your Fingertips – J.D. Meier's Blog. 20 Eye-opening Self Improvement Blogs You Should Read. Personal Development Ebook Giveaway! The 12 Best Personal Development Books - Charisma on Command.

Home. 56 Blogging Communities For Getting Your Blog Discovered - Self Made Success. 100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs. The 100 Best Blogs of 2015. 30 Successful Bloggers Share Their Best Converting Email Subject Line. 60 Of The Best Minds In The Blogosphere (You REALLY Want to Be Reading Their Stuff) - The Possibility of Today. 10 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow.

60 Of The Best Minds In The Blogosphere (You REALLY Want to Be Reading Their Stuff) - The Possibility of Today. Development blogs you should read - Owen abroad. Top 50 Personal Development Bloggers. The 20 Best Productivity and Personal Development Blogs. Top Ten Personal Development Sites. Top 50 Personal Development Bloggers. 100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement. 27 Self Improvement Blogs & Resources That Will Change Your Life. 10 Awesome Blogs about Personal Achievement. The Best 25 Management & Leadership Blogs of 2013. 7 More Great Persoanl Development Blogs - Warrior Mind Coach - Mental Strength For Self-Mastery, Human Potential And Peak Performance. 62 Must Read Personal Development And Productivity Blogs. 100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement. 27 Self Improvement Blogs & Resources That Will Change Your Life. 12 Blogs to Follow in 2015... That Actually Give Practical Advice! - Mighty Advice. The Top 50 Blogs That Will Unleash Your Motivation.

15 Smart & Fun Blogs that Will Inspire You All Day Long - Real-time chat for online hiring & networking. Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2015. R/TheRedPill. 10 Must-read blogs for productivity junkies. 10 Best Personal Development Blogs 2012 – White Dove Books. Accessible Psychology. Top 100 Personal Development Blogs. Best Personal Development Blogs of 2014. Best Personal Development Blogs and Websites. Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development. The 20 Best Blogs For Women In Their Twenties. Fabulous Female Bloggers Changing the World. Bored With Your Blog? Get Inspired by 4 Fun Bloggers.

Fabulous Female Bloggers Changing the World. Personal Development Blogs List. 25 Personal Development Bloggers to Rock Your World. 10 Best Blogs for Self-Development - Self Thrive. 70 Essential Personal Development Blogs for College Students.