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Leadership Is a Conversation. The command-and-control approach to management has in recent years become less and less viable.

Leadership Is a Conversation

Globalization, new technologies, and changes in how companies create value and interact with customers have sharply reduced the efficacy of a purely directive, top-down model of leadership. What will take the place of that model? Part of the answer lies in how leaders manage communication within their organizations—that is, how they handle the flow of information to, from, and among their employees. Traditional corporate communication must give way to a process that is more dynamic and more sophisticated. 48 Hours of Joseph Campbell Lectures Free Online: The Power of Myth & Storytelling.

Photo by "Folkstory" features Joseph Campbell (left) with Jonathan Young, via Wikimedia Commons.

48 Hours of Joseph Campbell Lectures Free Online: The Power of Myth & Storytelling

You may not be interested in politics, they say, but politics is interested in you. The same, if you believe famed mythologist Joseph Campbell, goes for myth: far from explaining only the origin of the world as believed by extinct societies, it can explain the power of stories we enjoy today — up to and including Star Wars. The man behind PBS' well-known series The Power of Myth left behind many words in many formats telling us precisely why, and now you can hear a fair few of them -- 48 hours worth -- for free on this Spotify playlist.

(If you don't have Spotify's software already, you can download it free here.) "From the Star Wars trilogy to the Grateful Dead," says the Joseph Campbell Foundation, "Joseph Campbell has had a profound impact on our culture, our beliefs, and the way we view ourselves and the world. " Überlebensstrategie „Digital Leadership“ If Employees Don’t Trust You, It’s Up to You to Fix It. Three years ago, 37% of CEOs were concerned about a lack of trust in businesses, according to the PwC Annual Global CEO survey.

If Employees Don’t Trust You, It’s Up to You to Fix It

Across industries, that number has climbed to 55%. A high level of trust between managers and employees defines the best workplaces and drives overall company performance and revenue. A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making. Executive Summary Reprint: R0711C Many executives are surprised when previously successful leadership approaches fail in new situations, but different contexts call for different kinds of responses.

A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making

Before addressing a situation, leaders need to recognize which context governs it—and tailor their actions accordingly. Snowden and Boone have formed a new perspective on leadership and decision making that’s based on complexity science. The result is the Cynefin framework, which helps executives sort issues into five contexts: Beyond the Holacracy Hype. It was a Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas.

Beyond the Holacracy Hype

Five employees were camped out in a team room at Zappos, the largest company so far to implement holacracy—a form of self-management that confers decision power on fluid teams, or “circles,” and roles rather than individuals. On this particular day, in May 2015, the circle charged with overseeing holacracy’s adoption was questioning the method’s effectiveness. Uk.businessinsider. 7 Characteristics of Inspiring Leaders. Apply now to be an Enterpreneur360™ company and let us tell the world your success story.

7 Characteristics of Inspiring Leaders

Get Started » Effective leaders inspire movements that exist only when people choose to move in the same direction. Without a leader, movements fragment and get nowhere. The leader's job is to inspire people to work together in the service of something greater than themselves. Unfortunately, there are a great many bosses out there leading companies, and not enough leaders. 1. Truly inspiring leaders can find the bright side of any issue. Related: 10 Habits of Ultra-Likable Leaders. 12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders. “Both/And” Leadership. The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World.

Executive Summary Research over the past few decades has shown us that the most important leadership qualities are centered around soft skills and emotional intelligence.

The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World

But do these skills point to deeper competencies? A survey of 195 leaders from more than 30 global organizations suggests that there are five major themes of competencies that strong leaders exhibit: 2011162532 thekeystolateralleadership. Zwölf Fragen. 01.

Zwölf Fragen

Ich weiß, was an meinem Arbeitsplatz von mir erwartet wird. 02. Ich verfüge über die nötigen Materialien und Arbeitsbedingungen, um meine Arbeit gut und richtig auszuführen. 03. Ich habe bei der Arbeit jeden Tag die Gelegenheit, das zu tun, was ich am besten kann. 04. 05. 06. 07. The Leadership Game Plan: How Tim Koschella Approaches Leadership. Do you think that leaders are born or made?

The Leadership Game Plan: How Tim Koschella Approaches Leadership

There is no wrong or right answer. What is most important is that a leader understands that he must grow. Why? What Makes a Hero: Joseph Campbell’s Seminal Monomyth Model for the Eleven Stages of the Hero’s Journey, Animated. By Maria Popova Nearly four decades before Joseph Campbell (March 26, 1904–October 30, 1987) refined his enduring ideas on how to find your bliss and have fulfilling life, the legendary mythologist penned The Hero with a Thousand Faces (public library) — his seminal theory outlining the common journey of the archetypal hero across a wealth of ancient myths from around the world.

What Makes a Hero: Joseph Campbell’s Seminal Monomyth Model for the Eleven Stages of the Hero’s Journey, Animated

Campbell’s monomyth model has since been applied to everything from the lives of great artists to pop-culture classics like Star Wars. This wonderful short animation from TED Ed presents a synthesis of Campbell’s foundational framework for the eleven stages of the hero’s quest — from the call to adventure to the crisis to the moment of return and transformation — illustrating its timeless potency in illuminating the inner workings of so many of our modern myths and the real-life heroes we’ve come to worship: Unpicking Angela Merkel's 'connected' leadership style. For many years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had a reputation for being cautious. But her response to the refugee crisis has shown her to be a bold and very connected leader.

What attributes have placed her at the centre of the world stage? Angela Merkel has led Germany for ten years and has long been regarded as an unassailable and unflappable leader.