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Send and Receive MIDI with Arduino. To understand MIDI communication, you have to understand a little about bytes and bits.

Send and Receive MIDI with Arduino

A byte is a packet of data used to store information. In MIDI protocol, each byte is made up of 8 bits; bits can only equal to 0 or 1. A sample byte is given below: Each 1 or 0 in this byte is a bit. The leftmost bit is called the most significant bit (or MSB) and the rightmost bit is called the least significant bit (or LSB). The Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge. Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge is the easiest way to connect serial devices (like Arduinos) to send and receive MIDI signals. 100% Free Software.

The Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge

For Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. Download ⊕ System Requirements ⊕ Getting Started ⊕ FAQ & Troubleshooting Why Use Hairless MIDI<->Serial? Cross platform - same program on OS X, Windows, Linux. Has no dependencies, can be run out of the box on nearly any computer. Buchla Tech. Moog Music Announces The New Emerson Moog Modular System. Moog Music unveils one of its largest engineering undertakings, the new Emerson Moog Modular System.

Moog Music Announces The New Emerson Moog Modular System

On the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Moog Modular, the first voltage controlled synthesizer, Moog Music is proud to honor Keith Emerson and his seminal collaboration with Bob Moog. Today, for the first time at Moogfest 2014, Moog Music reveals its three year effort faithfully recreating the iconic Emerson Moog Modular. In the intervening 50 years since the advent of the first Moog synthesizer, people have steadily come to appreciate the power and flexibility of the early Moog modular systems. Now in 2014, 60 years after Bob Moog started his electronic musical instrument company, with great respect for the tradition, design, and craftsmanship of the original Moog modular systems, Moog Music proudly announces the recreation of arguably the most famous synthesizer in history--Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular System. New Moog: Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer, Moog's answer to the new breed of affordable analogs?

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New Moog: Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer, Moog's answer to the new breed of affordable analogs?

It looks crap and the moog name seems to have lost its value. Hype, hype, hype. 20-Apr-14 12:32 PM dATSK Said... I don't have any VCOs to speak of, so a neatly packaged, cheap VCO from MOOG would no doubt leap to the top of my shopping list. Heck, it almost seems like a MOOG X0XB0X! As for Moog losing it's value; despite a slightly confused catalog of products, I reckon Amos is doing a great job. All companies have to move with the times and cater to the demands of the market. 20-Apr-14 12:57 PM Benedict J Said... Hated those knobs on the Monotron and I shall hate them on here 20-Apr-14 01:31 PM AndyB Said... It's got audio in. 20-Apr-14 01:43 PM Goku Said... To the guy who wants a cheap, standalone Moog VCO: it exists. 20-Apr-14 06:00 PM RF Said... As far as Moog loosing it's value, I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder. 20-Apr-14 06:21 PM Robert Said... Hey, they copied the Tinysizer´s patchbay!

An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY. Dlb electronics. Lunetta Synthesizer here is the most recent picture of this system as of May 2012. and a picture of it with a patch going.

dlb electronics

The name Lunetta refers to the retired professional percussionist and musician Stanley Lunetta. Stan was notable in the area of electronic music and developed very simple circuits often from abusing digital logic integrated circuit chips. More info on Stan here. SpeakJet - COM-09578. Description: The SpeakJet is a completely self-contained, single-chip voice and complex sound synthesizer.

SpeakJet - COM-09578

It uses a mathematical sound algorithm to control an internal five channel sound synthesizer to generate on-the-fly, unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis and complex sounds. The SpeakJet is pre-configured with 72 speech elements (allophones), 43 sound effects, and 12 DTMF Touch Tones.