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Modular Homes

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Rocio Romero, modern design and prefab architecture. A Jennifer Siegal Company. Modern Cabana. Blu Homes is committed to making it easier for our customers to build premium quality, beautifully-designed structures at predictable prices.

Modern Cabana

Thanks to the acquisition of Modern Cabana by Blu Homes, our customers now have a smaller prefab option that can be used for home offices, art and photography studios, carpentry shops, playhouses, garden sheds, yoga studios and storage units. More information will be available about Modern Cabanas by Blu Homes starting next year. If you are interested in Modern Cabanas by Blu Homes, please provide us with your information below. Modern Cabana has been a leading builder of modern accessory dwellings in the U.S. since its founding in 2004.

Modern Cabana has gained national recognition for its elegant, economical spaces that make it convenient and cost-effective to add accessory space to any home, and has installed its buildings for scores of customers across the U.S. Back to top Cabanas can range from 120-300 sq. ft. FlatPak. Youmeheshe architects. Concept. Dina drömmars lantställe. Download. Design Idea & Image Galleries on Dornob. Super-Fast Prefab: Flat-Pack Steel Home Frame in Just 1 Day. Strong, lightweight and versatile, this home really shows what metal can do.

Super-Fast Prefab: Flat-Pack Steel Home Frame in Just 1 Day

Galvanized steel parts are shipped flat to the site, making it easier to build in remote and difficult-to-access locations (like the desert). Even more impressive: the exterior frame takes one day and full cladding system can be set up in less than a week, making it possible to work on the weather-proof interior in a matter of days. Plus Energy Simulation Software: Weather Data.

Weather data for more than 2100 locations are now available in EnergyPlus weather format — 1042 locations in the USA, 71 locations in Canada, and more than 1000 locations in 100 other countries throughout the world.

Plus Energy Simulation Software: Weather Data

The weather data are arranged by World Meteorological Organization region and Country. Select a region below to view weather data. Africa (WMO Region 1)Asia (WMO Region 2)South America (WMO Region 3)North and Central America (WMO Region 4)Southwest Pacific (WMO Region 5)Europe (WMO Region 6) KitHAUS - true modular site constructed pre-fabricated housing system. Hive Modular + m.a Architecture + InterModal Design. H-Haus. Blue Sky Homes – Modern, Eco Friendly, Steel Homes. Home - Blu Homes. Alchemy - Home of the weeHouse - Homes / The Dwell Home / The Original Dwell Home. The Original Dwell Home was the winning design of the Dwell Home Design Invitational.

Homes / The Dwell Home / The Original Dwell Home

Sixteen architecture firms from the US and abroad were selected to submit design entries. The winning design came from Resolution 4 Architecture, a firm based in New York City. Since then, the house has been the subject of national press attention and has received accolades from media, designers, and design enthusiasts. In April 2005 it was called "the most high-profile modern prefab house in America" by the Washington Post. The project was a ground breaking case study for the marriage of prefabricated construction and cutting edge modern design. The home sits on 9.14 acres on a secluded hilltop surrounded by federal preserved lands yet located five minutes from downtown Pittsboro in Chatham County, North Carolina. Fabprefab - modernist prefab dwellings. MiniHome. Marmol Radziner Prefab.

Ma modular. Konyk. Architecture · interiors · design. Modular Dwellings. Modern Modular - modern contemporary architecture for a broad audience by building prefab. Royal Q Series - Royal Homes. PieceHomes: modular modern homes by Davis Studio Architecture + Design. Low cost housing kits. The patented technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application.

Low cost housing kits

It is affordable due to the fact that the formwork is used on a repetitive basis for up to 50 reuses per kit; this results in the cost of the formwork being amortized over the construction of 50 units. By combing the re-usable, patented, recyclable lightweight plastic injection moulded concrete formwork kits, with a South African Bureau of Standards approved lightweight aerated mortar, Agrément Certificate 94/231, a full scale mould of the designed house is configured with all the services, both plumbing and electrical, are cast in situ as a monolithic reinforced walling system. In simple terms, has: A constant supply of materials Known costs Unskilled operators Next to no waste Increased productivity Reduced cost Consistent quality Predictable cash flow Over and above these advantages, Modular Homes, Prefab Homes, Prefabricated Homes << Stillwater Dwellings.

House and Leisure. Olness: Great Modular Housing Idea. It's no secret that there is a housing issue in SA.

olness: Great Modular Housing Idea

These Inizio houses first caught my eye design wise and when I saw the price I was shocked. They may not be a solution to all our housing issues but they are wonderfully clever and certainly have a place. R155000 for a fully equipped one bedroom unit! The person responsible for such coolness is South African Philip Nel. Why on earth are we not seeing more of them?! They can also be used as an office.

Zenkaya. Mobile Homes, Modular buildings and Mobile Offices in South Africa.