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Adaptable House caters for growing family, home office, retired living, or divorce

Adaptable House caters for growing family, home office, retired living, or divorce
It uses sliding partitions and storage walls, extension modules and a puzzle of garden components. Danish architects Henning Larsen's new Adaptable House is designed to accommodate the most common lifestyle changes, from having children to settling into retirement. The energy-efficient home can even be fairly separated in case of divorce. View all Realized with developers Realdania Byg and contractors GXN, the Adaptable House not only offers flexible room arrangements, but has a built-in strategy for extending and separating volumes. Pre-figuring life changes The Adaptable House was conceived to help meet a range of lifestyle changes. Perhaps the most innovative and coolly pragmatic gesture is in adapting for divorce. Sliding partitions make flexible interiors (Photo: Jesper Ray/Realdania Byg) Not just a room under the stairs The architects were determined that any new configurations meet their criteria for natural light, ventilation, plus noise and temperature control. Adding on Related:  Homestead Planning & DesignModular, Prefab, & 3D Printed

What Kind Of Small Farm Is Right For You? So, you're planning a small farm, but you're not sure if you want to have a hobby farm, a homestead, or a small farm business. What do you do? How do you decide on the best fit? Consider Your Goals The first thing to think about is, what do you want out of your small farm? For example, are you an entrepreneurial type who gets warm and glowy when you envision creating value-added farm products and selling them at farmers markets, or growing vegetables on acres of farmland and selling them in bulk to restaurants? Set Goals for Your Small Farm Hobby Farming Hobby farming is for people who have another primary source of income and want to have a farm that doesn't have to produce income or support them by providing for most or all of their needs. Hobby farmers can put a lot of money into their hobby farms, or they can run them more like a homestead in that they want to minimize how much money they use as an input. How to Start a Hobby Farm A Small Farm Business How to Start a Small Farm Business

Shipping containers and silos house students at Mill Junction The Mill Junction student accommodation is based in Newtown, Johannesburg (Photo: Citiq) Image Gallery (19 images) South African property developer Citiq has recently completed the renovation of unused grain silos in Newtown, Johannesburg, into low-cost – and rather unique-looking – student accommodation, which also features multi-colored shipping containers to the top and side. View all The Mill Junction project comprises 10 stories based in disused silos, which have had windows cut into the facade, and an additional four floors of shipping containers stacked atop the silos to increase available space. Even more of the metal boxes are affixed to the side of the building, too. Some thought went into making Mill Junction as sustainable as possible, and heat pumps for hot water production, motion-sensor-activated energy-efficient lighting, and double-glazed windows were all installed. Source: Citiq via Design Boom Share About the Author Adam is a tech and music writer based in North Wales.

Flat-pack NOMAD Micro Home promises inexpensive off-grid living Canadian company NOMAD Homes has produced a new concept micro-home that measures just 100 sq ft (9.2 sq m), ships as a flat-pack, can operate off-grid, and is said to be easy-to-build. The firm has turned to Indiegogo to raise funds for manufacturing, and eventually intends to sell the base version of the home for under US$25,000. View all The micro-dwelling shoe-horns a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping area into its small physical footprint, and is offered in three versions, with included features depending on price. The base model sports kitchen cabinets, shelving, plenty of storage space, laminate flooring, lighting, and prewired electrical outlets. Construction materials include metal structural insulated panels and galvanized metal siding, with baseboards and trim made from MDF. The NOMAD Micro Home is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. If you're so inclined, the video below features the obligatory pitch. Source: NOMAD Micro Homes via Indiegogo

The sub-prime crisis was predictable, and we're making the same mistakes again The US has wasted its “sub-prime” mortgage crisis. The story of how and why this has happened is of interest not only for its own sake, but for the broader themes it reveals. I am a theoretically trained economist who started investigating US housing finance markets more than 20 years ago. Naïvely as it turned out, we each believed that the housing finance crash might finally cause more fundamental questions to be asked. Our hope was short-lived. The breakdown of the reform process is as simple to understand as it is tragic. To understand how deep and broad the problems are, consider an apparently more effective reform effort in the aftermath of the Challenger crash. Click to enlarge Even in the case of Challenger, resistance to expert input reared its head. NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest, and informative, so that these citizens can make the wisest decisions for the use of their limited resources. Spin cycle Closed shop

How To Start Homesteading You might live in the city or the country. Your homesteading plans might be pie-in-the-sky dreams or you may be ready to start right this minute. Wherever you are right now, you should know that you can take a step toward your homesteading dreams today. It can be hard to figure out where to start. Start Now You can start homesteading right now, today. Pick one or two projects that you can start in the next month or so. If that seems like too much, start smaller. Read and Learn Besides starting a small project or two this season, take the time to read up about homesteading skills. List Your Priorities Once you've soaked up as much information as possible about how to homestead, you'll be itching to start planning your homestead. Find a Homestead For many of us, finding that "place in the country" is a key part of homesteading. Remember that you don't need 40 acres, or even 10, to have a homestead. How to Buy Land for a Homestead or Small Farm Plan the First Year

Sustainable home can be built in four days using only a screwdriver French architectural firm Multipod Studio recently unveiled a new sustainable house prototype that's lightweight, recyclable, and promises to be an inexpensive purchase and extremely efficient to run. The suitably-named Pop-Up House also boasts another notable selling-point: all that's required to assemble it is four day's patience and a standard electric screwdriver. View all Pop-Up House measures a total of 150 sq m (1,614 sq ft), and the interior features a large combined open space that contains kitchen, dining and living room areas. Elsewhere in the home are two bathrooms, a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, an office, and a terrace. The structure is simple to build and comprises a spruce wood frame, laminate veneer wooden floor, and expanded polystyrene insulation blocks, and everything is held together using wood screws. At present, Pop-Up House is still in the prototype stage, so finer details on the home are lacking. Source: Pop-Up House Share

ÁPH80 prefab portable home offers appealing vision of micro-living - Images The ÁPH80 will set you back from €32,000 (roughly US$42,000) (Photo: ÁBATON) Image Gallery (11 images) Spanish architectural studio ÁBATON has developed the ÁPH80: a prefabricated, portable micro-home, which is envisioned as the first in a series of upcoming similar dwellings suitable for up to two people. View all ÁPH80 measures a total of 27 sq m (290 sq ft), and features three interior areas: a lounge and kitchen space, a bathroom, and a double bedroom. ÁPH80 sports a ventilated facade with 12 cm (4.7 in) of thermal insulation. ÁBATON reports that the home is transported via truck and can be placed practically anywhere. That said, there's no word on whether or not a connection to the grid would be necessary for these amenities. The ÁPH80 is priced from €32,000 (roughly US$42,000). Source: ÁBATON via Inhabitat About the Author Adam is a tech and music writer based in North Wales. Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below

by @robfitz | Figuring out early stage startups In my first company, I tried to act extroverted, because I thought that’s what good leaders did. It was exhausting and counter-productive. I’ve found a more comfortable way of working and wanted to share a few thoughts and resources that have been helpful to me. The back-thumping, rapport-building, steak-and-strippers salesman is just one of several styles, and it’s not even the most effective. In fact, it tends to be actively harmful if you’re developing long-term relationships (like in large sales, long-term partnerships, and fund-raising). The turning point for me was realising that it’s okay not to have all the answers. And finally, not all sales is created equal. I like YC’s attitude on pitching to investors: it doesn’t matter how awkward you are, as long as your startup is good enough. The one point I wanted to make before we get started is, we actually don’t spent a lot of time at YC focusing on this. Having an office is probably my least favourite part of having a company.

Nine Things to Consider When Looking For Your Survival House image from Seattle Municipal Archives You don’t need a bunker in a remote location in Idaho or Montana to have a home that is able to withstand an emergency situation. However, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing where to live as your home is an often overlooked but important part of your preparedness efforts. If you’re looking to relocate (or just want to run your current location through a survival checkup), here are a few important things to consider that affect the security and survivability of your home. 1. 2. 3. Weather hazards can encompass large areas, so are sometimes difficult to avoid. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Bonus #10. My home is my castle (albeit a very small castle). Chinese company uses 3D printing to build 10 houses in a day Small home constructed from 3D-printed building blocks (Image: Winsun New Materials) Image Gallery (3 images) This small home may look plain, but it represents a significant achievement in rapid construction. If you’ve been to a major city in China recently, you’ll have noticed a theme. Outside the major urban centers, there’s still a vast need for quick, cheap housing, and Suzhou-based construction materials firm Winsun has stepped forward with a very impressive demonstration of rapid construction by using 3D printing techniques to build 10 small houses in 24 hours using predominantly recycled materials. Rather than printing the homes in one go, Winsun’s 3D printer creates building blocks by layering up a cement/glass mix in structural patterns (watch the process here). The printer is 6.6 m (22 ft) tall, 10 m (33 ft) wide and 32 m (105 ft) long. Each small house takes very little labor to assemble, and costs as little as US$4,800. Source: Winsun via Wall Street Journal About the Author

From prefab skyscrapers to prefab houses, Klik claims to fit the bill The Klik building system is designed for residential projects of all sizes (Image: Elenberg Fraser + Unitised Building Australia) Image Gallery (5 images) With Klik, Australian companies Elenberg Fraser and Unitised Building have come up with a prefabricated modular building system they claim is equally suited to knocking up a quick skyscraper as it is a modern, designer house. It makes sense, then, that the product is pitched at developers, architects and would-be homeowners alike, and that the multiple choice procurement procedure is identical for each. View all Unfortunately, no amount of prefab wizardry can simplify the oft-frustrating, sometimes harrowing process of gaining planning permission, but it's after this stage that the designers of Klik reckon that their product simplifies designing, procuring and building a house, hotel or residential skyscraper. Klik's designers claim that the system allows prices to be fixed at an early stage of the process. Source: Klik About the Author

100 Websites to Teach Yourself Photography So you are thinking of taking up photography as a hobby. Where do you begin? The age of point and shoot is over. Everyone can create beautiful, easily processed photos with a digital camera. Basic Photography Tutorials Photography – Catch up on photog blogs, photography contests, and even learn your camera basics with this thorough page.Learn Photography – This site is aimed at the photography neophyte, and walks you through choosing a camera, learning specialized terms and mastering lighting and – This community of photographers features millions of photos from thousands of photographers, with interactive forums, product reviews, and photo news to make you a better photographer.Photography Articles – These collected articles from the “No BS Photo Success” website offer tips on joining photography forums, shooting tutorials, info on online courses and much – This site is a one-stop shot for photography needs. Photoshop Tutorials

Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities This guide is written for anyone seeking help from federal programs to foster innovative enterprises in agriculture and forestry in the United States. Specifically, the guide addresses program resources in community development; sustainable land management; and value-added and diversified agriculture and forestry. Thus, it can help farmers, entrepreneurs, community developers, conservationists, and many other individuals, as well as private and public organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. The guide can also help USDA and other agency employees become aware and take better advantage of the enormous array of federal programs and resources available to their clients in supporting agricultural and forestry innovations. Website design and maintenance as well as distribution of hard copies of this guide are conducted by the Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) project of the National Center for Appropriate Technology