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22 Most Beautiful Houses Made From Shipping Containers. Advertisement Living in these days can mean a lot more that just having a shelter, food and clothing.

22 Most Beautiful Houses Made From Shipping Containers

People have evolved a lot in the last 50 years and the trend is of an exponential growth. The differences between generations will be more significant than there are now. As a proof that people have already started to change their minds and philosophy are the random bursts of nonconformism, meaning that some people no longer feel represented by the masses, and their image can’t be associated with an institution of a large group of people. Part of the nonconformism I was talking about is the residential component. Some people buy large houses with concrete structures or steel and glass to reinforce their social position and other people choose something different but always a place that suits their needs.

Don’t rush into conclusions yet, let’s take a look at some wonderful structures and then let’s draw a conclusion together. 1 | Shipping Container Guest House. Бизнес идея №5726. Мобильные городские апартаменты. Модульные квартиры Kasita – новый взгляд на урбанистику и извечный квартирный вопрос.

Бизнес идея №5726. Мобильные городские апартаменты

При переезде на другое место жительства вы можете забрать такую квартиру с собой, ничего не меняя во внутреннем интерьере. В ближайшем будущем переезд из одного места жительства в другое может стать делом более легким. Профессор из Техаса по имени Джефф Уилсон придумал способ, как можно забирать предыдущую квартиру с собой, ничего не меняя внутри. Натолкнула его на инновационную идею обычная мусорка. В свободное от науки и преподавательской деятельности профессор Университета Хьюстона-Тиллотсона занимается проблемами экологии и любит поучаствовать в различных акциях. Prefabrication. Prefabrication is not a new idea for architects.


It was a staple of the post-war modernist ideal, a great dream that precise modern structures would be created in clean factories and then shipped to site. However, the realities of post-war prefab were far from this ideal; buildings were often poorly designed or poorly constructed, and by the end of the century prefabrication was merely a footnote in the catalog of construction methods. In the 21st century though, prefabrication is experiencing a resurgence. In this article originally published on Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space publication as "Future of Construction: Your Next Building Won’t Be Built—It Will Be Manufactured," Autodesk's Phil Bernstein looks at the current wave of prefabrication, and answers the question: why now?

Imagine a 57-story tower built in just 19 days. That’s what China’s Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) company just did. And BSB isn’t the only one with this type of ambitious plan for the future of construction. В Китае за 3 часа на 3D-принтере напечатали полноценную двухэтажную виллу (фото) - В Китае за 3 часа на 3D-принтере напечатали полноценную двухэтажную виллу (фото) Полноценный двухэтажный дом был возведен всего за 3 часа, а вечером того же дня ZhuoDa group, фирма которая вплотную занялась 3D-строительством домов в КНР, построила ещё один дом.

В Китае за 3 часа на 3D-принтере напечатали полноценную двухэтажную виллу (фото) -

«Вилла из 3D-принтера» построена из отдельных модулей, которые изготавливаются на фабрике сразу целиком, включая внутреннюю отделку, проводку, водопровод, сантехнику, мебель и т.д. Фактически, дом готов уже на 90%, когда его модули привозят на строительную площадку, передает Фрагменты самого дома печатаются из определенного состава, который держится в тайне. Кроме того, дом отличается высокой теплоизоляцией – в нём не жарко летом и не холодно зимой.

Известно, что в этот секретный состав входят материалы, полученные из промышленных и сельскохозяйственных отходов. Заказчик может выбрать дом со стенами, покрытыми декоративными текстурами, придающими им сходство с мрамором, деревом или гранитом. Подписаться на ПОЛИТОЛОГ: Shipping Container Homes - How to Plan, Design and Build your own House out of Cargo Containers » Moor Street Residence / Andrew Maynard Architects. Architects: Andrew Maynard Architects Location: Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia Design Team: Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Peter Bennetts Building Surveyor: Building Strategies Engineering: Coulthard Shim P/L From the architect.

Moor Street Residence / Andrew Maynard Architects

How do you create a home in 4.5m? It’s tricky, but a lot of fun. A family of four had lived in this modest, ageing house for almost eight years. Within this pocket of Fitzroy is a dense mix of workers’ cottages and small terraces. As Fitzroy has gentrified we have seen renewal take place in unsympathetic ways. In the centre of the original house was a small light well containing a beautiful, yet constrained, Japanese maple tree. The separate boxes on the upper level contain the master bedroom. Modular Jenga Tower: You Don’t Have To Move; All Your Apartment Will. The thing is that it is just a bizarre modular tower concept for the center of Hong Kong.

Modular Jenga Tower: You Don’t Have To Move; All Your Apartment Will

Y Design Office pictured a Jenga-like 75 story building where residential units are to be rearranged every five years. Plug-in/plug-out mechanical system to provide easy relocation of the steel and concrete units varied in size from XS to XL and in the arrangement of the interior blocks (like kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc.) in according to the customer’s requirements.Via: