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Modular Homes

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Seattle Business Magazine. In 2008, Seattle-based Unico Properties had an exciting project in the works.

Seattle Business Magazine

After rolling out their “inhabit” design, factory-built modern apartments that could be assembled on-site and arranged to accommodate a variety of features, such as private decks and green roofs, the company was slated to break ground in South Lake Union on a 62-unit complex. Unico put the project on hold when the real estate market tanked. The prefab-homes niche was devastated by the larger collapse in housing. In the past two years, several West Coast companies filed for bankruptcy, including Bellingham-based Transform LLC. Method Homes. Method Homes and Balance Associates Architects offer an expanded Balance M Series.

Method Homes

The M Series has multiple interior and exterior finish options and is fully adaptable for various sites, locations, and owner needs. In addition to predesigned models, Balance is available to create custom prefab designs. The price includes all modular portions of the home. It does not include soft costs, site work, foundation, appliances, and delivery/ installation. View Complete M-Series Projects. Prefab and Modular Home Companies - Prefabcosm. FlatPak. Double Wide Series « Resolution: 4 Architecture. Size: 1895 SF Dimensions: 32′-0″ x 94′-0″ 4 bedrooms 2 baths The 2-Bar Slip is anchored by a central living space with windowed views in every direction, perfect for a site with multiple desirable views.

Double Wide Series « Resolution: 4 Architecture

The central living / dining / kitchen space opens at two corners to bright, windowed halls that lead to bedrooms. This space creates a cross-directional axis that is further implied by the tilted roof and ceiling planes, opening the interior to outside. The two separated wings of bedrooms allow the house to easily sustain a large family or work as a shared duplex residence. Building a Urban Prefab: Some Things Never Change. Square Root Architecture + Design Forty years ago, when prefab was new, the building inspectors backed up the local builders and demanded that drywall be ripped off so that they could check the insulation, plumbing and wiring.

Building a Urban Prefab: Some Things Never Change

By the time they were through, there wasn't much left of the interior. Eventually systems were put in place for State by State approvals that still hobble the American prefab industry. In Chicago, Jeff Sommers of Square Root Architecture is trying to build a green urban prefab. (He has designed the C3 Prefab, shown in this post) But according to the Chicago Tribune, it is the same old stuff. "Safety is always the main concern," said Bill McCaffrey, director of public affairs for the city Department of Buildings. The Tribune notes that for traditional projects, What One Modern House Tells Us About the Future of Urban Building – Next City. On a Tuesday morning not long ago, I entered a half-assembled house tucked into a quiet corner of Somerville, Mass.

What One Modern House Tells Us About the Future of Urban Building – Next City

In much of this small city, adjacent to Cambridge, you can no longer walk down the block without passing a yoga studio or an artisanal butcher. But this residential street still felt more like the blue-collar town of a previous generation. Outside, a yellow crane lifted a floor deck high overhead. A few men wearing hard hats and tool belts busied themselves inserting screws and climbing ladders. I stood with Ethan Lacy, one of the architects who designed the house, in the middle of a space that would become an airy living/dining room. “Yesterday morning there was nothing here,” said Lacy. Green Home Builder Los Angeles. Modern Prefab Homes, Shipping Containers and Architects.

Urban prefab home called HOMB gives modular homes a new twist with triangles. View full size Stacked triangles create a modern shape.

Urban prefab home called HOMB gives modular homes a new twist with triangles

BRIDGET A. OTTO/THE OREGONIAN The angular house with its brow jutting over the front entrance isn't birthed from the same blueprint as the older bungalows lining Northeast Ivy Street. Buyer Beware: A Prefab Shopper's Guide. 1— How many houses have you built?

Buyer Beware: A Prefab Shopper's Guide

WHY ASK? “It takes more than a single show home to know what you’re doing. I think ten is the magic number—that’s when an architect or company has seen enough and tried enough to truly know the challenges. If they’ve built less, you are signing up to be an early adopter. 101 Prefab. Pretty Fabulous. TD3 1890 - Turkel Design. Axiom 2340 - Turkel Design. Modern, Green, Premium Prefab Homes. Prefab Homes in Seattle. Our new prefab homes with Seattle area designs, embodies respect for the environment and incorporates the work of local craftsmen, making each a unique jewel.

Prefab Homes in Seattle

GreenPod® homes are designed to the highest Built Green and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications with our 5 Star Criteria for Living consisting of: Healthy Air, Energy Conservation, Sustainability, Water for Life, and Beauty. We believe each home should be designed to optimize the site so all plans are customized. This concept differs from other new prefab homes in Seattle as GreenPod® also offers a variety of selected natural interiors products that promotes healthy indoor air quality. We have developed varying styles which complement the homes in different areas and landscapes. One of the options we provide are factory built homes. Prefab and Modular Homes in 2013.

As I wrote in my post about 2013 building trends, prefabs and modular will gain more popularity.

Prefab and Modular Homes in 2013

Saving money on construction is a big deal in this economy, and that is one benefit of a pre-fab or modular home. The other big one is that they are very energy-efficient these days, and builders and designers are using more earth-friendly materials. Builder of Modern, Green, Sustainable, Prefab Homes.