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Homes / The Dwell Home / The Original Dwell Home The Original Dwell Home was the winning design of the Dwell Home Design Invitational. Sixteen architecture firms from the US and abroad were selected to submit design entries. The winning design came from Resolution 4 Architecture, a firm based in New York City. Since then, the house has been the subject of national press attention and has received accolades from media, designers, and design enthusiasts. The Latest from Stillwater « Stillwater Dwellings Computer Aided Design (CAD) is not new to the architectural world. It's been around, in one form or another, since the 1970's. As with all technology it's sophistication has grown exponentially. However, even with its incredible power, CAD still can't automatically create exciting new designs or find the right plan to take advantage of the unique characteristics of a building site.

Office Projects, Furniture, Fabrication, New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA, New York While the open-office concept of the Barbarian Group’s new headquarters in New York City is not unusual, the undulating “superdesk” that fills the space is unexpected. Designed by Los Angeles-based Clive Wilkinson Architects (CWA), which also designed the rest of the new office space, this wow-inducing piece serves as a shared worktop for the interactive marketing firm’s entire staff and a physical representation of the firm’s collaborative approach to its work. The 4,400-square-foot desk weaves through the 20,000-square-foot office, and while the path seems whimsical, each curve and arch was deliberately designed. “These grottoes that are created when the table lifts up are a direct reaction to the lines of circulation that need to happen through the space,” says Chester Nielsen, associate at of CWA. CWA used the 3D-modeling software Rhinoceros and Revit to achieve the desk’s geometry.

The Monolithic Dome Monolithic Domes are constructed following a method that requires a tough, inflatable Airform, steel-reinforced concrete and a polyurethane foam insulation. Each of these ingredients is used in a technologically specific way. Our domes can be designed to fit any architectural need: homes, cabins, churches, schools, gymnasiums, arenas and stadiums, bulk storages, landlord dwellings and various other privately or publicly owned facilities. Monolithic Domes meet FEMA standards for providing near-absolute protection and have a proven ability to survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, most manmade disasters, fire, termites and rot.

Home Welcome to Logical Homes Fifty years ago it was assumed that by now we would all be living in space stations high above the earth. Yet the future didn't quite work out that way. Most of us live on terra firma in homes that (in the rich western world) are built pretty much the same way as those constructed fifty years ago: by people standing out in the sun hammering wood together. Modern Cabana Blu Homes is committed to making it easier for our customers to build premium quality, beautifully-designed structures at predictable prices. Thanks to the acquisition of Modern Cabana by Blu Homes, our customers now have a smaller prefab option that can be used for home offices, art and photography studios, carpentry shops, playhouses, garden sheds, yoga studios and storage units. More information will be available about Modern Cabanas by Blu Homes starting next year. If you are interested in Modern Cabanas by Blu Homes, please provide us with your information below. Modern Cabana has been a leading builder of modern accessory dwellings in the U.S. since its founding in 2004.

Confluence: Perfect sightlines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy flow — ideabox Over the years we would hear..."I love the simplicity of the CONFLUENCE, but I need just a little more room." Room for entertaining, room for projects, room to just hang out. So, we combined all the virtues of the CONFLUENCE with just a little more space and give birth to the c.2+. The idea behind the c.2+ is not to simply add space, but to add space that is as much fun as it is functional. We doubled the area of the open central space to make room for all your friends and family, not just your inner circle.

Wood, Fabrication, Walls, Engineered Wood, Engineering, Lumber, Structure, Simon Neulichedl, Sandy Attia, BauCon, Finnforest, Metsä Wood, Autodesk, If ever a client exists that would want to flaunt the versatility of wood, it is Damiani-Holz & Ko (DH&K), a timber construction company in the light-industrial district of Bressanone, Italy. DH&K wanted a building that “represented what they do in an innovative way and that just stood out and said, ‘Wood,’ ” says Sandy Attia, founding partner of local firm MoDus Architects. Housing a customer service area, office space, and a multipurpose room, the four-story, 12,885-square-foot building features wood framing, floors, ceilings, and stairs. But its most prominent element is its exterior, which comprises 424 geometric plywood fins that wrap the structure’s walls and roof and mimic the towering pallets of boards and planks in DH&K’s lumberyard. “These big, very monolithic blocks—almost like mini buildings of wood—were our inspiration,” Attia says.

Low cost housing kits The patented technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application. It is affordable due to the fact that the Plan of Steel Taken with the architecture of Rick Joy, McAdam thought about concrete, but he quickly learned that it wouldn’t meet his budget. He then considered a rustic steel structure reminiscent of the mining cabins he had explored over the years in the Mojave Desert. But again, cost was an issue. Then he visited a friend who was building equestrian facilities on her property. McAdam marveled at how the modular steel elements came together elegantly and quickly to form the barns, shelters, and other structures. After speaking with Barret Hilzer, one of the heads of FCP, Inc., the company that did the work on his friend’s property, McAdam became convinced he could use a similar steel framing system to build an affordable, sustainable, beautiful, and prefabricated home.

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