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Design Based Thinking

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Forget the 80-20 Rule. Follow the 1-50 Rule Instead. Over the last few years, I have written a lot about time management and shared ways that you can do more by working less.

Forget the 80-20 Rule. Follow the 1-50 Rule Instead

Once you understand that the idea of a direct, one-to-one relationship between time and value is outdated, you can begin to upgrade the use of your time within your business for faster growth and a better work-life balance. The Old 80-20 Rule To upgrade your use of time, you first have to identify what tasks you do that truly create value for your business. How to use your Instant Pot: Everything you've wanted to know. We hope Instant Pot mania never dies.

How to use your Instant Pot: Everything you've wanted to know

This beloved pressure cooker -- also called the Instapot -- continues to draw an obsessive, cult-like crowd of home cooks that have long forgotten about their slow cookers. Its name is fun to say, meals come together incredibly fast and, oh yeah, it makes damn delicious food. Whether you're a new Instant Pot owner who picked one up on sale during Prime Day or have dabbled for a while, this guide is for you.

This guide is always updates to show you how to break in your supercharged pressure cooker with recipes, tips, hidden features and more. To kick things off, let's walk through Instapot basics. More tips: 15 healthy Instant Pot recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner | Does the Instant Pot destroy nutrients in your food while cooking? Capacity Interactive: Digital Marketing Consulting for the Arts. Five Resources to Help You Learn About Design Thinking. There are a lot of great books on design thinking and how to transform your corporate culture through design thinking.

Five Resources to Help You Learn About Design Thinking

But not everyone loves to read or has the time for long-form content. That’s okay. There are just as many visual and tactile resources available to help business leaders integrate design thinking into every aspect of the business. Here are a few of our favorites: This short YouTube video from the renowned design thinking firm, IDEO, offers a simple, compelling overview of what human centered design is, how it drives inspiration, and why it adds real business value. How To Use Design Thinking In Learning Experience Design. Building Thinking Classrooms. If you've ever attempted to run a math or science lesson and haven't heard about Peter Liljedahl’s research yet, then you definitely need to get up to speed! Based out of Simon Fraser University, Peter Liljedahl works on mathematics pedagogy research that tries to answer one basic fundamental question; how can we get students thinking in class.

All too often, students in classrooms aren't actually driven to tackle problems. Too often, they passively sit through lessons, sitting at their desks, mindlessly taking notes, memorizing facts and solving textbook questions.This was one of Peter’s early insights which drove him into a 14 year quest to find a solution for classroom engagement. The Two Traits of the Best Problem-Solving Teams. Executive Summary An analysis of 150 senior teams showed that the ones who solve problems the fastest tend to be cognitively diverse. But this isn’t always true — sometimes, those teams still struggle. So what separates the best teams from the rest? It turns out that it’s a combination of cognitive diversity and psychological safety. STEAM Resources and Activities for the Music Classroom. STEAM Resources and Activities for the Music Classroom STEAM learning involves the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math to solve real-world problems.

STEAM Resources and Activities for the Music Classroom

It is an educational approach that encourages learning for learning’s sake. STEAM lessons incorporate a cross-disciplinary approach and integrate the engineering design process to solve complex problems. STEAM Activity: Do-It-Yourself Lava Lamps (You'll Be a Hit!) Are you interested in a fun activity that deals with density, intermolecular polarity, and gas?

STEAM Activity: Do-It-Yourself Lava Lamps (You'll Be a Hit!)

Then I have the thing for you: Do-It-Yourself Lava Lamps! I tried this with my art classes and the results were amazing! The students were so excited to take their basic knowledge of density to another level. These Lava Lamps can easily fit into Arts Integration or STEAM by including a discussion of color theory, performance art, or when trying to incorporate technology or musical composition into a lesson. Why Brainstorming is a Waste of Time and What is the Alternative. The notion of brainstorming was first introduced by the advertising executive Alex Osborn in 1939 and was published in his book, How to Think Up, in 1942.

Why Brainstorming is a Waste of Time and What is the Alternative

The basic idea behind the group brainstorming sessions is that privilege the diversity expertise inside the organization to develop innovative ideas and solutions for problems. it aims to encourage the team members to develop original and creative ideas. These ideas are discussed by other members to create more diversities of the main idea. The Invention Dimension STEAM Technique for Back to School. There are so many strategies and techniques ‘out there’ that teachers could implement and it can often be overwhelming and daunting, especially at the beginning of the school year.

The Invention Dimension STEAM Technique for Back to School

One activity that I find particularly engaging for everyone involved is something that I call Invention Dimension. Essentially, Invention Dimension is probably something you have done throughout your teaching career, but perhaps not to this extent. As I am not a designated art teacher, I love integrating STEAM attributes in everything I do within my general education classroom. Doing so allows all of my students to experience their strengths in an organic creative process rather than forcefully trying to ‘make’ or ‘create’ something, all with the same arts focus. Additionally, students often do not even realize that what their are creatively doing involves all or some aspects of STEAM. What’s Going on Inside the Brain Of A Curious Child? Arts integration and steam toolkit. Why Design Thinking In Schools Loses Power When It’s Reduced To A Checklist. 40 STEAM Apps and Websites. We’re dubbing 2017 the Year of Creativity and we want you to join in.

40 STEAM Apps and Websites

What better way to do that than with some new STEAM apps and websites to explore? We’ve found 20 apps and 20 websites that you can use to integrate the arts everywhere. So whether you’re using Arts Integration, STEAM, PBL or any other maker-centered approach, these resources will make that process so much easier. Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers. STEAM Design Challenge: Kinetic Wind Sculptures. Kinetic sculptures are not only fun to make, they are perfect for STEAMing up school campuses and classrooms!

STEAM Design Challenge: Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Kinetic = Movement and there is something amazing that happens when a student sees their artwork in motion. In addition to being absolutely mesmerizing, kinetic artwork requires knowledge and application of technology, engineering, artistic habits of mind, and can easily integrate into other content areas. Kinetic sculpture “Hammering Man” by Jonathan Borofsky. Nimuno's Lego Tape Turns Anything Into A Lego-Friendly Surface. STEAM Stick Bombs: Explosive Kinetic Engineering and Chain Reactions. What are stick bombs?

STEAM Stick Bombs: Explosive Kinetic Engineering and Chain Reactions

They are arrangements of large craft sticks, (tongue depressors/popsicle sticks) that rely on tension to stay together. When one stick is removed, the whole group fly into the air in an engineering explosion of fun and excitement. Create chain reactions of your own after observing some major productions, like the ones from the band, Ok Go! This STEAM concept is sure to excite any student and is a great way to create learning links about the concepts of kinetic and potential energy. Not only that, but these processes strengthen community through teamwork and promote positive communication techniques.

Scaling Awesome Schools — a discussion with Ted Fujimoto. In what has to be one of the more surreal experiences of this trip so far, I spent the morning last Friday with Ted Fujimoto (in a super cool restaurant just off Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, hence the surreal-ness!) Talking all things from systems thinking in the tech and comms sector, franchising processes in the car industry, brand development and transformation in the hotel and restaurant industry, innovation in digital music design and cloud based apps….and all boiling down into protocols and processes for school design, culture development and mindset embedding, and the effective scaling of new models of school! It was really fascinating to hear how his broad range of life and career experiences and personal interests have informed his thinking over time around this.

Ted has spent his career working across business, education and tech, and has been a key architect of the New Tech Network of schools, currently ‘speed scaling’ across the USA. System transformation in the USA. Eduporium. In the age of robots, our schools are teaching children to be redundant. In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled.

So why are children being taught to behave like machines? Children learn best when teaching aligns with their natural exuberance, energy and curiosity. So why are they dragooned into rows and made to sit still while they are stuffed with facts? We succeed in adulthood through collaboration. Why Other People Wreck Brainstorms (And How To Stop Them) If you’re a first-time investor with, say, $15,000 in savings, you have plenty of options these days. Newfangled robo-advisers like Betterment and Wealthfront will happily take your money, as will incumbents like Charles Schwab, which have launched improved digital products.

But if you’re starting at zero, with practically nothing in the way of savings, you would have found few options designed to serve your needs—until now. Curiosity muscle. What Should I Buy For My New Makerspace? A Five-Step Framework For Making the Right Purchases. Why Academic Teaching Doesn’t Help Kids Excel In Life. By Shelley Wright Academics. Most of our current school system revolves around it, and yet, I think it falls miserably short of what our kids need. To be honest, I think our academic system of education is highly overrated, at best. Thinking About Design Thinking: Is It Important? Realworldscholars. Nepris is a cloud-based platform that connects students with industry professionals from inside the classroom! Realworldscholars. Edcorps. More Accountability. Less Paper. How To Videos.

Nepris - Connecting Industry to Classrooms. Amazon. Design Deck Playable Inspiration, a 52-Card Design Thinking Deck. The Teachers Guild - How might we cultivate curiosity and problem-solving in our students through active and authentic STEM? - Favorites. 25 Next Gen Tools for the Inquiry Classroom. Steam makerspace. Re:Work - The five keys to a successful Google team. 4 Principles of Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation - Major Digital. 'A Better Future is Possible': IDEO’s Sandy Speicher on Design Thinking in Schools. If You Want Creative Kids, Hand Them Something Simple. As Letícia, clad in a fluttering pink bridesmaid’s dress, walked to the center of the rose garden ahead of the bride, my 7-year-old reached his hand sideways, groping for my purse. He located his camera, held it up, and began snapping photos of his beloved babysitter in this beautiful setting.

“I can show her later,” he said, putting down his dinged-up old Canon with the burned-out circle in the top left of the screen. ITEEA - Engineering byDesign™ (EbD) STEAM Point Giveaway. This is it! There’s only 1 day left before the launch of my new book, STEAM Point, and I’m so glad you tuned in. Today, we’re giving away two great pieces. The first is an assessment excerpt from the new book. This is our teacher’s guided rubric and it aligns to the Common Core Writing Standards, 6+1 Writing Traits, as well as UbD and STEM practices. 30 day jumpstart. Why Making and the Arts Need Each Other to Survive and Thrive in Schools.

When the visual and performing arts, the musical and recording arts, and the theatrical and graphical arts are seen as mere luxuries or add-ons within the walls of a school, powerful forces are thereby prevented from transforming routine schooling into a renaissance of learning. SXSWedu 2017 #UDLmakers update. Arts integration and steam toolkit. THINK exhibit app. Unmistakablecreative. The Creative Mindset Class. 10 Creative Geniuses Who Had to Fail to Succeed. MinecraftEdu Creator TeacherGaming LLC Ventures Beyond Digital Learning with Swedish Toy Maker Strawbees. Imagination Foundation. Foundation – Global Cardboard Challenge. The Teachers Guild. Project Based Learning: Start Here. Genius Hour Innovation Class. 6 Must Haves for Developing a Maker Mindset. Design Thinking: A Manual for Innovation. 8 questions to ask before creating a makerspace.

These Five Steps Outline the Basics of the Design Thought Process. Motivation - Thoughts on Arting. 6 Principles Of Genius Hour In The Classroom. Problem-Solving Using Cause and Effect Diagram - Designorate. Design Thinking in Schools: Building a Generation of Innovators - Designorate. ​‘Diversity Does Not Happen By Accident’ and Other Lessons About Equity in the Maker Movement. Free Download Page — Neverware. Edsurge. Steps to Make a School Maker Faire - Maker Faire. 45 Design Thinking Resources For Educators. Design Thinking Facilitators Guide. Kwek Innovation In The Classroom. B & B StoryPDF 2. Education Week. The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers. Design Thinking: Creative Ways to Solve Problems.

About IDEO. Design Thinking « Design Thinking for Educators. Design Thinking for Educators. Design Thinking Toolkit v1 062711. 5 Carroll. Team Empathy Map Instructions ljl. Design Thinking How To Integrate Design Thinking Into K-12 Classrooms - Lime Design. Design Thinkers Academy. REDlab- Research in Education & Design.

REDlab- Research in Education & Design. REDlab- Research in Education & Design. Stanford Design Thinking Workbook. Design thinking. How to Build Your Makerspace. Maker Education. IDEO Workshop Part Three: Brainstorm. IDEO: Brainstorming and Other Ideation Techniques. Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play. Change By Design at IDEO.