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Strategies To Make Your Public Library Welcoming to LGBTQ+ Patrons. This list of strategies to make your library welcome to queer patrons is sponsored by Holiday House.

Strategies To Make Your Public Library Welcoming to LGBTQ+ Patrons

What makes a bully? Are they born one? Or is there a story behind the anger? It’s 1946 and Lymon, the bully from the CSK Honor-winning companion novel Finding Langston, is being raised by his loving grandparents with whom he finds solace and hope in music. But Lymon’s world quickly dissolves. If you’ve ever been in the position of wanting to make your library more welcoming to LGBTQ+ patrons, but had to start with absolutely nothing, hello. I worked in a small rural library for two years, and when I first started we had very little in the way of materials pertaining to LGBTQ+ topics and no programs or services that would attract LGBTQ+ patrons.

End of the library fine: Australian initiative catching on. 13 Must-Hear Librarian Podcasts. The world of libraries is a world we love.

13 Must-Hear Librarian Podcasts

Welcome to our new weekly feature all about libraries, librarians, and the people who love them, starting with a look at some must-listen librarian podcasts, sponsored by Revell Books. Former military psychiatrist Brooke Adams and Special Ops Sergeant Asher James thought they left the fight on the battlefield. But their greatest struggles are just beginning. Bestselling author Lynette Eason returns with a new series that spans the globe and will have your heart working overtime. “Eason remains a force in action-packed inspirational fiction with this excellently paced, heartening tale.” You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to librarian podcasts. American Libraries’ Dewey Decibel Podcast Check Your Shelf Newsletter Sign up to receive Check Your Shelf, the Librarian's One-Stop Shop For News, Book Lists, And More.

Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College Library annual report 2017. Developmental Bibliotherapy – using books to guide young people through adolescence – Students Need School Libraries. The Role of Librarians in a Historical Age of Obsession. Bibliomania required, or at least implied, a librarian, except in those circumstances where collectors felt that they themselves had the time, interest, and expertise to take on the role for themselves.

The Role of Librarians in a Historical Age of Obsession

Some owners were confident that they did, but others were more doubtful. At Chatsworth, for example, the 6th Duke of Devonshire, though a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, was self-conscious of his lack of learning, writing to his librarian, the Shakespearean scholar and notorious forger John Payne Collier (1789–1883): “I am not worthy of my own collection, I am sorry to say; and I want you, as far as you can, to make me worthy of it by informing my ignorance.” Nonetheless his papers include detailed notes outlining what would now be called a job description for a librarian, while Payne Collier was paid a handsome £200 a year. Welcome - Indigenous Cultural Competency - LibGuides at Curtin University. ATSILIRN - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resource Network. How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read. For most marketers, this will sound familiar.

How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read

You’re sitting around a conference room, trying to figure out how to best engage your leads and customers, sell more products, or just “stay top-of-mind” for your target audience, and someone decides there’s a solution that can solve all of those problems at once: an email newsletter! Suddenly you're "volunteered" to do it. And you've got make sure that open and clickthrough rates don’t dip. Oh, and the first one needs to go out tomorrow. Frustrated with Your Library Marketing Newsletter? Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want AND How to Fix It. I hold a controversial opinion.

Frustrated with Your Library Marketing Newsletter? Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want AND How to Fix It

Newsletters are an ineffective tool for library marketing. I totally understand why libraries create them. Our customers are a wide and diverse audience and our budget is limited. Newsletters are an easy and efficient way to get information to our audience. But many libraries are frustrated by the lack of demonstrable results from their newsletters, both the print and email versions. The mistake is: You’re sending the same message to all of your cardholders. Could Public Reference Librarians Help Us Combat Digital Falsehoods? As society struggles with how best to combat the spread of digital falsehoods in the form of misinformation, disinformation, “fake news” and foreign influence, much of the emphasis to date has been on national-scale professional fact checking Websites.

Could Public Reference Librarians Help Us Combat Digital Falsehoods?

While these efforts have helped shed light on the most viral of online rumors, their small staffs and national focus limits their impact. At the same time, all across the United States there are public libraries serving their local communities that have reference librarians that specialize in helping their patrons navigate today’s informational deluge, doing everything from helping them locate relevant reputable information to performing basic research yielding evidence-based answers reflecting the best available scholarly and scientific information.

What If Social Media Platforms Were More Like Libraries? Graduate Reading Room in the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington in Seattle.

What If Social Media Platforms Were More Like Libraries?

Getty Images. Getty Social media platforms prioritize talking over listening, global over local, individual over community, speed over accuracy, sharing over understanding. Libraries prioritize reading, emphasize a globally aware local grounding, foster community, prioritize evidence-based understanding and trace their roots to quiet contemplation. Guidelines for undertaking a library review. PDF Version Purpose These guidelines have been produced to assist senior managers in organisations, governments, institutions, who are responsible for library and information services but may not come from a library and information background.

Guidelines for undertaking a library review

They are designed to provide a good practice model for undertaking a service review, to achieve the best outcomes with the least disruption. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the ALIA guidelines for different types of libraries, available on the ALIA website. Introduction. Self-Care Tips for School Librarians. Let me first say that I am not good at self-care.

Self-Care Tips for School Librarians

I would even venture to say that I stink at it. In fact, one of my primary motivations in writing this article was to invest more time in thinking about managing my own self-care. This is something that is difficult for librarians—school librarians in particular. Self-care is a fraught topic in schools. While administrators encourage us to look after ourselves, we are simultaneously assigned lunch duties, where we monitor the cafeteria while shoveling down yesterday’s cold leftovers, hall duty, afterschool clubs, and early morning meetings. Attempting to work at full throttle without those breaks has led to a high rate of burnout. At the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Meeting, there were several sessions on self-care, including “Self Care is not Selfish,” “Balancing Baby and Book Discussion,” and “Sidestepping Stress.” We all know the signs of burnout. The best libraries in the US to celebrate National Book Lover's Day.

Libraries can have 3-D printers but they are still about books. How often do we hear that libraries aren’t just about books anymore?

Libraries can have 3-D printers but they are still about books

They are makerspaces with 3-D printers, scanners, laser vinyl cutters and routers. They provide green rooms, sewing machines, button makers, and tools like drills, saws and soldering irons. They are places to borrow seeds, fishing rods, cake making supplies, binoculars, laptops and tablets, radon detectors, musical instruments, bicycles and take-home wifi hotspots. They are important sites for learning with services dedicated to today’s newest literacies — coding, gaming, robotics and how to spot fake news. There are consequences of these ideas and news that push books and reading to the margins in the commentary on the latest trends in public libraries.

One such consequence might be the disavowal of public librarians’ unique, professional knowledge base related to books and reading. Today’s libraries do build community, support healthy living, promote knowledge and provide space for city sanctuaries. Visit 28 of the Best Libraries in the World. In his keynote speech for the American Library Association’s 2019 annual conference, Jason Reynolds spoke of libraries as “sacred” spaces. I’m inclined to agree.

There are many of us for whom libraries are very close to sacred spaces of worship, and the architecture of many of them rivals some of the world’s most famous cathedrals, mosques, and Buddhist temples. I also find it no coincidence that many of the best libraries in the world have ties to holy places as well. What if radical kindness was a Library policy development principle. What if all Library Policies were developed using kindness as a principle? What if instead of focusing on punishment or penalties for library members doing the wrong thing, we focused on awards, acknowledgement and benefits to library members doing the right thing? What if our Library Management Systems helped us do this? Beautiful Libraries Around the World Every Booklover Should Visit. How libraries create a better world – Article. June 18, 2019 Libraries have always played a critical role in the lives of our students, researchers and communities.

Across the globe, libraries of all sorts make people’s lives better. As a trusted source of information and refuge in the community, libraries can be part of the solution to global issues – big problems like poverty, sustainability and peace. The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals have been promoted for several years as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Among them are good health and wellbeing, quality education and sustainable cities and communities. This year, the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) released a report outlining academic libraries’ contributions to these goals.

Library Planet – A crowdsourced travel guide for libraries <3. A highly opinionated taxonomy of librarianship. The theme for this month's GLAM Blog Club is 'Radical', and I've had a lot of disjointed ideas about what to write. There's the amazing Incendium Radical Library newCardigan visited in February. Or Kevin Seeber's searing take-down of the idea of 'Fake News' and libraries' alleged need to 'fight' it. There's Mudyi's post from November pointing out that Diversity means disruption. And there's a lot to be said about continual and enthusiastic consent when it comes to sharing personal data - including about the Australian Common Reader project that was in the news this week.

What I Want My Son to Learn from Libraries. 6 Principles of Innovation for Libraries. Libraries saved me when I was vulnerable. I won’t desert them now. What Controlled Digital Lending does to Make Every Book Available Online. An ode to the local library, where life stories open and close. Why IT and the Library Should Work Together. IT Management. Things I Have Learned from Working in a Library. Public libraries are not just about books. At their heart, they are about social equity. 10 of the Best Books About Libraries For Your Stacks. What It's Like to Use the Hogwarts Library. In a while-ago Literary Tourism post, I talked about my love for my uber-bookish hometown, Oxford in the UK. #Color Our Collections – The New York Academy of Medicine Library. Thinking Outside the Books – Snipette.

It’s late in the night, when most people are getting ready for bed — if they aren’t asleep already. Daytime shops have closed long ago; they wait with their shutters down until the next morning. But in this silent street, one door remains open. Take the quiz! Which on-screen librarian are you? – EveryLibrary. The Important Emotional Labor of Librarians Most People Never Think About. For librarians, as with many other professions, “Other duties as assigned” is code for tasks that are distasteful, off-kilter, or just plain gross. I’ll be blunt: Almost every librarian I know has a story or three about retrieving something odd (think half-eaten food, cigarettes, live animals) from the book drop, cleaning up feces or other bodily concoctions, or finding members of the public doing foul deeds (clipping their nails, bathing naked in the bathroom, masturbating) in the library.

Why We Still need Bookshops and Librairies in the Internet Age. Don't worry, a school library with fewer books and more technology is good for today's students. A recent article about a new approach to a school library sparked vigorous discussion on social media. The Big Things You Must Do to Land a Job in Library Marketing – Super Library... 10 predictions on the future of work in libraries. A thread.… Top 4 skills Librarians have to navigate digital disruption. 7 statements library professionals should rethink in 2019. School Library Journal. The Difference a School Librarian Can Make, According to a Parent.

The Temple of Knowledge: An Animated Celebration of How Libraries Change Lives. Here’s What It’s Actually Like To Be A Librarian. Australian Children's Authors. There's Something Wrong with the Library's Image: A Pictorial Guide. Eleven Reasons Why Librarians Rock – EveryLibrary. FAQs for Library Lovers: Snappy Answers for Grumpy Uncles and Other Haters. The-vital-work-of-teacher-librarians-in-the-digital-age-20180517-p4zfxm. Schoollibraries. Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Content Management [CUWL 2016 Conference] 7 Insidious Myths About Libraries and Reading (the first two kill me) Flirting with Fame among the Librarians – The Coil. School Libraries, Teacher Librarians and Acceleration of.

Letter to The Smarter Library: A Vision from the Front Page of Wikipedia. Why do teachers need school librarians? 5 questions to ask yourself. Revamping your school library orientation. Are libraries obsolete? – Matthew Esterman. The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great Libraries. Ten ways to advocate for your role as a teacher librarian - SCIS. Exploring the Importance of Librarianship – ART & SCIENCE – Medium. Future of Libraries in the Digital Age. The Courier Mail. Next Generation Libraries. EduTECH – Future Library Congress, 8-9 June 2017. Lines of Spines. Library at SEMS - 10 Ways to Feed Your Library Instagram. “In my view, you can’t call yourself a school if you don’t have a library" Why Gen Z needs librarians now more than ever. Historic GIFs wot I did – ART + marketing. 10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever.

Atlasobscura. America’s Most Beautiful Libraries. 12 Insta Easy Instagram Library & Literacy Promotion Ideas. Library Hand, the Fastidiously Neat Penmanship Style Made for Card Catalogs. Why we need Libraries and Teacher Librarians. The Public Library: A Photographic Love Letter to Humanity’s Greatest Sanctuary of Knowledge, Freedom, and Democracy.

Public In/Formation. The modern library: Call me weird, but can we have some quiet in here? Watch 52,000 books reshelved in two minutes at New York public library – timelapse video. Library Desk Made from Recycled Books (4 pics) The Fierce, Forgotten Library Wars of the Ancient World. Libraries of the future are going to change in some unexpected ways. Collaborative Learning. SLAV Conference 16th Aug 2016 (with images, tweets) · BiblioKat. The Strange Affliction of 'Library Anxiety' and What Librarians Do to Help.

My top five skills for future proofing a librarian's employment opportunities. AASL_Infographic_FINAL.pdf. New York's Library Hotel inspired by Dewey Decimal system. We are teacher librarians. We teach library lessons. #perception #librarymyths. The Hushed Interiors of 19th Century Libraries. Weeding the Worst Library Books. Do You Suffer from Library Anxiety? Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians. How libraries can save the Internet of Things from the Web's centralized fate / Boing Boing. The Impact of the Great School Libraries: Report 2016. Australia's Great School Libraries - Honours List.