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Gestión del conocimiento para la docencia e investigación

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Mapas de la ciencia y el conocimiento

Citeomatic: Machine Assisted Literature Review. Semantic Scholar. SOY BIBLIOTECARIO: Normas APA 2016: Aprende a citar posts de blogs, videos de YouTube, Tuits, posts... Comisión Coordinadora de Institutos Nacionales de Salud y Hospitales de Alta Especialidad. TEORÍA DEL CAMBIO: Herramientas ToC: Las Líneas de Tiempo II. Jobs - Home. That One Privacy Site. CONRICyT/ Recursos para la docencia e investigación. e-Print archive. Figshare - credit for all your research. Orcid. Why Open Research? Centre d'Educació i Noves Tecnologies. PlumX Metrics - Plum Analytics.

PlumX Metrics allows you to get more value from an institutional repository (IR) by embedding the altmetrics about your research directly into the IR.

PlumX Metrics - Plum Analytics

These altmetrics are about the different versions of the same article – not just the one in the IR, so your authors can see the impact and reach of their research in just one place. This makes your IR a more valuable place for research and encourages your authors to deposit their articles and other research. Embed metrics where you need them. The PlumX metrics come to you. The Plum Print shows all of the metrics about your research that you can easily embed anywhere.

Same article – different places. Research output is hosted on multiple platforms including publisher sites, discipline-based pre-print repositories, institutional repositories, and aggregated databases. Understand metrics information through categorization. PlumX recognizes that not all altmetrics are created equal.

Most comprehensive altmetrics product. American Library Association. Simple, blog-aware, static sites - Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. Project Jupyter. How people build software. ROMEO - Research Western. ROMEO is an online management system Western uses to manage human research ethics submissions.

ROMEO - Research Western

Western, St. Joseph’s Health Care London and Lawson Health Science Centre researchers/investigators use ROMEO to submit proposed research studies to the office of Human Research Ethics. *Please note: ROMEO is not compatible with Safari; please choose an alternate browser.* Create a ROMEO Account Complete and Submit the ROMEO New Investigator FormYou will receive an email from the office of Human Research EthicsFollow the instructions in the email to receive your confirmation code and set your password ROMEO Login Click Here to Login ROMEO Help If you encounter any problems or need help with ROMEO, please email Playing with data: our ODI open data board game. Playing with data: our ODI open data board game For the last six months, on and off, a few of us here at the Open Data Institute have been working on an open data board game.

Playing with data: our ODI open data board game

Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennision discuss its development Board games have been experiencing a resurgence in the past few years and, perhaps unsurprisingly, there are several keen board game enthusiasts here at the ODI. The idea of an open data board game was born out of discussions between us about why Monopoly was so awful, our favourite games, and the mechanics that made them work. Open Data Institute, Pre Summit Training Discovery Day, (CC-BY-SA) There are lots of different games being tested to help explain open data concepts and benefits. The ODI open data board game The ODI open data board game is about using data to build tools that improve the world you live in. We’ve put all of the instructions and game pieces on github for people to print and play themselves. Where we are now. Open Data Kit. Open source scientific software. A modest proposal Dear Professor X, Thank you for the invitation to review for the Journal of X.

Open source scientific software

I appreciate the work you do and have done for the X community. The Open Scholarship Initiative – The future of global scholarly publishing. Data Mining from A to Z: Better Insights, New Opportunities. Acerca el Documento Hay tantos datos y una gran cantidad de decisiones que tomar.

Data Mining from A to Z: Better Insights, New Opportunities

Las organizaciones de todo el mundo se están enfrentando a este dilema. Los datos están creciendo, pero ¿y su capacidad para tomar decisiones de acuerdo con esos enormes volúmenes de datos? ¿También están creciendo? Home - Digital Science. Home. 55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content.

TI para la Gestión del Conocimiento

Fundamentos. CRID -Centro de Recursos para la Investigación y Docencia- Repositorios digitales. Educación virtual. Consorcios. Colecciones que hay que ver. AMA- Integración, identificadores y licencias. Investigación académica institucional y visibilidad mundial. Fuentes internacionales con datos duros, información y conocimie.