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An Introduction to Project-Based Learning

An Introduction to Project-Based Learning

The Global Classroom Project: 2012-13 - Mystery skype The Global Classroom Project, Hello Little World Skypers, and the Global Virtual Classroom have teamed up to create a Mystery Skype contact list! Our combined efforts will give you many contacts throughout the world. These contacts are dedicated teachers who strive to connect their students globally and provide a rich learning experience.Mystery Skype provides an engaging way for classrooms to introduce themselves to each other. Project Goals: Students will use map skills to find the location of the mystery classroomStudents will use communication and critical thinking skills to ask questions to help them find the mystery location.Classes communicate with other classrooms via Skype or Google+ Hangouts.Students will learn to respect and appreciate the cultures and customs of others.Students will be able to see the differences and similarities between themselves and others around the world. How it works: Possible Mystery Skype Questions: 1. Secret Skyping Teaching Geography with Mystery Skype

New Research Helps Make Case for Rigorous PBL Editor's note: Today is the fifth in a series of posts from PBL World, a global gathering of educators interested in project-based learning. Join the conversation on Twitter by following the hashtag #pblworld. Teachers and other "education change agents" who are advocates of project-based learning often find that they have to make the case for PBL to their communities. "They need backup," acknowledged Cindy Johanson, executive director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) and Edutopia. When PBL is used to teach Advanced Placement courses, diverse students show impressive academic gains along with increased engagement, compared to students in more traditional AP classes. The key findings are: A 30% higher pass rate for high-achieving students compared to peers in traditional AP classes in comparison schools in the same district A 10% higher pass rate for high-poverty students in PBL classes compared to peers in traditional AP classes PBL World Goes Deeper Parents as Partners

Casas & Gente - La revista internacional de las cosas bellas cinco minutos de San Miguel, en un valle escondido, atravesado por el sol y aguas termales corriendo bajo la tierra, quedan Los Senderos, un proyecto de desarrollo de muy baja densidad, para que la majestuosidad de la naturaleza quede intacta. Solo 65% de las 130 hectáreas serán reservadas para los residentes, visitantes y clientes de Los Senderos, lo demás continua en estado salvaje, o transformadas en parque, o en lago. El terreno se parece un poco a una mariposa donde en una de las alas hay lotes desde 500m2 hasta 1500m2 para residencias, con un reglamento de diseño para proteger la sustentabilidad del proyecto, que incluye cantera y tierra compactada de la región, un estilo minimalista cálido, con corredores para la fauna y la flora nativa. Atrás de la casa club del viñedo, se plantó un viñedo de 3 hectáreas para recordar el paso del tiempo, los ciclos de la vida. Para más información: Los Senderos Ave. Col. San Miguel de Allende.

Challenge Based Learning - Next Steps Welcome! Thank you for joining the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Community. The community is a dynamic environment where you can learn about CBL, collaborate, organize challenge teams, propose challenges and offer solutions. New to CBL? Creating a new Challenge Proposal? Check out the the step sheet on how to create a challenge proposal (PDF). Developing a solution to an existing challenge? Check out the step sheet on how to create a solution (PDF). Looking to collaborate? Take some time to participate in the CBL community forum - this is a great place to collaborate with learners from around the globe to plan challenges and discuss solutions. Teaching and Learning: Using iPads in the Classroom Updated 01/2014 If I had thirty iPads in my class, what would I do with them? How would I use them to help my students learn better and help me teach better? Perhaps a better question is what would I do with them that I could not do with other tools that are available and cheaper? Certainly iPads are cheaper than computers, desktop or laptop, and they are more mobile. Speaking of computers, they were supposed to be the transformation of teaching and learning as we know it. Kinesthetic Learners The iPad has a number of unique features that provide for interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. As a completely portable learning tool, the iPad camera allows documentation to be taken to a whole different level. Students can also attach videos, and voice recordings to their field notes. In math class the GPS of the iPad establishes locale in ways that are profound. Connecting Beyond the Classroom How do you use iPads in the classroom to help teaching and learning?

Casas & Gente - La revista internacional de las cosas bellas Mauricio subió al árbol para la toma ¡del siglo! Francesca Fisher estaba lista, rodeada por los agaves más puntiagudos de México. El perro tenia miedo, yo también. "Más atrás, más atrás" pedía Mauricio. Todo el mundo se movía, excepto los maravillosos agaves de Los Senderos. Writing Process Organizer - Big6 Big6 #1: Task Definition 1. Prewriting is the first step of the writing process. 2. 3. Big6#2: Information Seeking Strategies 1. Make a list here: * 2. Big6 #3: Location & Access 1. 2. 3. Big6 #4: Use of Information 1. 2. Big6 #5: Synthesis Now it is time to complete the writing process. 1. 2. 3. 4. You may want to combine short sentences and begin to look at your use of grammar. Think about scheduling another content conference with your teacher after you revise your paper. 5. 6. Does your assignment include a product to go with your paper? **Even though there are several steps to the writing process, it is very important to ask for feedback. Big6 #6: Evaluation Before you show your paper (and product) to an audience, be sure it is as perfect as you can make it. You should be able to answer “yes” to these questions before you turn in your paper: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Bibliography: 1.

Project Gutenberg - free ebooks Colegio Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf San Miguel Appalachian State University Graduate Bulletin and Course Catalog Department of Curriculum and Instruction Reich College of Education Michael G. Jacobson, Chair and Professor C. <<printer friendly version>> The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers the Master of Arts in Middle Grades Education (Major Code: 472*/13.1203)[T], with four concentrations: Language Arts (472B)[T] Mathematics (472C)[T] Science (472D)[T] Social Studies (472E)[T] This program leads to North Carolina master-level (M) licensure in middle grades teaching. Location of Program: This program is offered on campus in Boone in the format described in this Bulletin. PROGRAM OF STUDY FOR THE MASTER OF ARTS IN MIDDLE GRADES EDUCATION (Major Code: 472*/13.1203 [T]+) +Advanced Licensure: Requirements for this degree were designed, and have been approved by the appropriate bodies at the state level, to meet the advanced competencies as mandated in the North Carolina Excellent Schools Act for Master-level teacher education programs. Related Course Listings

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