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Get Pretty Feet for Summer: Foot Care and Pedicure Tips  Istock/wundervisuals When we were stuffing our feet into boots and socks all winter, going sans-pedicure was no biggie.

Get Pretty Feet for Summer: Foot Care and Pedicure Tips 

(Who was looking, anyway?) We didn’t have to worry about strappy sandals giving us blisters, and since we definitely weren’t waking around barefoot with snow on the ground, calluses and splinters were the least of our worries. But summertime means lots of outdoor activities and open-toed shoes. And let’s face it -- neglected feet and unkempt toes are not a pretty sight. 2. Istock/Nata_Snow Sure, red or pink polish on your toes looks lovely, but why not have some fun and switch to a bolder color?

3. Istock/IS_ImageSource Don’t you hate it when you spent time giving yourself a pedicure, and the second you step on the beach the sand wears down the shine? Content continues below ad 4. Istock/bee32 Those new yellow wedges look stunning with your sundress, but by the end of the day, your feet are asking you, "why do you torture us so?! " 5. Istock/Casarsa. 25 Men's Shoe Rules - Tips That Will Keep You Looking Good. Men’s Footwear Guide: Shoe Colour Combinations. All In The Details With an ever expanding number of men taking an interest in the way they look – successfully or otherwise – it has become increasingly important for those of us with that particular sartorial incline, to maintain ourselves as paragons of all things stylish and immaculate.

Men’s Footwear Guide: Shoe Colour Combinations

The trends and items that have for so long kept us a step ahead of the crowd are slowly becoming more and more mainstream – while not being any reason to panic, it does mean that the an outfit’s success weighs ever more on the finer details we choose to add. In my last article I considered the role of belts and their ability to add something to a stylish look. This week I want to focus on an issue that I’m sure we have all been faced with, and probably still troubles the best of us from time to time. What shoes to wear with a pair of trousers or what trousers to wear with a pair of shoes is a topic that often crops up on the fashion forums and is also a very important part of any outfit. 10 tips for finding the right shoes. When shopping for shoes, you want to have more than fashion in mind — you'll also want to consider function and keeping your feet in good shape.

10 tips for finding the right shoes

These 10 tips can help you choose the right shoes: Take a tracing of your foot with you. Place any shoe you think you might buy on top of the tracing. If the shoe is narrower or shorter than the tracing, don't even try it on. Shop for shoes during the afternoon — your foot naturally expands with use during the day. For more advice on keeping your feet pain-free, buy Healthy Feet, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School. Natural Beauty Tips. Total Foot Care Tips For Men And Women One can judge your hygiene by simply looking at your shoes or feet.

Natural Beauty Tips

Foot care tips are not only important from hygiene and having beautiful feet point of view but also for staying active and comfortable throughout your life. If your feet are not healthy, walking can become painful for you. Total Foot Care Tips Foot care is more so important for people with diabetes as they have an increased risk of infections, especially in their feet. Family Foot Care Tips 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11 Foot Care Tips. 8 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right. 8 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right They're the workhorses of our bodies, but we give them so little respect.

8 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

It's easy to take our feet for granted. They're just there, putting up with a host of challenges, from being jammed into high heels and elevated to unnatural heights to smothering inside sweaty socks or tight nylon pantyhose. While suffering those indignities, our feet take hundreds of tons of force impact just during an average day of walking. That pounding explains why feet are the body part most likely to get injured.