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14 podcasts to improve your listening skills and English vocabulary. Autonomous listening skill development: activity 1 – Lizzie Pinard. Listen!

Autonomous listening skill development: activity 1 – Lizzie Pinard

(Image taken from via Google search for images licensed for commercial reuse with modification) I encourage learners to listen extensively outside class, and extensive listening is recognised as beneficial to language learning. But what about actually developing listening skills? As in, listening with a view to improving both decoding (“translating the speech signal into speech sounds, words and clauses, and finally into a literal meaning” (Field, 2008:kindle loc. 2386)) and meaning-building (“adding to the bare meaning provided by decoding and relating it to what has been said before” (ibid)) skills.

Recipes for the EFL Classroom. Not sure what to do with a listening text coming up soon in the unit?

Recipes for the EFL Classroom

Don’t like the comprehension questions in the book? Want some ideas to liven it up? Pre-listening Prediction work can be a really useful pre-listening activity, preparing the students for what they are about to hear. Students can use their world knowledge of the topic area along with their linguistic knowledge in order to make predictions about content (this is often referred to as activating schematic knowledge). KWL charts This is an idea I took from JJ Wilson’s excellent book, How to Teach Listening. The basic procedure: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bingo A fun and engaging vocabulary prediction task. Lessons Worth Sharing. Listening. Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) Listening Tests. TED-Ed - Can shipwrecks come back for revenge? Let's...

Eleven intervention strategies for underachieving L2-listeners. (Co-authored with Dylan Vinales of Garden International School) 0.Introduction Your students have not done well in their listening mocks.

Eleven intervention strategies for underachieving L2-listeners

They are demotivated and lacking confidence in their listening skills. With only a few months to go before the actual exam you are panicking. Five essential listening skills for English learners. How can English learners improve their listening comprehension?

Five essential listening skills for English learners

Raphael Ahmed, a teacher at the British Council in Bangladesh, shares some useful strategies. Why listening is important It should not be difficult to realise the importance of listening when we consider that it occupies about 45 per cent of the time adults spend in communication. This is significantly more than speaking, which accounts for 30 per cent, and reading and writing, which make up 16 per cent and nine per cent respectively. Ken Rutkowski - Tim Minchin give an amazing graduation... The 10 Best Places to Find ELT Listening Materials – Teach them English. If, like me, you find that one of the most commonly heard requests from your learners is to provide them with additional listening materials to study with outside of class, this post is definitely for you.

The 10 Best Places to Find ELT Listening Materials – Teach them English

I’ve trawled the internet and the result of my extensive labors is the list of ten great resources you see below… enjoy! 1) Link Eng Park This site doesn’t actually produce any of its own materials, but it’s as close as an encyclopedia of all ESL online listening materials as you’re ever likely to find.

If you can’t find something here for your teaching context, you almost might as well stop searching! Reasons why I use this site Free to use (as are all on this list unless otherwise stated)Organized according to various levelsMany if not all include scripts of the listeningMany video clips as well as regular audioUpdated regularlySimple and effective search function 2) British Council Learn English Teens 3) Elllo Elllo provides a wealth of listening exercises in video or audio format.

Great Listening Energizers: Part 1 – Teach them English. Have you ever found yourself at the end of class with a little extra time left over?

Great Listening Energizers: Part 1 – Teach them English

How about those times when you’ve overestimated how long your planned lesson will take? Don’t worry about it too much; it really does happen to the best of us. What you want up your sleeve is a series of activities that you can exploit as and when you need them; you need tried and tested ways to fill the time up with simple activities that’ll advance your learners in a meaningful way despite the time restriction.

So, that’s exactly the basis for my series of blog posts for the month of June: great listening exercises that are simple to set up, can be used at any time and in any situation, and that serve to energize learners while also delivering meaningful listening practice. A framework for planning a listening skills lesson. In this article I intend to outline a framework that can be used to design a listening lesson that will develop your students' listening skills and look at some of the issues involved.

A framework for planning a listening skills lesson

The basic framework Pre-listening While listening Post-listening Applying the framework to a song Some conclusions The basic framework The basic framework on which you can construct a listening lesson can be divided into three main stages. Pre-listening, during which we help our students prepare to listen. While listening, during which we help to focus their attention on the listening text and guide the development of their understanding of it. Post-listening, during which we help our students integrate what they have learnt from the text into their existing knowledge. English Listening Level Test - How well do you understand English? Which English exam is right for you?