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Your Brain Is Not for Thinking. This view of the brain has many implications for understanding human beings.

Your Brain Is Not for Thinking

So often, for example, we conceive of ourselves in mental terms, separate from the physical. A bad stomach ache that follows an indulgent meal may send us to the gastroenterologist, but if we experience that same ache during a messy divorce, we may head to a psychotherapist instead. At the gastroenterologist’s office, we experience our discomfort as an underlying physical problem; at the therapist’s office, we experience the same discomfort as anxiety — a psychological disturbance, physically manifested. In body-budgeting terms, however, this distinction between mental and physical is not meaningful. Anxiety does not cause stomach aches; rather, feelings of anxiety and stomach aches are both ways that human brains make sense of physical discomfort. We’re all living in challenging times, and we’re all at high risk for disrupted body budgets.

Twitter. Vernon Griffith sur Twitter : "A couple staples for t-spine and scap mobility. Most of the t-spine movements I do include some sort of strength component, whether an iso hold or a band. I also like to take a knee and use a roller to hopefully prevent the. Sleep Hygiene — The Complete Athlete. 10 practical tips to make your online consults BETTER. Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020 Online consults have become a big talking point amongst healthcare professionals and many have had to take their trade online with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

10 practical tips to make your online consults BETTER

It can be challenging and a little discombobulating at first but here are 10 things that you might want to bear in mind when you come to do It and could even improve them : ) Check out more the Better Clinician Project HERE See it as an opportunity We should not view this move into the online world as inferior or sub optimal, just different! It also provides opportunities to focus on areas us HCPs have been discussing upskilling in for years! Remember interaction IS intervention! Don’t turn it into a call centre experience The biggest mistake I have personally made and also hear about from patients is that it seemed like people were following some kind of script.

The term tele health is horrible, it conjures images of huge room of people wearing headsets going down a list of questions. Set expectations. How to provide a great online consultation! Things are changing very rapidly with coronavirus and, as health professionals, we need to change rapidly too.

How to provide a great online consultation!

This article is to help you make a transition to online consultations and is the first in a series of resources we’ll be sharing to help fellow clinicians in this very challenging time. I’d like to start this blog with a testimonial I received from an amazing patient I’ve been seeing via online consultations over the last year or so: “Tom has provide excellent treatment for my knees and ankles to the point where I am free to do what I want and my situation is manageable. The Skype treatment has been extremely effective and I would recommend The Physio Rooms to anyone seeking assistance with physical issues that they are struggling to overcome.” – Erich. ‘My hip is damaged’: a qualitative investigation of people seeking care for persistent hip pain □□□□□□□□

The Active Physio sur Twitter : "ITB is non-contractile, stretching won’t change its length. Foam rolling can irritate by compressing the ITB. Get training advice if you are a beginner / trail runner. Running uphill can help by reducing the forces/ load t. Mick Hughes sur Twitter : "I wrote this blog 3 years ago, and all 8 points are still very relevant today. Please share this with others to reduce injury burden & keep people exercising regularly throughout 2020! Blog link ⬇️ https. #New □□□ 8 practical tips to nap wisely by C. Samuels (sleep expert)

The Endurance Physio sur Twitter : "In a world of increasingly easy & fast access to pretty much everything, I’ve seen a real trend in people trying to accelerate rehab/recovery beyond what should be expected as normal timelines. Remember that the most ef. Peter O'Sullivan sur Twitter : "MYTH BUSTING? To flex or not to flex? Is there a relationship between lumbar spine flexion during lifting and low back pain? A systematic review with meta-analysis. @JOSPT @NSaraceniPhysio Peter Kent.

Pain Science Workbooks — Greg Lehman. Understanding the Complexity of Pain. RunningPhysio sur Twitter : "You’ve probably heard of RICE or PRICE for managing acute injury? What about POLICE or PEACE & LOVE? Most still centre around protection, ice, compression & elevation. This may be right for acute traumatic injury but what abou.

Acute vs chronic load injury- easy to discuss with patients – anmala

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Funny video for back patients- it can take more load than we think – anmala