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Campaign Mastery game master advice. So we’ve looked at Themes, and we’ve looked at Concepts, and even touched on the relationship between the two. But now it’s time to address the elephant in the room – twin elephants in fact – Genre and Style, and how these modify that relationship, how it all comes together to form a unique fingerprint that identifies each and every campaign, and finally, how an understanding of that fingerprint permits the GM to enhance the campaign to produce greater enjoyment for all concerned. Past Reference I should start by reminding readers that this isn’t the first time that I’ve talked about the relationship between style and genre for RPGs.

Directly relevant is Theme vs Style vs Genre: Crafting Anniversary Special Adventures, but it was a subject touched on repeatedly in the Reinventing Pulp for Roleplaying series. But there’s a lot more to be said… Genre Genre is surprisingly hard to define well. That last point deserves some amplification. Core and Fringe Genre and RPGs Genre and Theme Style. View topic - Castle Design in a world of Fantasy. Wolfpack wrote: The number of magic-users in a given area that can cast things like teleport, disentigrate, death spell etc. is so small that it would not be a major concern for the person building a castle.

Most castle would stand for hundreds of years and never face such a threat. 99.9% of the time the castle will be defending against an invading army of mostly men at arms with maybe a few low-mid 1-5) level wizards, or a orc army with some ogres and maybe a giant or two. You don't build to defend against the threat that only shows up .01% of the time, you build against the other 99.9% the siege weapons, towers, and such. To defend against that kind of magic you need magic of your own that's just as powerful. indeed. Even a single giant or two is a huge threat to a regular castle's defenses. It all boils down in the end to staying power and being able to properly besiege enemy fortifications.

_________________No tailgating........mage will occur. Module GF1: Stranded on Sucia Island. Fantastic Maps | The fantasy maps of Jon Roberts. HeroWiki - HeroWiki. Roleplayers Chronicle. Fortified Places > Sieges. FRP GAMES - Your Hobby Gaming Source. Aerial photographs of Castles. More?..... Well these are slightly further away, Germany to be precise. Now as the main audience is local I've written it in German and priced it in Euros, but if you can't live without your own copy then just email me and I will put something in English and pounds. To buy a print of the image simply click the buy button under each full page photograph or if you prefer not to buy online you can email us at quoting the photograph number/name and your address and post a cheque. Hexographer Hex Map Software: Home.

World Building, Mapping and Population (Part One) This first in a series of posts describing a simple system of determining the maximum population levels of large hex-based map areas inhabited by cultures with a High Middle Ages style technology and culture. This is good for European-like human or even halfling lands but is not really suitable for barbarian cultures, elves, and more magical based societies. This system makes two important major assumptions: The primary means of agricultural production is the manor house which entails open field farming with two crop rotation and communal serf labor.The rural to urban population ratio is 2:1.

Every two farmers can feed one urban dweller. This post focuses at the foundation levels of land use at the 1 mile hex and the 5 mile hex scale. Each manor has a population of 100 able bodied adults and occupies one 1 mile hex. Villages are the smallest self-sufficient urban settlements and contain the hexes' urban population. Related links: March « 2011 « Lord Kilgore. Bear with me, here. This is a little lengthy, but I want to show a (simplified) snippet from a hypothetical game session. Situation: 3 PCs are exploring a dungeon looking for a hidden shrine and ran into some wandering zombies. The cleric’s attempt to turn them failed and the PCs, lacking a fighter, turned and ran.Game Master: The corridor you’re in ends in a blank wall. There is some refuse on the floor and scrawled marks on the right wall. You can’t hear the zombies pursuing you any more.Magic-User’s Player: What are the marks?

Game Master: They appear to be written with ash or charcoal. Whatever it is, it isn’t written in Common.Thief’s Player: My thief has Read Languages. can I try to read it? I think I’ve done a decent job of writing up part of a basic game session, though the way it’s written makes it flow a lot more quickly and logically than I usually experience at the table. Note all of the [Rolls Dice] and [Checks the Result] entries.

Seriously. Does the ranger track? Sovereign :: An Open Source Board Game Project. Paper Terrain - Home Page. Lux Delux - The best Risk game there is, free download for Mac and PC. Lux Delux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map. The object of the game is simple: Take over the entire world! Hundreds of Maps Lux comes with over 800 different maps. Play on historical, geometric, geographic, and fantasy settings. New maps get added all the time. Challenging Artificial Intelligence Play versus 11 different computer AI personalities.

Easy Network Play Joining an online multiplayer game is as easy as 2 clicks - no need to muck about with IP addresses. Strong User Base Lux has an active user community. Hackable Use the built-in Map Editor to create your own maps. Unlimited Fun Lux comes with a free 30 game trial period. "If you're a Risk fan, drop everything and download this game immediately" - Joystiq "This is the best computer implementation of a Risk style game that I have ever played. " - The Independent Gaming Source. The Welsh Piper » Hex Templates. Revisiting the RPG cartography standard Once again donning my OCD hat, I'm compelled to implement a standard for mapping areas of my campaign. The goal is to use a consistent scale for areas of a certain size, as well as a static grid system that helps me drill down to sub-maps and note the locations of prominent campaign features. Given my earlier posts this month, it should be no surprise that I find my solution in the hex map.

Hex Mapping Standards Back in the Dim Ages, Judges Guild created an excellent hex mapping standard based on the 5-mile wilderness hex. Each hex was divided into 1-mile sub-hexes, and each of those hexes could be divided into 0.2-mile sub-hexes. Another great format was created by Columbia Games, who placed a Cartesian grid system over a hex map, which was great for atlas-size maps that illustrated land shape, terrain type, and only the most prominent features. So why not combine the two for a composite mapping standard? Atlas Template Atlas Template (landscape) Marnoks Pages. The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5 d20 System Reference Document) Start A Campaign – Part 4: How to prepare a great game in less than 30 minutes.