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I didn’t want to split this article in two. You really need to have read part one before you can get full value from what’s below. So I’m going to assume that you’ve done just that, and don’t need a synopsis to refresh your memory, and just dive straight in… Transitions & Global Emotional Flow The ebb and flow of emotional intensity can be one of the most subtle and most important factors in the success or failure of an RPG adventure or campaign. It is all too easy for key scenes to fall flat because they have the wrong intensity. Campaign Mastery game master advice Campaign Mastery game master advice
View topic - Castle Design in a world of Fantasy wolfpack wrote: The number of magic-users in a given area that can cast things like teleport, disentigrate, death spell etc. is so small that it would not be a major concern for the person building a castle. Most castle would stand for hundreds of years and never face such a threat. View topic - Castle Design in a world of Fantasy
Fantastic Maps | The fantasy maps of Jon Roberts Fantastic Maps | The fantasy maps of Jon Roberts This is a quick one. After the Napa map (see below) I had some questions on how to draw mountains. This style is a little different to my previous maps, closer in style to a skiing map. I thought the easiest way to show the process was to create a short video walkthrough. Enjoy!
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aerial photographs of Castles More?..... well these are slightly further away, Germany to be precise. Now as the main audience is local I've written it in German and priced it in Euros, but if you can't live without your own copy then just email me and I will put something in English and pounds. To buy a print of the image simply click the buy button under each full page photograph or if you prefer not to buy online you can email us at quoting the photograph number/name and your address and post a cheque. aerial photographs of Castles
“Hexographer is a great, quickly acquired and configured, utility-rich cartography tool with an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface, and a very accessible price-point.” –Ben McFarland, Kobold Quarterly Hexographer is a map-making software program that allows users to create hex-style maps as well as town maps, battlemats and hex star-maps. These maps are popular for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Hexographer Hex Map Software: Home Hexographer Hex Map Software: Home
World Building, Mapping and Population (Part One) World Building, Mapping and Population (Part One) This first in a series of posts describing a simple system of determining the maximum population levels of large hex-based map areas inhabited by cultures with a High Middle Ages style technology and culture. This is good for European-like human or even halfling lands but is not really suitable for barbarian cultures, elves, and more magical based societies. This system makes two important major assumptions:
March « 2011 « Lord Kilgore March « 2011 « Lord Kilgore Bear with me, here. This is a little lengthy, but I want to show a (simplified) snippet from a hypothetical game session. Situation: 3 PCs are exploring a dungeon looking for a hidden shrine and ran into some wandering zombies. The cleric’s attempt to turn them failed and the PCs, lacking a fighter, turned and ran.Game Master: The corridor you’re in ends in a blank wall. There is some refuse on the floor and scrawled marks on the right wall. You can’t hear the zombies pursuing you any more.Magic-User’s Player: What are the marks?
Sovereign :: An Open Source Board Game Project Initial multi-player test of Sovereign Light the board game I finally managed to co-ordinate a test play for the new and simplified rules, dubbed Sovereign Light . I gathered five people together to play, and it was amazing to watch how different each player approached the game. Sovereign :: An Open Source Board Game Project
Paper Terrain - Home Page Paper Terrain - Home Page Welcome to We produce a range of paper structures in a variety of scales and periods. They are printed on a heavy cardstock and are ready for immediate assembly and use.
Lux Delux - The best Risk game there is, free download for Mac and PC Lux Delux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map. The object of the game is simple: Take over the entire world! Hundreds of Maps Lux comes with over 800 different maps. Lux Delux - The best Risk game there is, free download for Mac and PC
Revisiting the RPG cartography standard Once again donning my OCD hat, I’m compelled to implement a standard for mapping areas of my campaign. The goal is to use a consistent scale for areas of a certain size, as well as a static grid system that helps me drill down to sub-maps and note the locations of prominent campaign features. Given my earlier posts this month, it should be no surprise that I find my solution in the hex map. Hex Mapping Standards The Welsh Piper » Hex Templates
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