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Uncharted Atlas (@unchartedatlas) These Cartographers Are Making Awesome Fantasy RPG Maps For Your Campaigns. Finding other encounter and campaign maps for your RPG is as easy as a Google search, they say.

These Cartographers Are Making Awesome Fantasy RPG Maps For Your Campaigns

However, rummaging through a few million maps and trying to research their individual copyrights might not be how you want to spend your time precious time. And that’s where the cartographers on this list come in. For one, it’s a darn good bet the maps you’re looking for can be found on their sites. Secondly, having these cartographers bookmarked will save you from Google searching through maps until your eyes bleed. And lastly, the cartographers on this list are some of the best on the Internets. Dyson Dyson has been tabletop gaming since 1979, and since 2009, has been posting all kinds of tabletop and RPG goodness to the Dyson’s Dodecahedron blog.

You Don't Have to Be a Cartographer to Have Great RPG Maps - RPG Ready. More Like The Lost World Paruda - Map by jocarra. National Park Maps. Grid Paper PDFs. Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs Downloadable and very printable, I find these PDFs extremely useful.

Grid Paper PDFs

Tip number one! Though I do return the correct header for a PDF, sometimes Explorer gets confused when downloading... So if you're running Windows, you may need to right-click a link and choose "Save link to disk". Tip number two! Some people may need to turn off the option in Adobe's Acrobat reader "shrink to fit" which may resize the grid slightly to fit your printer's printable area.

Tip number three! If you want the hexes aligned with the other edge of the paper, just make your paper size "11 x 8.5" and print the result in landscape mode! Award Winning Dungeon Design. Dyson's Dodecahedron. Updated March 18th 2016 – 376 Maps Good lord I love maps.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When I started this blog I hadn’t even considered using it to fulfill my map fetish in some twisted way. But now it is best known for my maps. So here I’m collecting all my maps so you don’t have to dig through the whole archive of blog posts to find them. I actually recommend that you start at the bottom of the page because the maps are posted in chronological order and I am a much better cartographer now than I was in 2009.

I’ve also included a legend of the majority of the mapping symbols used throughout these maps (well, mostly the overhead maps – the side-views are pretty much the same and/or self-evident I hope). 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review - ZERObarrier. The 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review is an 88-page curated collection of most of the maps and descriptions thereof that appeared on Dyson's Dodecahedron throughout 2015.

2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review - ZERObarrier

Designed to be a letter-sized spiral bound book, this digital edition also includes a second version of the book where many of the maps have been resized (larger) to better fit the page once all the text has been removed. Dyson's Dodecahedron. 3 Votes The Dyson MegaDelve is a dungeon map that I started in late 2014 and finished in early 2015.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

It started as a “small” megadungeon and gradually evolved into a 30-map monstrosity. Node Map (click to enlarge) That’s the full list of the maps involved and how they connect. Here’s the maps in question: Earth History. Photos of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. What's Hiding Beneath New York City Is Amazingly Creepy. Posted in New York February 04, 2016 by Lea Monroe Full of historical secrets and wonder, the ground you’re walking on in New York may hold more mystery to it than you would ever imagine!

What's Hiding Beneath New York City Is Amazingly Creepy

Hiding over ten stories beneath the streets of the city and the world-renowned Waldorf Astoria luxury hotel, lies a secret subway platform that will have everyone wishing these walls could talk. Like something out of your favorite book, at the turn of a brass knob behind a secret door on 49th Street, awaits Track 61. This private railway owned by Metro-North is located underneath the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. While Track 61 is considered a part of Grand Central Terminal's complex, it is said to have been taken off of all train charts, it's that secret! When the Waldorf Astoria first opened its doors, it had publicly announced the high-end private railway would be available for use to its guests, but would never be intended for public passenger use.

Historical Globes of the Red Planet. FUTURE MAP OF THE UNITED STATES AND WORLD. Religious Architecture, Temples and Floor Plans. Paridon City Map. A Sprawling Videogame City Filled With Buildings Made by Generative Algorithms. Game designer Cedric Kerr developed an architectural engine that allows for the rapid creation of buildings to fill out virtual landscapes.

A Sprawling Videogame City Filled With Buildings Made by Generative Algorithms

Cedric Kerr Kerr only needs to draw an outline of a building and then can stretch it in any dimension while an algorithm populates the form with doors, windows, and other architectural details. All the buildings feature strong right angles which is partly a desire for an oppressive, Brutalist architectural vibe and partially a limit of Kerr's algorithm. Kerr hopes to explore other architectural styles as time permits. In addition to creating unique building, Kerr developed an engine that would automatically populate a landmass with a sprawling city. Dynamically generated elevations are the newest addition to the landscape and could influence gameplay in interesting ways—e.g. missions that require escaping to a mountain hideaway. RPG Map Printing Laminating Design for Game Masters and RPG Publishers. World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA.

World Dream Bank home - add a dream - newest - art gallery - sampler - dreams by title, subject, author, date, places, names by Chris Wayan, 2002-2010.

World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA

A Map of San Francisco, After a Catastrophic Rise in Sea Levels. Far in the future, San Francisco's Divisadero Street is a cruise-ship harbor, taco trucks have become taco boats, and the Mission District is a beloved site for scuba diving.

A Map of San Francisco, After a Catastrophic Rise in Sea Levels

That's the waterlogged vision of cartographer Brian Stokle and Bay Area blog Burrito Justice, who've made a fantasy map of the city post-200 feet of sea-level rise. The map, though it's been around a while, is getting its wonky due in a new urban-cartography exhibit at local urban-planning think tank SPUR. (The show runs until February 6.) Regarding its inspiration, the entity behind Burrito Justice says via Twitter: "Brian made a topo map, I was joking around, wanted to know when Potrero & Bernal became islands. 200 feet is where things got interesting. " There's a fake NIMBY group, the Submerged Historic San Francisco Preservation Association, that rails against high-rise development with the battle cry, "Old San Francisco is still alive in our hearts and minds, even if only the tops of the buildings can be seen! Paris Catacombs.

NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein.