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Activism On Social Media

Activism On Social Media
Social Media Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that collects and delivers the top social media news first thing every morning. You can sign up to receive Social Media Insights here or at the bottom of this post. Likes And Followers Don't Mean Anything Without Action (Earned Web)UNICEF is currently running a brilliant Facebook campaign that focuses on the inaction that is often observed in social media campaigns. It tells users that it has nothing against "likes," but that only cash donations can really help them vaccinate children. It delightfully pokes at the online media phenomenon, "Slacktivism." Michael Brito, senior vice president at Edelman, said, "So many people are open to 'like', 'share' and 'comment' for social issues and it makes sense. Social Media Content Mistakes To Avoid (Business2Community)When planning your social marketing strategy and being active on social channels, avoid these common content mistakes.

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Why Social Media Is Reinventing Activism The argument that social media fosters feel-good clicking rather than actual change began long before Malcolm Gladwell brought it up in the New Yorker — long enough to generate its own derogatory term. “Slacktivism,” as defined by Urban Dictionary, is “the act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem.” If you only measure donations, social media is no champion. The national chapter of the Red Cross, for instance, has 208,500 “likes” on Facebook, more than 200,000 followers on Twitter, and a thriving blog. But according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, online donations accounted for just 3.6% of private donations made to the organization in 2009.

What is social media Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Websites and applications dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis are among the different types of social media. Here are some prominent examples of social media: Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. According to statistics from the Nielsen Group, Internet users within the United States spend more time on Facebook than any other website.Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Brian Solis created the following social media chart, known as the conversation prism, to categorize social sites and services into various types of social media.

Turkey protests: how activists stay one step ahead with social media She will receive links to maps only visible to fellow activists that show the location of makeshift clinics in houses and even in restaurants' basements, and can watch live streams of protests on the Ustream service if she is at home. She told the Telegraph: "It has had a massive impact, and if it wasn't for social media we wouldn't have the right information on anything. It's been our saviour." Damla said the use of private group messaging meant activists could "react quickly to check whether we're all safe", and added that if access to Facebook and Twitter was temporarily disrupted, as it has been on each day of the protests, they would merely start communicating through the blogging site Tumblr instead. Protesters became more careful about communicating information privately after they realised police knew where they were, tracking public posts on social media.

Article Record Email 0 selected item(s) Email the selected 0 item(s) to the address given below. Note that both the "To" and "From" addresses must be complete (e.g., (back) Export to Refworks Clicking on the button below will send the 0 selected item(s) to Refworks. How our activists view social media Opposition politician Amr Badr from Egypt Modern communication strategy platforms such as twitter and facebook had a great influence on protest movements as they facilitated reaching a larger number of protesters and eased organizing protests in addition to media coverage. However, it is hard to reach older demographics, the poor and illiterate people who cannot or do not have access to such communication platforms. Greek lawyer Lila Bellou Social media and the internet (blogs etc.) help the dissemination of information and contribute to the pluralism of ideas and opinions, which the traditional mass media (TV, newspapers) can’t offer.

RT If You: The Rise in Fake Activism  Will the real activists please stand up? In a social-media crazed society, insignificant measures are seen as influential. A mere "RT" on a Twitter post, "like" on a Facebook status or "tag" on an Instagram photo has become the mechanism to create change. A rise in fake activism has emerged. Worldwide social activism demanding change By Graham Peebles Change is afoot. Confronted with state corruption and corporate greed, abuse of human rights, environmental chaos and extreme levels of economic and social injustice, the people, overwhelmingly the young, are taking to the streets demanding change and a new political/economic system that is inclusive and just. With growing unity and confidence, people throughout the world are expressing their collective will and crying out for freedom, justice and equality, and to be listened to – not only by governments, but also by international institutions, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and central banks. These are enormously powerful global bodies which influence and fashion economic frameworks that affect the lives of billions of people. Divisive, ideologically-rooted policies designed to serve the interests of corporations and multinational companies are causing suffering and anxiety among millions of people in developed and developing countries.

What is an activist? Activists are people who seek to create positive change. But not all people who work for change define themselves as activists. A person who speaks out at their workplace about unsafe practices, or somebody who refuses to buy a tram ticket as a personal protest against privatisation, may not see themselves as activists, yet these actions could be seen as political 'activism'. It is important to go beyond the stereotypes of activistism that are often deliberately generated to discredit and marginalise people who protest. Inside Indonesia - a quarterly magazine on Indonesia and its people, culture, politics, economy and environment Indonesia is Facebooking, Twittering and blogging, but what effect is this having on campaigns for social justice? Indonesia is online. The number of Indonesians using the internet increased from two million in 2000 to over 55 million in 2012, the fourth largest number of internet users in Asia (after China, India and Japan). Thushara Dibley This phenomenal growth in access to the internet has been supported by a rapidly growing economy as well as the widespread uptake of mobile phone technology.

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism At four-thirty in the afternoon on Monday, February 1, 1960, four college students sat down at the lunch counter at the Woolworth’s in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. They were freshmen at North Carolina A. & T., a black college a mile or so away. “I’d like a cup of coffee, please,” one of the four, Ezell Blair, said to the waitress. “We don’t serve Negroes here,” she replied. The Woolworth’s lunch counter was a long L-shaped bar that could seat sixty-six people, with a standup snack bar at one end. Hashtag Activism Is Here to Stay  #Icebucketchallenge #Ferguson. Teens and twenty-somethings have created hashtags to trigger change and raise awareness about issues they care about. We have been admonished for only "hashtagging" a topic, claiming to know information when really we are simply joining with the crowd. It is time for the world to realize that hashtags are now a centerpiece of our culture. I knew what was occurring in Ferguson, but did not understand the magnitude of the situation until I saw it trending on Twitter.

Social Activism Careers in Social Activism--An Introduction Social activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change. If you feel strongly about a cause and are working towards a change, you could be considered an activist. An activist is anyone who is fighting for change in society.

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